At the Edge of Her Memory 1

At the Edge of Her Memory 1

3.1 12
by Sandra Ross

From the Publisher that brought you popular short story series Witching Call, Hostile Hearts, Earthbound Angels, The January Morrison Files Psychic Series, Ralph's Gift, Song of Teeth, Children of Time, Chains of Darkness, Song of Teeth, Tropical Storms and Friend Zone...

Who is she, and who is the murderer in her dreams?
Lost in Her Memory Is the Face

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From the Publisher that brought you popular short story series Witching Call, Hostile Hearts, Earthbound Angels, The January Morrison Files Psychic Series, Ralph's Gift, Song of Teeth, Children of Time, Chains of Darkness, Song of Teeth, Tropical Storms and Friend Zone...

Who is she, and who is the murderer in her dreams?
Lost in Her Memory Is the Face of a Killer

When Ryanne wakes up in the hospital, she can't remember who she is. But something feels more wrong than the amnesia. Who is she? And why can't the authorities find her family?

In all the confusion, Dr. Garett Hamilton is there to make sure she will be all right. The physical attraction is felt immediately, so strong that they don't even try to fight it. In the fire of their embrace, Ryanne helps create the kind of memories that will last a lifetime... until her past threatens to catch up with her.

A hypnosis session reveals she has the identity in her memory of a psychotic killer who is hunting, raping and killing young women. And she has to do everything she can to remember the face behind the mask before he strikes again.

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READER ADVISORY: This story contains content that some readers may find objectionable, including sex and erotic themes.


“Well Ryanne, how does it sound when I say your name to you?”

“It sounds wonderful, but the name still doesn't feel like it's mine.”

She says it without even thinking, surprised that she let it slip out like that. The doctor blushes and looks away, pretending to be busy unpacking a box of spring rolls.

“I'm sorry,” she says. “I know you're my doctor and you have to maintain a professional distance, but it's hard for me being here. I don't know anyone, and you've been so kind and caring. It's more than that though, I just really feel like you're important to me somehow and with me knowing so little about myself, it feels like something real to hold on to. I don't mean to make you uncomfortable.”

“It's not that,” he replies, looking up from his food to meet her gaze. “Ever since they brought you into the E.R., I've felt drawn to you. At first I thought it was just your case and the circumstances. I knew you were all alone, and that we hadn't been able to find any friends or family for you, and I didn't want you to feel forgotten.”

He reaches out and takes her hand, squeezing it like he did when he comforted her in this bed the first time she woke.

“Now, I know it's something more,” he continues. “I can't stop thinking about you, Ryanne.”

She squeezes his hand in return and pulls him towards her. It's a risk starting anything here in the hospital, but she doesn't know when she'll get better, or how she fits into the unknown killer's world, and right now she just needs some real human comfort.

Garret rises in from his seat and pushes her food table off to the side. Sitting on the edge of her bed, he leans in and kisses her softly. Reaching up to brush a lock of hair from her face, he smiles and says “I've been wanting to do that since I first saw you.”

“I'm glad you finally did.”

