Authentic Literacy Assessment / Edition 1

Authentic Literacy Assessment / Edition 1

by Mary Jett-Simpson, Wisconsin State Reading Association Staf, Mary Jett-Simpson

ISBN-10: 0321012356

ISBN-13: 9780321012357

Pub. Date: 02/05/1997

Publisher: Allyn & Bacon, Inc.

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Table of Contents

Sect. 1Foundations for an Ecological Approach to Authentic Assessment1
Ch. 1Changes in Views of Learning and Assessment2
Ch. 2Why Do We Assess?10
Ch. 3Why Should We Assess Ecologically?16
Ch. 4Reading Development23
Ch. 5Writing Development36
Ch. 6Constructing a Developmental Writing Continuum50
Sect. 2Ecological Portfolio Systems for Reading and Writing55
Ch. 7Creating the Context and Goals for Assessing Reading and Writing56
Ch. 8The Portfolio System - "The Big Picture"69
Ch. 9Professional Observation - A Central Component of an Ecological Portfolio System75
Ch. 10Organizing a Teacher Observation Notebook82
Sect. 3Observing Reading and Writing Within the Ecological Portfolio System91
Ch. 11Introduction...Integrating Assessment and Instruction92
Ch. 12Observing Reading: The Running Record and Comprehension96
Ch. 13Observing for Reading Strategies, Independence, Metacognitive Awareness, Level of Reading Acquisition, Attitudes and Interests, and Purposive Reading116
Ch. 14The Working Portfolio for Reading135
Ch. 15Observing Writing145
Ch. 16The Working Portfolio for Writing153
Ch. 17Getting Started and Wrapping Up: "Roaming Around the Known" and Developing Showcase Portfolios160
Ch. 18Communicating Student Literacy Development to Parents170
Sect. 4Ecological Assessment in Practice191
Ch. 19There Must Be Something Wrong, We're Having Too Much Fun192
Ch. 20Literacy Portfolios In the Intermediate Grades: "Under Construction"201
Ch. 21Elementary School Writing Assessment: A Developmental Perspective216
Sect. 5Ecological Assessment: Reporting Beyond the Classroom231
Ch. 22Issues of Reliability and Validity232
Ch. 23Communicating Information Beyond the Classroom244
Dear Readers257
Additional Resource Materials for Constructing an Ecological Assessment System265
AppendixForms You Might Use271

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