Autism: A Sensorimotor Approach to Management / Edition 1

Autism: A Sensorimotor Approach to Management / Edition 1

by Ruth A. Huebner

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Table of Contents

Pt. 1Understanding Autism and the Sensorimotor Findings in Autism1
Ch. 1Introduction and Basic Concepts3
Ch. 2Diagnostic Assessment of Autistic Disorder41
Ch. 3Neuropsychological Findings, Etiology, and Implications for Autism61
Pt. 2Foundations of the Sensorimotor Approach to Management in Autism101
Ch. 4Assessment of Individuals with an Autism Spectrum Disorder Utilizing a Sensorimotor Approach103
Ch. 5The Efficacy of a Sensorimotor Treatment Approach by Occupational Therapists139
Ch. 6Sensory Integration in Child-Centered Therapy179
Ch. 7Sensorimotor Aspects of Attachment and Social Relatedness in Autism209
Pt. 3Application of the Sensorimotor Approach245
Ch. 8Integration of Sensorimotor and Neurodevelopmental Approaches247
Ch. 9Integration of Sensorimotor and Speech-Language Therapy263
Ch. 10Facilitating Social Communication through the Sensorimotor Approach275
Ch. 11Integration of Sensorimotor and Psychoeducational/Behavioral Interventions285
Ch. 12Integration of the Sensorimotor Approach within the Classroom297
Ch. 13Play: Engaging Young Children with Autism313
Pt. 4Applications of the Sensorimotor Approach to Improve Function353
Ch. 14Sensory Applications for Sleep and Toilet Training355
Ch. 15Assistive Technology for Persons with Autism365
Ch. 16Employment Options and Techniques in Autism391
Pt. 5The Experience of Autism from a Personal Perspective407
Ch. 17Parenting, Advocacy, and Living a Full Life409
Ch. 18My Greatest Wish: "I Must Play! I Must Play! I Must Play!"423
Ch. 19The Effects of the Autism Experience on Life View and Philosophy: A Glimpse from One Side of the Looking Glass443
Ch. 20Living with Sensory Dysfunction in Autism469

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