AutoCAD in 3 Dimensions Using AutoCAD 2002 / Edition 1

AutoCAD in 3 Dimensions Using AutoCAD 2002 / Edition 1

by Stephen J. Ethier, Christine A. Ethier

ISBN-10: 0130943398

ISBN-13: 9780130943392

Pub. Date: 10/28/2001

Publisher: Prentice Hall

Designed to provide readers with the information and practice they need to compete in a competitive job market, AutoCAD in 3 Dimensions Using AutoCAD 2002 blends theory and practical applications in a hands-on, lab- and exercise-intensive look at all the important concepts needed to draw in true 3D. Based on AutoCAD 2002, it explores the theory behind 3D


Designed to provide readers with the information and practice they need to compete in a competitive job market, AutoCAD in 3 Dimensions Using AutoCAD 2002 blends theory and practical applications in a hands-on, lab- and exercise-intensive look at all the important concepts needed to draw in true 3D. Based on AutoCAD 2002, it explores the theory behind 3D modeling, how to prepare for 3D construction, the various kinds of 3D construction, and how to effectively enhance and present 3D models.

Theory Behind 3D Modeling; Applications; Display of 3D Models for Construction; Working in 3D Space; 2-1/2D Extrusion; Wireframe; Creation of a Shell; Elaborate Surfaces; Concepts Behind Solid Modeling; Composite Solids: Creation and Modification; Solid Display and Inquiry; Advanced Solid Editing; Three-Dimensional Libraries; 3D Parametric Design; Display of 3D Models for Presentation; Plotting; Rendering; Architectural Project: Residential Dwelling; Architectural Project: Commercial Building; Mechanical Project: Solid Modeling; Mechanical Project: Solid Modeling; Structural Project; Civil Project.

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Prentice Hall
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Edition description:
New Edition
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8.17(w) x 10.74(h) x 1.04(d)

