Assessing Health Need Using the Life Cycle Framework

Assessing Health Need Using the Life Cycle Framework

by Chrissie Pickin, Selwyn St. Leger

ISBN-10: 0335157424

ISBN-13: 9780335157426

Pub. Date: 01/28/1993

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies, The

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Table of Contents

1The New NHS - Opportunities and Challenges1
2What Is Health Needs Assessment?6
3An Introduction to Essential Demographic and Epidemiological Concepts17
4Sociological Approaches to Collecting Information on Health Needs34
5The Life Cycle Framework - Its Rationale, Structure and Use52
6Life Stage: From Late Pregnancy to One Week After Birth62
7Life Stage: From One Week to One Year71
8Life Stage: From One to Four Years80
9Life Stage: From Five to 14 Years91
10Life Stage: From 15 to 24 Years102
11Life Stage: From 25 to 44 Years116
12Life Stage: From 45 to 64 Years131
13Life Stage: From 65 to 74 Years147
14Life Stage: 75 Years and Over161
15The Challenge of Purchasing for Health Gain174
Appendix 1. Issues to consider when selecting potential areas of need for more detailed scrutiny185
Appendix 2. Identifying existing services worthy of challenge with respect to their existence or manner of provision188
Appendix 3. Some routine sources of data190
Appendix 4. Obtaining data192
Further reading207

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