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Ave Maria / The Soul of Chant

Ave Maria / The Soul of Chant

by Benedictine Monks of Santo Domingo de Silos

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Jade Records

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  1. Salve Regina, antiphon in mode 5 (Liber Usualis No 279)
  2. Ave plena gratiae (prose)
  3. Ave Mater, sequence in mode 6
  4. Salve mira creatura, canticle
  5. Salve Mater, canticum in mode 5
  6. Ave Maria, gratia plena, offertory in mode 8 for the 4th Sunday in Advent
  7. Tota pulchra es, alleluia in mode 1
  8. O quam glorifica, hymn in mode 2
  9. Gloriosa, communion in mode 8
  10. Benedicta es tu, Virgo Maria, gradual in mode 5 (Liber Usualis No. 1317)
  11. Sub tuum praesidium, antiphon in mode 7
  12. Paradisi portae, antiphon in mode 4
  13. Virgo Dei genitrix, Hymn (Mode 2) (Liber Usualis, No 1865)
  14. Virgo prudentissima - (Antiphon for the Magnificat for Assumption of Mary, Mode 1)
  15. Ave Regina caelorum, antiphon in Mode 6
  16. Concordi laetitia, rhythmus, mode 6
  17. Tota pulchra es, o Maria, canticle in mode 5
  18. Solis, o Virgo, hymn in mode 4
  19. Gaudens gaudebo in Domino
  20. Ave Virgo Speciei, canticle
  21. Regina caeli, antiphon in mode 6
  22. Mass l, Lux et Origo
  23. Mass ll, Fons Bonitatis
  24. Messe VIII "De Angelis"
  25. Mass lX, Cum Jubilo
  26. Mass XI, Orbis factor

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