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Australian Guitar Music

Australian Guitar Music

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by Aleksandr Tsiboulski

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  1. Blackwattle Caprices, for guitar

    1. 1. Andantino molto flessibile  (05:08)
    2. 2. Vivace  (02:04)
  2. Stélé for guitar

    1. No. 1. Stélé  (04:37)
    2. No. 2. Dervish  (02:06)
    3. No. 3. Bronze Apollo  (04:56)
    4. No. 4. Web  (02:15)
  3. From Kakadu, for guitar

    1. Grave  (03:12)
    2. Comodo  (02:24)
    3. Misterioso  (01:46)
    4. Cantando  (03:32)
  4. Caprichos (3) after Goya, for guitar

    1. 1. !Qué sacrificio!  (00:56)
    2. 2. Dios la perdone: Y era su madre  (02:07)
    3. 3. No te escaparás  (01:51)
  5. Into the Dreaming, for guitar  (05:37)
  6. Djilile for piano  (05:17)

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Australian Guitar Music 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
KeelanTaylor More than 1 year ago
I would tend to believe that this can rightfully be called "Australian" guitar music. What makes it Australian though? Well other than the obvious being that it was probably written in Australia, and the fact that it's likely influenced by the kind of music that Australians like. I think it compliments Australia. Though classical music harmonizes well with many things in life. This style of classical music specifically (I believe anyways) conveys the feeling and compliments a landscape, and nature of a place. If you could visualize being in Australia and listening to this music, it must be Australian! So for those that enjoy music and have a love for natural beauty, why not buy a copy so you can escape every now and then? All you have to do is sit back and listen to some masterfully composed and played guitar music. Most of of the music on here is actually fairly reserved. Not too intense. The ones that are a little more intense I personally liked. Those were the "Three Caprichos after Goya". He utilizes a lot of odd intervals and powerfully struck chords that provide tense contrast in the music. But are still played in such way that it's not overwhelming, but still harmonically pleasing. The "Perfect" balance. This is worth you're money if you like interesting new music.