Atlas of Coronary Artery Disease / Edition 1

Atlas of Coronary Artery Disease / Edition 1

by Michael J. Davies, Michael Davies, Davies

ISBN-10: 0397587503

ISBN-13: 9780397587506

Pub. Date: 10/28/1998

Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

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Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
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New Edition
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8.66(w) x 11.02(h) x (d)

Table of Contents

1Anatomy of the Coronary Arteries1
Coronary Artery Anatomy4
Anatomy of the Epicardial Arteries9
Terminology and Its Problems18
Microstructure of the Epicardial Arteries19
2Atherosclerosis: The Process23
Atherosclerosis: Plaque Morphology28
Atherosclerosis: The Initiation Phase36
Atherosclerosis: The Evolution Stage and Core Creation38
Endothelial Status over Plaques41
Smooth Muscle Proliferation Collagen and the Plaque43
Fibrinogen and Plaque Evolution45
Adventitial Inflammation and Vascularization48
Infectious Agents and Atherosclerosis50
Atherosclerosis and Clinical Symptoms52
Mechanisms of Thrombosis and Atherosclerosis54
3The Acute Ischemic Syndromes and Coronary Disease Progression63
Acute Myocardial Infarction69
Plaque Disruption and Acute Regional Infarction74
Endothelial Erosion and Acute Regional Infarction77
Unstable Angina78
Atherosclerotic Disease Progression88
Acute Ischemic Syndromes: The Myocardial Lesions94
Complications of Myocardial Infarction99
Ischemic Ventricular Aneurysms102
4Stable Angina107
Measurement of Coronary Stenosis110
Morphology of Stenosis in Stable Angina113
Mechanisms of Production of Chronic Stenosis: Compensatory Dilatation125
Variations of Coronary Atherosclerosis130
Nonlipid-Containing Atherosclerosis136
Graft Vascular Disease138
Postangioplasty and Atherectomy Restenosis140
Nonatherosclerotic Coronary Artery Disease143
Coronary Artery Fistulae149
Subject Index153

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