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AUM: The Melody of Love: The Spirit Behind all Creation

AUM: The Melody of Love: The Spirit Behind all Creation

3.8 5
by Joseph Cornell

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Seek the sound that never ceases. The winds of God’s grace constantly flow into this world through Holy AUM. The Sacred Sound has many names, and mystics of all religions revere it. Just as light is intrinsic to a lighted lamp, the sound of AUM is integral to the presence of Spirit. God’s nature is bliss, and to share His joy, He created the universe


Seek the sound that never ceases. The winds of God’s grace constantly flow into this world through Holy AUM. The Sacred Sound has many names, and mystics of all religions revere it. Just as light is intrinsic to a lighted lamp, the sound of AUM is integral to the presence of Spirit. God’s nature is bliss, and to share His joy, He created the universe through Cosmic Vibration. The sound of the Cosmic Vibration is AUM, and listening to it brings the greatest bliss imaginable. AUM is the Omnipotent Force that propels each soul toward Spirit. It’s the sacred, inner fire. As you approach the cosmic blaze, you feel at first its radiant, soothing comfort; then, as you come closer—AUM’s liberating flames consume you—and bring you to God.
We have all heard of the sacred word AUM, and heard it chanted as a mantra by meditators. But what is AUM, and what does it signify? This book takes readers on a journey into the deeper teachings of AUM and the blissful realizations that await those who access this expansive sound vibration.

Editorial Reviews

June 2013 - Tamarack Song
Immediately upon receiving this much-anticipated book, I opened it to a random page and was greeted by these words: "Every bird and animal is singing AUM. Treat every sound you hear with reverence." I couldn't read any more—I had to sit with that transmission. Days later I finished the book and felt as though I had received a personal invitation to infinity. I entreat you to join me and let Joseph Bharat Cornell guide us there.
June 2013 - James Crowfoot
In his book AUM: The Melody of Love, The Spirit Behind All Creation, Joseph Cornell communicates and exemplifies profound experiences and inner wisdom that he has realized through deep commitment, long practice, and leadership in the spiritual tradition of Paramhansa Yogananda . He offers readers both ones outside of any spiritual tradition and ones committed to any specific tradition:
• Inspiration to pursue spiritual development
• Valuable information about sacred sound, its meanings and its contributions to realization
• Useful practices to develop the experiences he describes

With more and more people in the U.S. and elsewhere searching for deeper meaning and more fulfilling lives, this book will find an interested and serious audience ready to learn from this gifted teacher and author.

