Austin's Original Hillbilly Poet

Austin's Original Hillbilly Poet

by Gene Snowden

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Release Date:
Part Records Germany


  1. I'm the Son of a Railroad Bum
  2. I'm a Thief
  3. The Day You Stole My World Away
  4. Your Leaving Didn't Bother Me
  5. How Can I Get On Top
  6. Sleeping in the Sky
  7. You Must Be Blind
  8. They're Waiting In Line
  9. Cool Drink of Water
  10. Battle Zone
  11. Little Children at Play
  12. The Enemy
  13. What Have You Got?
  14. The Best Loving I've Never Had
  15. My Loving You
  16. What You Use To Be
  17. I'm the Son of a Railroad Bum
  18. They're Waiting In Line
  19. What You'll Never Know
  20. Give Me a Night To Remember
  21. Monte
  22. Ring Around the Roses
  23. It's a Funny Little World Without You
  24. Don't Take Your Heart Away From Home
  25. Your Eyes Are Giving You Away
  26. Angel Darlin'
  27. Quilt Your Triflin'

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