Aura Reading Through All Your Senses: Celestial Perception Made Practical


Rose Rosetree pioneers techniques for using deeper perception in everyday life. She’s a Brandeis graduate and a teacher of personal development for the past 30 years. Media interviews have brought this award-winning teacher’s work to Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia. In America, she’s been featured on ABC’s “The View,” USA Today, The Washington Post, Ladies Home Journal, Redbook, The Catholic Standard, and Country Weekly.

Highly counter-culture (and effective) as a how-to ...

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Aura Reading Through All Your Senses: Celestial Perception Made Practical

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Rose Rosetree pioneers techniques for using deeper perception in everyday life. She’s a Brandeis graduate and a teacher of personal development for the past 30 years. Media interviews have brought this award-winning teacher’s work to Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia. In America, she’s been featured on ABC’s “The View,” USA Today, The Washington Post, Ladies Home Journal, Redbook, The Catholic Standard, and Country Weekly.

Highly counter-culture (and effective) as a how-to for finding your way in to Celestial Perception, this title has been a selection of One Spirit Book Club.

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Editorial Reviews

One Spirit Review
Dedicated to the skeptical, the curious, and those who are "brilliant aura readers but don't know it yet," this "clear, concise, enjoyable, readable, comprehensive, informative and humorous" book Earthlight! identifies 11 subtle senses that can be used for reading auras, and details such strategies as the auric handshake and massage, the chakra probe, affirmations to open celestial perceptions, and a mirror technique to perform past-life readings." May 1997
Readers put their natural intuitive powers to work to discover who's telling the truth the aura reveals, enjoy sex w/ the extra turn-on of the subtle senses, and read auras while watching TV. July 16, 1997
AMI Specials
“There’s a connection between your aura and the aura of the star you’re watching that’s almost as personal as being in a bathtub together,” says Rosetree. “It explains why some people are stars and others just as attractive are not.”

Everyone, she adds, has a human electromagnetic energy field that’s a storehouse of information about them, and within that aura are data banks of information with powerful connections to our spirit.

These data banks (called charkas) reveal that Julia is plugged into life at a caliber usually seen only in top athletes. Her sex appeal is colossal, which can, Rosetree notes, be a challenge because she generates such an enormous level of electricity. She radiates the absolute confidence of someone with nothing to prove.

Stacy Meyn
Rose Rosetree is an author and teacher of personal development and her books, Aura Reading Through All Your Senses and The Power of Face Reading, have proven indispensable to having a well-rounded perception of self and others.
Baltimore Resources
Arizona Networking News
The author has provided all the information a beginner needs, not just to see auras, but to use all his/her subtle senses. She has presented this in simple, straightforward language without being condescending, and while maintaining a sense of humor. The work contains enough new insights, background information and infrequently discussed sub-topics that even the most experienced practitioner will be interested.
Carroll County Times
At times, politics seems like nothing more than a handshake and a smile.

But how does the intelligent voter break through the surface image, ignore the public persona and find out where the candidates stand on issues that really matter?

Two words: Aura reading.

Aura reading—like clairvoyance or other psychic abilities—is a talent everyone possesses, says Rose Rosetree….

Most people think of auras as fields of color that surround physical bodies. A popular misconception, according to Rosetree, 48.

“They’re really fields of energy that surround an object and convey all kinds of information, like sexuality, truthfulness, communication, spirituality and health.

Handy information if you’re shopping for grapefruit, quizzing your teenager about drug use or voting for a U.S. senator.

“You don’t have to wait for things to jump out at you if you’re an aura reader,” Rosetree says. If you want to find out if your teenager is lying to you or taking drugs, you can find out right away.”