Table of Contents

Part 1Understanding 3D1
1Theory Behind 3D Modeling2
1.3Modeling versus Drafting and AutoCAD3
1.4Model Building Options5
1.5Model Display Options9
1.6Model Viewing10
1.7Working Planes11
1.8The Text and Lab Framework12
1.9What's Ahead15
2.2Model Illustrations18
Part 2Preparing for Construction of 3D Models31
3Display of 3D Models for Construction32
3.2Viewpoint Manipulation34
3.33D Orbit39
3.4The PLAN Command40
3.5Multiple Viewports41
3.6Hidden Line Removal43
3.7Shade Mode44
3.8Saving and Restoring Views46
Lab 3.AChanging Viewpoints47
Lab 3.BUsing 3D Orbit and Shade Modes53
Lab 3.CMultiple Viewports56
4Working in 3D Space65
4.2World Coordinate System66
4.3User Coordinate System66
4.4Elevated Working Planes71
Lab 4.AThe UCS Icon72
Lab 4.BCreating Working Planes Using the 3-Point Method75
Lab 4.CCreating Working Planes Using the Axes80
Part 3Construction of 3D Surface Models85
52-1/2D Extrusion86
5.2Thickness Concepts87
5.3Thickness Behavior88
5.4Thickness Property88
5.5Thickness Modification90
5.6Thickness Effect on Object Snap90
Lab 5.ABolt Extrusion91
Lab 5.BTable Extrusion92
Lab 5.CChair Extrusion95
6.2Coordinate Point Filters104
6.3Projection Techniques105
6.42D Polyline versus 3D Polyline107
Lab 6.AAngle Block108
Lab 6.BInca Structure113
Lab 6.CUsing Projection to Solve a Problem119
7Creation of a Shell127
7.2Polylines and Solids Revisited128
7.33D Faces129
7.43D Faces Invisible Edges131
7.5Creating Surfaces with Regions132
Lab 7.ACreating 3D Faces and Regions133
Lab 7.BSurfaced Angle Plate136
Lab 7.CSurfaced Coffeemaker Model140
8Elaborate Surfaces145
8.23D Objects146
8.33D Polygon Meshes148
Lab 8.ACoffeepot Surfaced Model153
Lab 8.BSurfaced House Model157
Lab 8.CSurfaced Automobile Hood Model161
Part 4Solid Modeling169
9Concepts Behind Solid Modeling170
9.2Advanced Modeling Extension171
9.3Solids and Regions171
9.4Primitive Creation172
9.5Solids Toolbar174
Lab 9.AIntroduction to Primitive Solids175
Lab 9.BCreating Primitive Solids Through Extrusion and Revolution176
10Composite Solids: Creation and Modification181
10.2Relation Commands181
10.3Modifying Composites182
10.4Solids Editing Toolbar185
Lab 10.ARelating Solids to One Another185
Lab 10.BModifying Solids188
Lab 10.CSolid Model of Socket Head Cap Screw190
11Solid Display and Inquiry197
11.23D Representation197
11.32D Representation198
11.4Extracting Solid Model Information201
Lab 11.ADisplaying a Solid and Extracting the Solid's Information202
12Advanced Solid Editing205
12.3Face Editing206
12.4Edge Editing208
12.5Body Editing208
Lab 12.AAdvanced Solid Editing209
Part 5Enhancing the Use of 3D221
13Three-Dimensional Libraries222
13.2Creation Considerations223
13.3Insertion and Working Planes223
13.4Scaling the 3D Symbol224
13.5Simple versus Complex Symbol Models225
13.6Xrefs and Blocks226
13.73D Movement Commands Useful for Moving Blocks230
Lab 13.AHouse Symbols232
Lab 13.BSymbol Insertion236
Lab 13.CSimple versus Complex Blocks and Xrefs239
143D Parametric Design249
14.2Parametric Symbol Types249
14.3Object Snap and Scaling252
Lab 14.AParametric Cube and Deck253
Lab 14.BParametric Pipe and Piping259
Part 6Presentation269
15Display of 3D Models for Presentation270
15.2Perspective versus Axonometric Views271
15.3Center of Interest and the Station Point272
15.4The DVIEW Command273
15.5Using the 3D ORBIT Toolbar with DVIEW282
Lab 15.ADynamic Viewing with Exterior Perspective283
Lab 15.BDynamic Viewing with Removal of Obstructing Objects285
Lab 15.CDynamic Viewing with Interior View288
16.2Wireframe versus Hidden Line Removal294
16.3Axonometric versus Perspective Representations295
16.4Paper Space295
16.5Working Drawings of Models299
Lab 16.APaper Space Plot299
Lab 16.BPaper Space Layout with Insert304
17.2AutoCAD and Rendering312
17.3Creating the Pictorial View313
17.4Choosing the Lights313
17.5Material Properties317
17.7Rendering Preferences322
17.8Rendering the Model323
17.9Landscape Objects325
Lab 17.ARendering with AutoCAD326
Lab 17.BAdding Materials330
Part 7Application Projects337
18Architectural Project: Residential Dwelling338
18.2Project Stages339
19Architectural Project: Commercial Building365
19.2Project Stages366
19.3Initial Stages367
19.4Section A: Commercial Building Construction368
19.5Section B: City Construction and Building Placement387
20Mechanical Project: Solid Modeling397
20.2Project Stages398
21Mechanical Project: Solid Modeling411
21.2Project Stages412
22Structural Project423
22.2Project Stages424
23Civil Project449
23.2Project Stages450
Part 8Application Programs459
24Mechanical Desktop460
24.2Mechanical Desktop Design Process460
24.3Interacting with Mechanical Desktop465
24.4Using the Desktop Browser468
24.5Accessing Commands469
253D Studio VIZ471
25.2The Scene471
25.3Working Planes and Viewing472
25.4Modeling and Editing474
25.5Cameras and Lights480
25.6Rendering and Materials481

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