Autobiography of Peter Cartwright: The Backwoods Preacher

Autobiography of Peter Cartwright: The Backwoods Preacher

by Peter Cartwright

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This Is A New Release Of The Original 1856 Edition.  See more details below


This Is A New Release Of The Original 1856 Edition.

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preacher sent to them. And perhaps this victory may be considered among the first-fruits of Methodism in that part of this new country. This was in 1808. At this meeting I collected, as well as I could, the names and places where it was supposed they wanted Methodist preaching. I made out and returned a kind of plan for a Circuit, carried it to Conference, and they were temporarily supplied by the presiding elder in 1809 and 1810. In 1811 the Circuit was called St. Vincennes, and was attached to the Cumberland District, and Thomas Stillwell appointed the preacher in charge. CHAPTER VI. EXHORTING AND FIRST PREACHING. I Will now resume my personal narrative. I went on enjoying great comfort and peace. I attended several camp-meetings among the Methodists and Presbyterians. At all of them there were many souls converted to God. At one of these camp-meetings something like the following incident occurred: There was a great stir of religion in the crowded congregation that attended. Many opposed the work, and among the rest a Mr. D , who called himself a Jew. He was tolerably smart, and seemed to take great delight in opposing the Christian religion. lu the intermissions, the young men and boys of us, who professed religion, would retire to the woods and hold prayer-meetings; and if we knew of any boya that were seeking religion, we would take them along and pray for them. Many of them obtained religion in these praying circles, and raised loud shouts of praise to God, in which those of us that were religious would join. One evening a large company of us retired for prayer. In the midst of our little meeting this Jew appeared, and he desired to know what we were about. Well, I toldhim. He said it was all wrong, that it was idolatry to pray to Jesus Christ, and t...

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