Anna Deborah Ackner
...And speaking of happy, Aura Reading Through All Your Senses also contains something I wish I saw more of in instructional books -- a sense of humor. Rosetree, while quite clearly taking herself and her topic seriously, has a sharp wit and a strong sense of the absurd, tart but never biting, sardonic but never hurtful, which is no mean feat. She knows perfectly well that sceptics as well as seekers will be reading her book, and her answers to their hypothetical questions are nothing short of hilarious, while never veering away from the idea at hand. Best of all, she has no qualms about using her not unpleasantly acid tongue in regard to herself, something more writers in all genres would do well to emulate.

A clear, concise, enjoyable, readable, comprehensive, informative and humorous book on auras, Aura Reading Through All Your Senses belongs in the permanent library of anybody even nominally curious about the subject. Rose Rosetree has taken a difficult area of expertise and written a book that makes it all simple -- though not easy, if you see the distinction -- and done so with a style and flair that will be the envy of many writers, including this one.

You've heard this line before, no doubt, and in this case it certainly applies: If you only read one book about auras this year (or lifetime), it ought to be Aura Reading Through All Your Senses. It is such a delight that I wish I had written it myself, and I can hand out no higher praise than that. Check out my aura if you don't believe me.

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Product Details

  • ISBN-13: 9780965114547
  • Publisher: Women's Intuition Worldwide
  • Publication date: 11/1/2003
  • Edition number: 2
  • Pages: 260
  • Sales rank: 1,003,944
  • Product dimensions: 5.40 (w) x 7.90 (h) x 0.80 (d)

Meet the Author

Rose Rosetree is the author of this international bestseller, now in its third edition in this ebook edition.

Learn more at the Rose Rosetree website, and interact at her blog, "Deeper Perception Made Practical."
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Read an Excerpt

You can do it.

You can learn to read auras.

Discover celestial perception, the knowledge of auras and angels, of deep human secrets. Rose Rosetree can help you find your way into a new kind of experience. She's a spiritiual teacher whose wisdom is so profound, it's practical.

Inside, find over 100 techniques like these:

  • Who is telling the truth? Learn where in the aura to look.
  • Enjoy sex with the extra turn-on of subtle senses.
  • Taste produce before you cut it open.
  • Watch auras while you watch TV
  • Discover the healing power in your voice.
  • Explore powerful new ways to use affirmations to make your dreams come true.
  • Gain deeper insight into all your loved ones.
  • Center yourself at will.

Aura Reading Through All Your Senses isn't just another book about auras and spirituality. It's a genuine original with the power to change your life.

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Table of Contents

Table of Techniques
Secrets about People in Your Life
Can You Really Do It?
Discover Talents You Never Knew You Had
Find Your Way In
Expectations of Flash
The Element of Trust
Underlying Beliefs-Yours and Mine
The Myth about Auras
The Truth about Auras
Five Subtle Senses
Sixth Senses
Affirm Your Right to Know the Truth about Auras
Aura Bounce
Aura Rub
Aura Handshake
Telephone Awareness
Auric Seal
Auric Massage
Mirror, Mirror on the Soul
Synesthesia Surprises
Higher States of Consciousness
Your Best Reference Book
Spiritual Homework
How to Read Your Inner Dictionary
Unwelcome Perception
Inner Sight
How to Sing a Smell
Turn Perfume into a Multi-media Show
Introducing... the Chakras
Be a Columbus
The Chakras According to Rose
Deep Chakra Reading
Being Human
Coming onto You
Sexual Detective Work
Liars and Cheats on Parade
Emotional Truth
Communication Central
How Enlightenment Shows
Your Crowning Glory
Group Body
Protect Yourself from Evil
Kissing Babies
How to Parent an Aura
High-vibe Sex
Doing Grace
Mystery Spice
Morning Checkup
Flower Essences
The Healing Power of Music
Affirmations Through All Your Senses
Free Food
Produce Results
No More Dud Flowers
Let Your Plants Talk Back to You
Don't Turn People Away, Turn Up the Energy
Watch How Movie Stars Shine
Really See that CD
Loud Music, Subtle Sensing
Eavesdrop on Subliminals
Beyond the Looks of Books
Buying Stuff
Question Authority
Hi, Tech
Wedding Presents
Shopping for Seminars
The Search for a Church Home
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First Chapter

(Note: The following is an article adapted from the first chapter of this book.)

