Australian Pop of the 80s: Counting the Beat

Australian Pop of the 80s: Counting the Beat


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Sony Australia


Disc 1

  1. Counting the Beat  -  Swingers
  2. True Love  - Billy Field
  3. As the Days Go By  - Daryl Braithwaite
  4. In Your Car  -  Dugites
  5. Jessie's Girl  - Rick Springfield
  6. Wait
  7. Made My Day  - Tim Finn
  8. Help  - John Farnham
  9. Can't Wait to See You  -  Eurogliders
  10. Send Me an Angel  -  Real Life
  11. Hot Town  - Jon English
  12. Compulsory Hero  -  1927
  13. No Secrets  -  Angels
  14. The Night Owls
  15. Miss This Tonight  - Matt Moffitt
  16. Dreaming My Dreams with You  - Colleen Hewett
  17. Falling In and Out  -  Mi-Sex
  18. My Baby  -  Cold Chisel
  19. Maxine  - Sharon O'Neill
  20. Never Gonna Die  -  Choirboys

Disc 2

  1. Singing in the Eighties  -  Monitors
  2. One Perfect Day  -  Little Heroes
  3. Hold On  -  Models
  4. Lady What's Your Name  -  Swanee
  5. Same Old Girl  - Darryl Cotton
  6. Cool World  -  Mondo Rock
  7. Computer One  -  Dear Enemy
  8. House of Cards  -  GANGgajang
  9. Overkill  -  Men at Work
  10. Sweet and Sour  -  Takeaways
  11. Alone with You  -  Sunnyboys
  12. He's Just No Good for You  -  Mental as Anything
  13. Sooner or Later  -  Innocents
  14. Rain  -  Dragon
  15. I Am  -  Uncanny X-Men
  16. What About Me  -  Moving Pictures
  17. Strangers on a Train  -  Sports
  18. Soldier of Fortune  - John Paul Young
  19. According to My Heart  -  Reels
  20. I Was Only 19 (a Walk In the Light Green)  -  Redgum

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Album Credits

Technical Credits

Tim Finn   Composer
Marc Jordan   Composer
John Lennon   Composer
Paul McCartney   Composer
Rick Springfield   Composer
John Capek   Composer
Billy Field   Composer
Sharon O'Neill   Composer
Graham Bidstrup   Composer
Mark Gable   Composer
Pete Glenister   Composer
Colin Hay   Composer
Peter McIan   Composer
Mark Moffatt   Composer
Doc Neeson   Composer
Keith Olsen   Producer
Robie Porter   Producer
Roger Savage   Producer
Phil Small   Composer
Kevin Stanton   Composer
David Sterry   Composer
Richard Zatorski   Composer
Roger Hart   Composer
Gary Walker   Composer
John Schumann   Composer
Michael Armiger   Composer
Charles Touber   Composer
Gavin Ryan   Chart Information
Matt Moffitt   Composer
Graeham Goble   Composer
D. Cotton   Composer
T. McCarthy   Composer
Langford   Composer
A. Reynolds   Composer
W. Stevens   Composer
M. Burns   Composer
Brent James   Concept
Alexander Hunter   Composer
Johanna Pigott   Composer
Peter Crosbie   Composer
Jeremy Oxley   Composer
Todd Hunter   Composer

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