Athletic Training And Sports Medicine / Edition 4

Athletic Training And Sports Medicine / Edition 4

by Chad Starkey, Glen Johnson

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DisciplineID: 2030

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Jones & Bartlett Learning
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9.38(w) x 11.25(h) x 1.48(d)

Table of Contents

1Integrated injury management2
2Soft-tissue injury management13
3Fractures : diagnosis and management31
4Therapeutic medications47
5Foot, ankle, and leg injuries64
6Knee injuries135
7Patellofemoral injuries191
8Femur, hip, and pelvis injuries221
9Additional lower extremity therapeutic exercises251
10Shoulder injuries267
11Elbow injuries337
12Wrist, hand, and finger pathologies385
13Additional upper extremity therapeutic exercises445
14Lumbar spine injuries457
15Abdominal and thorax injuries491
16Cervical spine injuries517
17Additional spine and torso therapeutic exercises551
18Head injuries557
19Face and related structures pathologies579
20Exertional heat illnesses597
21Pediatric and adolescent athletes618
22Physical activity and the aging athlete639
23The industrial setting657
24Athletes with different abilities675

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