Birthdays and their presents come and go, but receiving your spiritual gifts can go on forever. These most fulfilling presents are your birthright. Receiving them sometimes demands only conscious unwrapping, your paying closer attention to what was already there.

Certainly this is the story of your gifts for Celestial Perception. This perception means opening up to a mystical level of life that nests within ordinary reality like the traditional Russian dolls you open up for a whole series of inner experiences (or, at least, dolls). Angels live at this level. It's exquisite, soul stirring. Flowers smell sweeter here. They may even sing.

I facilitate the growth of Celestial Perception when I teach aura reading. These are the energy fields around people, flowers, pets, crystals--anything with consciousness. James Redfield wrote rightly in "The Celestine Prophecy" that human consciousness is evolving and one of the signs of that higher consciousness is the ability to see auras. But seeing them, I've discovered, is only part of the magic and mystery. At least 11 subtle senses are available to us, as described in my latest how-to book, "Aura Reading Through All Your Senses: Celestial Perception Made Practical."

Moreover, all our senses are linked by SYNESTHESIA, the ability to experience one sense in terms of another. This can happen at any level of perception but is most fluid at the deepest level, Celestial Perception. And it can be mighty useful. For instance, in 1982 I wrote a vegetarian cookbook for Contemporary Books. Little did my editor realize that synesthesia and Celestial Perception were my secret ingredients.

Here's how I designed my recipes. I'd contemplate a main ingredient or two, like carrots and artichokes. Then synesthesia would show me their pattern of subtle sound, like musical notes with chords and overtones. Mentally I'd combine more foods and seasonings to fill in a full musical pattern. Once I had the balanced this "flavor" dynamic, it was a simple matter to write it down, make it work in the kitchen, and use it in the book.

Some shortcut that would be for people who hadn't developed clairaudience (celestial hearing) and gustatory giftedness (celestial taste and smell)! But here's the good news. Everyone has built-in gifts for Celestial Perception. The ironic part is how they may be related to longstanding problems. Take the following quiz for some examples:
Have any of these following situations been a problem for you recently? Each one goes with a positive kind of sensitivity that you can develop to become an insightful aura reader. [Answers follow.]
1. A background noise, like TV, didn't bother other people but it sure bothered me. I couldn't tune it out.

2. A fragrance in the room was too strong or otherwise unpleasant. Nobody else seemed to notice. Geesh, it was embarrassing.

3. I didn't have enough of a chance to touch other people. As usual, this was frustrating. Shaking hands or swapping a little hug doesn't come with a lot of emotional baggage for me; it's just a way to connect. I need it to feel complete.

4. Yet once more I was in a group of people where somebody was left out and nobody else seemed to notice. But me. So once again I found myself going over to the outsider to draw her into the group. Come on, people. I don't necessarily want the job of playing perpetual hostess. Can't the rest of you pay more attention?

5. A simple thing, like my friend literally saying "Hello" on the telephone--that's all it takes for me to know so much about what he's feeling. This emotional radar makes me a better friend but, frankly, a lot of the time it tells me more than I ever wanted to know.

6. Decision making can drive me crazy because I see so many possibilities. Why can't things just be simple?

7. Roller coaster moods sometimes make me doubt my sanity. I can catch another person's mood as easily as some people catch a yawn.

8. Call me a hypochondriac if you must, but I feel so many physical pains, pressures, and discomforts when I'm with other people, it's unbelievable. I don't just catch their yawns, I seem to take on their ailments.

9. Where are the flashy experiences? I know things, alright, but how do I know them? Search me. If only I could see some colors, something about an aura that means something.

10. Weird experiences freak me out, like thinking about a friend I haven't talked to for 10 years and suddenly he calls on the telephone. Part of me is pleased to have things like this happen, but partly I find it scary. Like am I going to be taken over by the woo-woo side of life? Could I lose the ability to function in the normal world?

