Authority in Prayer: Praying with Power and Purpose

Authority in Prayer: Praying with Power and Purpose

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by Dutch Sheets

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Bestselling author Dutch Sheets shows how Christians can take hold of God's promises and authority to change their world through powerful prayers.See more details below


Bestselling author Dutch Sheets shows how Christians can take hold of God's promises and authority to change their world through powerful prayers.

Editorial Reviews

Michele Howe
"..Sheets's writing is nothing if not contagious. His excitement on the topic of prayer (an oft-well worn one) will bring rejuvenation to even the most complacent Christian follower....Avid readers of prayer books will discover realistic and pointed direction in Sheets's text. His call for prayer involvement in governmental issues has never been timelier."
Peter C. Wagner
"In this book, Dutch Sheets brings to the surface something that most of us will readily admit, namely that a good bit of the time we pray, we pray like wimps! Long before I came to the end of the book, I decided that I�m not going to pray like a wimp anymore--I�m going to pray like a winner! I�m thankful for this huge upgrade to my prayer life, and I know that you will be just as thrilled when you read Authority in Prayer."
Chancellor, Wagner Leadership Institute
Harry R. Jackson, Jr.
"We live in perilous times! The vigilant parent, pastor or politician is aware that God's purposes in their lives will be challenged over and over again. Praying with authority is a necessary part of your dominion toolkit. More than a manual for effective prayer, Dutch Sheets distills a lifetime of experience and scholarship into the essentials of high impact prayer. I began using the breakthrough concepts unveiled in this book the same day I read it. My results have been amazing--yours will be, too."
Senior Pastor Hope Christian Church, Chairman High Impact Leadership Coalition
Melissa Parcel
"If you're feeling timid in your prayers, or don't know exactly what God wants from you or what He has called you to do - Authority in Prayer is an ideal resource. It's energizing, motivating, and couldn't come at a better time for our world today. This is an ideal book for group study and discussion - as well as action."
Bob Pike
"Dutch Sheets does a wonderful job of weaving personal experience, the experience of others, and the teaching of scripture to make a compelling case for praying with authority.

Sheets wants believers to experience "being more than conquerors," "being a royal priesthood," and to "rule and reign" with Christ--not have it be words that are heard, but never experienced. His position is that too many people say the words, or hear them, but seldom have the experience that tells them that the words are true--true for each believer, not just anointed Christian leaders....

Don't just read this book, act on it, and pass it along to others."
CSP, CPAE-Speakers Hall of Fame, Armchair

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