Assessment and Evaluation / Edition 1

Assessment and Evaluation / Edition 1

by Chris Bell

ISBN-10: 0415393051

ISBN-13: 9780415393058

Pub. Date: 01/28/2006

Publisher: Taylor & Francis, Inc.

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Taylor & Francis, Inc.
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World Yearbook of Education Series
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6.30(w) x 9.40(h) x 1.10(d)

Table of Contents

List of contributors     vii
Introduction   Chris Bell     ix
Quality control in British higher education   David Warren Piper     1
Raising educational standards - improving the quality of higher education   Kim Foss Hansen     22
Assessment, technology and the quality revolution   David Smith     41
Educational change and assessment in the age of information technology   Blagovest Sendov   Avram Eskenasi     56
Adjusting the balance of power: initial self-assessment in study skills for higher education - a case study   Lynne Cameron     62
Some implications of student choice of course content for the processes of learning, assessment and qualification   Robert Kowalski     73
Assessment issues in relation to experience-based learning on placements within courses   Nigel J. Nixon     81
Performance measurement in higher and continuing education   Tom Schuller     112
Evaluation: a problem-solving activity?   David Clemson     127
Evaluating large-scale, computer-related educational activity: an example from The Netherlands   Betty Collis     133
The evaluation of the educational section of the Dutch Informatics Stimulation Programme (INSP)   JaapScheerens     146
The Italian school system   Maria Ferraris   Donatella Persico     162
Class-group constitution procedure based on student assessment   Maria Ferretti   Lorento Laviosa     168
Diagnostic testing in formative assessment: the students as test developers   A. di Carlo   G. Trentin     175
Assessing and understanding common-sense knowledge   Michela Mayer     188
The area of social history: what to assess and how to assess it   Antonio Calvani     200
Aptitude tests as the predictor of success in the Israeli matriculation   Elchanan I. Meir   Nurit Adler     209
An unbiased, standardized method for quality in student assessment at the post-secondary level   Claude N. Kennedy     214
Optical mark reading technology in Chinese educational development   Roger Singer     230
Profiling: the role of technology   Roger Singer     235
Teacher evaluation as the technology of increased centralism in education   John Smyth     237
Educational developments in the mountain kingdom of Bhutan     258
Bhutan: the education system   John Bailey     259
Curriculum past, present and future    Chitra K. Pradhan     265
Fundamental changes in evaluation   Tshewang Choeden     269
Environmental studies in the new curriculum   Minchha Wangdi     271
Primary-teacher education institutes of Bhutan adopt a core curriculum: a case study   J. K. Turner   G. J. Fishburne     275
Bibliography     281
Contributor details     287
Index     290

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