11. People dress wrong a lot of the time. They wear colors and makeup that clash and don't even seem to notice. Though I hate to sound like a snob, this bothers me.

One of the most important reasons for becoming aware of the talents listed in this questionnaire is learning how to handle them. Part of your training as an aura reader should include learning when and how to switch off your gifts. All the problems described here can be overcome by a skilled aura reader.
1. CLAIRAUDIENCE (pronounced klaer-AUD-ee-inss) means celestial hearing. As you develop aura reading skills, you'll be able to sing out the pattern of energy in someone's aura.

2. GUSTATORY (pronounced GOOSE-tah-tor-ee) GIFTEDNESS brings celestial smell and taste. One practical application for aura reading: sniff the top of a baby's head. It may well move you into a state of bliss.

3. CLAIRSENTIENCE (pronounced klaer-SCENT-ee-entz) is celestial touch. Maybe you've heard of Healing Touch, Therapeutic Touch, or Bioenergetics. These scientifically verified ways of healing involve using your hands to rearrange a person's aura. Clairsentients can be really good at this.

4. HOLISTIC KNOWING means a celestial-level awareness of how people in a group can best fit together and complement each other's strengths. You can develop this talent for aura reading by learning to take leadership on the level of group body. 5. EMOTIONAL TOUCH can bring celestial awareness of a person's feelings with one emotional glance. Aura reading goes far beyond the psychological level to a genuinely spiritual level of experience. When trained, emotional touch can transcend psychology and springboard you into experiencing a person's deeper identity as a soul.

6. ANALYTICAL AWARENESS, celestial knowing, involves a dynamic of constantly looking, looking, looking for deeper truth. If you like Bach organ works, or otherwise are attracted to intellectual complexity, you have what it takes to fathom layer after layer of the aura. Be advised, though, you may have a harder time than others at learning aura reading from a book. Find a teacher to personally guide you to this new experience of higher consciousness.

7. EMOTIONAL EMPATHY is the spiritual gift of experiencing emotions of other people as though they belong to you. Although there may be other causes of "roller coaster moods," emotional empathy is surprisingly common in the spiritual community, and it can cause considerable distress until a person learns to use it in a skilled manner. Think Counsellor Troi in "Star Trek--The Next Generation."

8. PHYSICAL EMPATHY is the spiritual gift of experiencing physical sensations of other people as though they belong to you. This gift can develop into a magnificent ability for reading auras.

9. TRUTH KNOWLEDGE is the no-frills form of Celestial Perception. When you learn to take it as far as it goes, you'll be amazed at the power of this gift.

10. PSYCHIC KNOWING means accessing information from psychic and spiritual planes. This gift is a wake-up call: it is time for you to consciously develop the spiritual side of your life, whatever you're drawn to, including Celestial Perception. When you study aura reading, an important part of your training will be learning how to stay in control of your intuitive gifts. They should never be a burden.

11. CLAIRVOYANCE is the visual side of Celestial Perception. Seeing auras will come easily to you, but don't expect that to necessarily mean seeing colors around people. Auras are bodies of spiritual energy that wrap around the physical body--like layers of an onion (but hopefully with a better smell). Clairvoyant perception of auras can involve seeing patterns of light, symbols, or textures.

No matter which senses you use for aura reading, the trick is to value and use your own God-given abilities. Each of us has a spiritual mission. Aura reading can help you succeed at yours.

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  • Anonymous

    Posted March 31, 2004

    Aura reading for anybody

    Rosetree's book is a wonderful way to learn about how to perceive and read auras using one's own internal language. Unlike most aura books, she points out something that I have known for a very long time and it was wonderful to hear it from someone skilled in the subject: auras are NOT colors. Auras are energy fields and while some perceive them as colors, not everyone perceives them the same way and that needs to be respected. Everyone has the capability to perceive and read. Following the information in this book can help a person find what works.

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