July 2013 - Roderic Knowles
Astoundingly beautiful, inspiring and practical. It buzzed with the energy of Love, Wisdom and Holiness when I first held it in my hand. I have been bathing in its Beauty and Power ever since. A great work. It is now permanently by my bed.
July 2013 - Elly van Veen
While reading this gem of a book I could hear the humming of AUM in the Trees, Plants, Rocks, Birds and Mountain around me. Nature became a living orchestra and my body resonated with it. It was humming the Melody of Love. I bathed myself in the Presence of the Divine Mother, feeling nourished and comforted. The book takes you on a journey deeper and deeper in the realm of Love, Joy, Bliss. It awakens a desire to awaken this Divine Presence in every cell of my body! It inspires me to create our own Garden of Bliss! So healing to read about a God that is Love, Joy, Bliss, after 2000 years of an image of God as a critical, judging, distant, fearful authority! The heartfelt personal stories bring home the divinely inspired messages. It's great to read the practical implications!
July 2013 - Sita Stuhlmiller
AUM: The Melody of Love by Joseph Bharat Cornell—This beautiful offering reveals how to hear, chant, visualize, feel and live in the consciousness of AUM, the Cosmic Sound, to attain serenity, fearlessness and deeper intuition.
July 2013 - Tandava Waldon
AUM is the Cosmic Sound from which all creation arises, and for millennia spiritual seekers of all traditions have found their paths to the Divine through direct communion with it. In his new book, Joseph Bharat Cornell brings us all closer to the healing and protective powers of this holy vibration. Even the reading experience itself seems to embody the experience of AUM in a way that is at once comforting, thrilling, and inspiring. Included are numerous visualizations and guided meditations, as well as a selection of other articles he's written on meditation and on a spiritual approach to life. This is a marvelous book for anyone looking to deepen their meditation, commune with God through Nature, or bring a greater sense of the Divine into their life.
July 2013 - Dharmini Iyer
The book, AUM: The Melody of Love, provides a shortcut for one to have a personal experience of the AUM vibration through the vivid writing of Joseph Bharat Cornell. Cornell explains and shows that AUM is the pathway back to the Divine. He has created many exercises that help one inwardly access AUM. I've used some of these exercises in meditation classes and the students have responded very positively. This subject could easily be approached in a scholarly and abstract way but Cornell brings the sacred into a very practical and accessible realm. Thank you for this beautiful book! It is unlike any other that I have read.
Spirituality and Practice, July 2013 - Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat
"Seek the sound that never ceases," said Rumi. He was speaking of the sound that has been experienced and practiced by saints, sages, and mystics throughout history. It is recorded in the Old and New Testaments of the Bible, the Vedas of India, Buddhist texts, and Sufi literature. AUM is the cosmic sound referred to also as the "Word," the "Comforter," and the "Amen." According to Joseph Bharat Cornell: "AUM is the outpouring of God's love flowing to you—and to all creation. When you commune with AUM, you enter into, and flow with, the stream of God's love." This gift of grace not only manifests itself as sound but appears as light, ecstatic bliss, heavenly peace, and perfect wisdom. Cornell shares stories about the wonders that come with chanting AUM with others or visualizing it on your own. For example, Paramhansa Yogananda used it in a spiritual practice for getting to sleep: "Write AUM or Amen on your pillow with your fingers. Mentally visualize light around your body." Cornell includes many other ways to practice with AUM in this small paperback, including experimental meditations, visualizations, and creative exercises. He sees it as a way to connect with the emanations of Divine Wisdom and the eight attributes of God—love, peace, joy, power, wisdom, calmness, light, and sound: "Living in the consciousness of AUM is the highest way to serve others. Then AUM's thrilling bliss flows through your inner being and touches the hearts of all creation. 'Meditate on AUM,' Swami Rama Tirtha said, 'and be a giver of peace to mankind.' "
December 2012 - Kathryn Gann
AUM: The Melody of Love is a powerful and transformative book. It goes directly to the heart, and brings the reader to the heart of Creation itself.
February 2013 - Elizabeth McAnally
This book will be a treasure for all who read it and take its words to heart.
March 2013 - Vance G. Martin
This wonderful book . . . illustrates that people who spend time in wilderness and those who meditate have at least one important thing in common: they know the sound of silence. . . . The Bushmen call it “the hiss of the stars.” . . . It is also called AUM.
March 2013 - Rev. Karen MacQueen
AUM: The Melody of Love is a wonderful gift for those seeking an ecological spirituality. In simple and clear language, Joseph Bharat Cornell tells how to listen to the Song of the Universe and, through meditation, how to merge with the Divine Sound. . . . [A] spiritual gold mine.
March 2013 - Kate Akers
AUM: The Melody of Love is an extraordinary guide for those who want to live their lives in a world filled with love, wisdom, and benevolent power. The resonating and elucidating words of this book envelop the reader with a powerful sense of clarity and hope.
March 2013 - Garth Gilchrist
Cornell invites us, through AUM, into the very source of nature, the fount of universal religious experience, and the essential experience of self. This intriguing book could very well change the way you see everything.
March 2013 - Naidhruva Rush
AUM: The Melody of Love offers the sincere reader a sacred pathway to an ever-deepening experience of the divine. What one especially feels, reading these pages, is God's love for all of us, His human children, and how much He yearns for us to reunite with Him through the liberating power of AUM.
March 2013 - Maitreyi Cooper
How does one capture infinite AUM in a book?” I asked myself. No easy task, but I knew Nayaswami Bharat, of all people, could do it if he wrote from his heart. And so he did! AUM flows through his pen into the words and pages of this precious work, which Bharat has executed probably as well as anyone that has ever attempted to do so. Not only is this book beautifully presented, but it is a valuable and practical resource if one is already familiar with AUM, or yet to reveal its mystery within. If one applies the teachings shared in this book, one cannot help but be drawn into the inner world of Spirit and have one’s life changed forever. Crammed with analogies, stories, quotations, and illuminating visualizations, this book is a gem to all who already delight, or would like to experience the sacredness of AUM in their lives. I recommend this book with all my heart.
March 2013 - Joseph Selbie
This book will be an inspiration to anyone seeking direct contact with divine love and bliss. Cornell's AUM: The Melody of Love will join the select list of simple, practical spiritual guides that anyone, anywhere, regardless of faith or persuasion, will find accessible and life-changing.
March 2013 - Vidya Dhote
Every sentence is so deep and meaningful that I paused many times while reading—not just to assimilate what was written—but because, in that moment, I actually could go within and feel a touch of the divine. AUM: The Melody of Love is a precious gift.
March 2013 - Philip Goldberg
Cornell takes AUM deeper, penetrating beneath the superficial uses of the primal sound and bringing out its true power. Readers will benefit greatly from this wise and practical book.
March 2013 - Nayaswami Nefretete Rasheed
Cornell has written a virtual guidebook, groundbreaking in its exploration of what is typically a mystical subject. He has made AUM comprehensible and accessible. This is a wonderfully insightful and delightful resource that cannot fail to inspire and enlighten its readers.
March 2013 - Dana Lynne Andersen
This tiny treasure of a book will become an enduring favorite of many devotees and will take its place on the reference shelf of many spiritual teachers.
Shanti Rubenstone
Perfect: beautifully written; clearly inspired. It is easy to read, yet so profound. It is uplifting 'beyond imagination of expectancy', and it carried me right into the center of the experiences the author was describing.
March 2013 - Krishnadas LoCicero
AUM: The Melody of Love was thrilling to read; and one could feel it was written from a level of clear insight, inspiration, and deep devotion. It gave me a deeper understanding of what AUM is and intensified my longing to commune with it.
March 2013 - Jon Parsons
This book is wonderfully uplifting. It speaks to me of an ecstatic union with God.
March 2013 - Dr. Kristy Fessler
I was in bliss while reading this book!
March 2013 - Michael Christian
AUM: The Melody of Love has reinvigorated my spiritual engine. I've never realized before how accessible AUM is! This is a jewel of a book.

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Joseph Bharat Cornell is the bestselling author of Sharing Nature with Children, which has sold 1/2 million copies and has been published in twenty languages. Cornell is the founder of Sharing Nature Worldwide, and a world-renowned lecturer on nature awareness and meditation. He lives in Northern California.

Previous ISBN's:
Sharing Nature with Children, Volume I (ISBN 9781883220730); Sharing Nature with Children, Volume II (ISBN 9781883220877); Listening to Nature (ISBN 9780916124359); John Muir: My Life with Nature (ISBN 9781584690092)

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Aum: The Melody of Love: The Spirit Behind All Creation 3.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Parents - Madara Uchiha & Lady Tsunade<br>Jutsus - Rasenage, Shadow Clone Jutsu, and Lightning Blade<br>Full Name - Alecto. U. Uchiha<br>Team: 3