Autodesk Viz 2005 for Beginners / Edition 1

Autodesk Viz 2005 for Beginners / Edition 1

by Moss

This textbook is written to help beginners learn how to navigate the interface, set up and create basic scenes and animations.See more details below


This textbook is written to help beginners learn how to navigate the interface, set up and create basic scenes and animations.

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Schroff Development Corporation
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New Edition

Table of Contents

1. The User Interface
Exercise 1-1: Using the View Navigation Tools
Exercise 1-2: Using View Shading
Exercise 1-3: Creating Viewport Configurations
Exercise 1-4: Changing Display Colors
2. Importing Models
Exercise 2-1: Importing an AutoCAD Model
Exercise 2-2: Importing an ADT Model
Exercise 2-3: Importing a Revit Model
Exercise 2-4: Importing an Inventor Model
Exercise 2-5: Importing a Mechanical Desktop Model
3. Working with Objects
Exercise 3-1: Naming Objects
Exercise 3-2: Selecting Objects
Exercise 3-3: Defining Layers
Exercise 3-4: Object Properties
Exercise 3-5: Creating Geometry
Exercise 3-6: Moving Geometry
Exercise 3-7: Arranging Geometry
Exercise 3-8: Creating Arrays
4. Adding Cameras and Lights
Exercise 4-1: Adding a Camera
Exercise 4-2: Modifying a Camera
Exercise 4-3: Create Camera from View
Exercise 4-4: Checking your Units
Exercise 4-5: Creating Lights
Exercise 4-6: Creating a Daylight System
Exercise 4-7: Adjusting Exposure
Exercise 4-8: Adding a Background
Exercise 4-9: Adding a Street Lamp
Exercise 4-10: Creating a Volume Light
Exercise 4-11: Lighting an Interior Scene
5. Materials
Exercise 5-1: Configuring the Material Sample Window
Exercise 5-2: Applying Material to an Object
Exercise 5-3: Correcting Materials
Exercise 5-4: Assigning a Map
Exercise 5-5: Creating a Map
Exercise 5-6: Controlling Material Appearance
Exercise 5-7: Rendering a Still Image
Exercise 5-8: Creating a Tire Material
6. Creating Animations
Exercise 6-1: Opening a Door
Exercise 6-2: Moving a Car
Exercise 6-3: Assigning a Path Constraint
Exercise 6-4: Adding Sound to an Animation
Exercise 6-5: Building up your Animation
Exercise 6-6: Creating a Walkthrough

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