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Sandra Ross
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At the Edge of Her Memory , #1
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At the Edge of Her Memory 1 3.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 12 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This 50 page book just leaves you hanging. Some of the reviews felt as long as the 'book'. Why do some authors continue to offer a story that has no ending until you buy another and another book to get to a conclusion......I really hate that. Keep your story, Ms. Ross
Ambrosia-Jefferson More than 1 year ago
At the edge of her memory is another book that really brings you into the story by Sandra Ross. My only small complaint about the book as a whole is I was a little bit iffy on the lead female falling in love with her tending physician. However it’s a minor quibble once you get into the true story of the book. My quibble with it came before reading and was dissipated during the course of reading. Once again Ross excels at bringing you into an extraordinary life story that has an erotic romance to it but that is not the whole focus of the story. When Ryann wakes up in the hospital she has no idea at all whom she and how she got to where she is. Even when her Doctor the handsome Garret Hamilton tells her that a pair of hikers found her by a stream her memory is not jogged at all. So you are drawn into the story of Ryann trying to navigate her new world in the hospital while struggling to remember who she is. This really struck a chord with me because I know I have a fear and I think many others do of waking up one day and not knowing who you are your loved ones or anything. So this story line and the way it is written make a very real and very human connection. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves Erotic Romance thrillers and also likes something with substance. The book will bring you on an up and down emotional ride as well as presenting you with hot and well written sex scenes.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
41 pgs
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This author seems to write her own glowing reviews
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It was a good short story read with a happy ending
sueLT More than 1 year ago
Good start to a book. I hope there is another one . That can't be the end.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Book starts out as a suspence when Ryanne turns up in hospital. Mystery when she has nightmares. Finally turning into typical romance. Story was to short to be any different.
Lizzy81 More than 1 year ago
MEMORIES Sandra Ross has done it again: she's here with another romance, written just to make us feel what her characters feel... you just can't stop reading until the very end of the story. This time the protagonist is Ryann, who has woken up in the hospital, but there's a problem: she's lost her memory, she just can't remember anything about her past. She doesn't even remember where she lives or who she is.  There's a physician who will take care of her, Dr. Garett Hamilton: he will help her finding all the missing pieces of her life, even trying to save her life at the same time.  And suddenly, something unexpected happens... or we'd rather say expected, knowing Sandra Ross' style: they fall in love, since then the erotica part starts! Sandra Ross really knows how to make you feel into the story, witnessing every single scene, full of passion, erotic tension and all it takes to keep us stuck in the romance. I believe that every single chapter and every single scene and dialogues are really well described and you can't stop asking yourself what will happen next, will Ryann be able to remember everything thanks to Garett's love? It's on the wave of these questions that reader will keep on reading, making curiosity and imagination his7her only tools to appreciate the plot of this romance. If you want to find a romance full of erotica, passion and suspense, get a copy of "At The Edge Of Her Memory" and really feel what it was meant to be, when the author's written it! 
Writergrl11 More than 1 year ago
Ryann is a victim. The only problem is, she doesn't know of what. And she doesn't know from who. In fact, Ryann doesn't actually know anything about herself or what has happened to her. All she knows is that she is now in a hospital with an ID holding a fake name and address that can't be found anywhere. In fact, she is completely on her own except for the hot doctor who's trying to help her recover and find out what's happening. Dr. Garett Hamilton is supremely hot and of course extremely interested in Ryann. The only problem is that she's his patient. And she's in a lot of danger from some unknown evil that wanted her dead. Dr. Hamilton is determined to keep her safe but the hospital isn't the best place to do that. Instead, he's going to have to take her home. To his place of course since hers doesn't actually exist. And as soon as he takes her home there is more sexual tension and steamy thoughts than either of them could possibly ignore. It's going to end in something more than just a nice little goodbye, that's obvious from the way they couldn't keep their eyes off each other from the first moment they met. Now she's going to have to try to remember what's happened to her before her past catches up to her and the killer returns to finish the job. It all starts with nightmares that she can't understand and a pain that keeps her from being able to remember. Yet Dr. Hamilton is there to help every step of the way. He's determined to help her and determined to take care of her until she's finally able to remember who she is and take care of herself. The only problem I had with this book was that it took so long for Garett and Ryann to get together. The time she spends in the hospital before they finally succumb to their feelings for each other seemed like it took forever. Of course the sexual tension that it built between the two of them made for some great sexual encounters later on that will keep you flipping pages late into the night. You won't be able to put this book down since you'll always be wanting to know what happens next and what they're going to do. Keeping Ryann safe and keeping their relationship going will take a lot of work. And of course it will take Ryann remembering what she knows somewhere in the back of her mind. But will she remember in time to save their own lives? It's something that you'll be wondering from the beginning all the way through the great ending of this book.
