At the Court's Mercy

At the Court's Mercy

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by Kashamba Williams

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At the Courts Mercy 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
WOW!!!!! This book had me laughing out loud. The name of the game in this book was revenge. Everyone was out to get that person that cause them so much pain. Never in my wildess dream would I have imagine what happen to actually take place. In the case of Nasir sad to say but like father like son. Nakea finally got to feel the same pain Farren was dealing with over the loss of a child. Sonya, I guess you can say her scheming finally paid off, because she ended up getting pregant with Nasir's child finally. And the most shocking surprise was Loretta, what was she sipping on. You must read this book, but make sure you read Driven first. Enjoy.
Guest More than 1 year ago
There's no other court like this one! KaShamba delivers in 'matrix' style. Mastering skillfully the art of putting drama into words - the message is serious and her layout was intricate. Court's in session and once again, Nasir Bundy is the nucleus of this heat. It seems as though everyone's on trial here and has a case to plead: Nasir, Loretta (Nasir's mother), Farren (Nasir's girl), Nakea (Nasir's baby momma) Sean (Nakea's former - now present again, boyfriend) Lena (Loretta's nemesis), Chauncey (a hater of Nasir from the hood) Brian (a secret relationship is revealed here) Grandmom Flossy (Nasir's grandmother) Shena (Nasir's sister)... and the list goes on with a few more characters to add from 'DRIVEN' (part I of this complex saga). You name them - they're all somehow involved in the gumbo of consequences and dares. What I enjoyed most was the wide range of opinions Ms. Williams has written in this story: from the crack addict mother - to the influential, high society educational facilitator from the young male-child adolescent seeking guidance to the senior citizen woman trying to keep her family bonded from the 'around-the-way girl' fire drama to the princess of the surburban 'borshie' middle-class world having selfish outbursts. They're all on the witness stand and screaming their testimony. Not only is there judgement to given in the legal court system, but the characters in this saga also hold court against one another passing judgment on each other with premeditated resolutions (they deem as 'justified') needed to solve their personal conflicts. Was 'mercy' given??? Their statements are convincing, but you be the judge and jury. One piece of evidence is sure -the fascinating way Ms. Williams reminds of us of the powerful cliche message - 'what' a difference a day makes. With entanglement of the cast of characters and unsuspecting drama, this book was a quick and entertaining read, thick with the voices of people trying to maintain sanity in an insane world. This story is definitely one for your personal book collection.