CatherinePeters More than 1 year ago
Memory games Another interesting story by Sandra Ross with a different premise, this time a loss of memory. Stories based on the premise of losing one’s memory all of a sudden have never failed to interest readers. Here today, gone tomorrow mentally speaking. A frightful thought. The mind is an all-powerful weapon but vulnerable and fallible. It is capable doing things beyond the imagination but once it goes slightly haywire, and then all hell breaks loose. People have been known to do things they would have never done in reality. Sandra Ross has used the theme of one loosing the knowledge and history of one’s background and the events preceding it. The story revolves around a missing woman found unconscious at the edge of a stream by hikers. Brought to hospital, she wakes up not knowing anything about her identity. The mystery deepens when the wallet found next to reveals there is no such person in the police records. Everything seems to be a complete blank. The good doctor called Hamilton takes her home. She slowly regains her memory through glimpses of familiar faces including faces, which wanted her dead. Meanwhile, a relationship begins between the doctor and his patient. Sandra Ross has creating a riveting story weaved in with a love story. There are so many facets to keep the reader’s attention – mystery, love, and thriller. Who is this woman? Who wanted to kill her and why? Will the relationship last?
RussellG More than 1 year ago
Several years ago, I remember reading an article in Reader's Digest about a man living in British Columbia, Canada, who told his wife that he was going out to run an errand, and that he would be back shortly. That short jaunt turned into a three-month-long nightmarish ordeal. The guy had seemingly vanished from the face of the earth, and no one seemed to know or understand why. Eventually, someone living over nine hundred miles away near Edmonton, Alberta, recognized the man as someone who had been living in a homeless shelter for some time. This person was able to contact local authorities back in B.C., whereupon the guy's wife was promptly notified and made the subsequent long drive to pick him up. Upon arrival at the shelter, she instantly recognized him as her husband. The problem was, he didn't recognize her---or even know who he was. The man was suffering from severe amnesiac fugue. It was agreed by those involved with his treatment that, while driving to his initial destination, something had happened within his brain that caused him to immediately not know who he was, why he was driving a car, where he was going, where he lived, or what he was doing. Confused and frightened, he kept on driving---and eventually ended up near Edmonton, Alberta. It took several long months of intensive therapy and highly specialized intervention in order for him to piece together not only his own sense of identity, but also his past. Today he and his wife are still living in B.C. and are living life one day at time---thankful and grateful that his amnesia was only temporary. It turned out that he had a couple more episodes a few months after his family's initial harrowing experience, yet each time he was able to remember who he was shortly after disappearing thanks to his wallet identification that he carried. (It turned out he didn't bring his wallet with him the first time because his errand was only about five blocks away, and his wife figured he would be gone twenty minutes at the most.) So as an extreme safety precaution, the man was given a medical bracelet that stipulated his unique medical condition, along with instructions to immediately contact his wife and authorities in his hometown. So far, no additional episodes have happened. Remembering this particular story was rather scary, and Sandra Ross's "At the Edge of Her Memory" keeps in tune with the theme of amnesia. Far from the Hollywood version, where people magically regain their memory at just the right time and life goes on happily ever after, "Memory" tells the tale of a woman named Ryann who wakes up in a hospital room having absolutely no recollection of who she is, how she ended up lying prone on a hospital bed, or anything that happened that may have caused her to lose her sense of identity. She is introduced to Dr. Garret Hamilton in the opening chapter and is told by him that she had been discovered lying unconscious next to a stream by a pair of hikers. Ross has written an erotic thriller that draws her readers into the suspense that is slowly foreshadowed in the story's beginning. She possesses an ability to create a sense of foreboding that is exemplified in her choices of words that reflect Ryann's sense of fear and desperation that has enveloped her: she is panicky at the thought of being left alone, and the only person who has taken the time to build up whatever fragile, remote sense of security he may have (Dr. Hamilton) has pr