Avery's Diseases of the Newborn: Expert Consult - Online and Print / Edition 9

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Avery’s Diseases of the Newborn, edited by Christine A. Gleason and Sherin U. Devaskar, is a practical, clinical reference for diagnosing and managing of all the important diseases affecting newborns. Thoroughly revised by a team of new editors, this edition provides new perspectives and updated coverage of genetics, nutrition, respiratory conditions, MRSA, neonatal pain, cardiovascular fetal interventions, care of the late preterm infant, and more. You can also access the fully searchable text and downloadable images online at www.expertconsult.com, making this authoritative reference ideal as a clinical resource or subspecialty review tool.

• Treat newborns effectively with focused coverage of diagnosis and management, including pertinent developmental physiology and the pathogenesis of neonatal problems.
• Meet every challenge you face in neonatology with Avery’s authoritative, comprehensive clinical resource and subspecialty review tool.
• Navigate quickly and easily with extensive cross-referencing throughout the organ-related sections.

• Access the fully searchable text online at www.expertconsult.com, along with a downloadable image gallery.
• Stay current with coverage of hot topics including MRSA, neonatal pain, cardiovascular fetal interventions, care of the late preterm infant, and the developing intestinal microbiome.
• Tap into the fresh perspectives of new editors who provide extensive updates throughout, particularly on genetic and respiratory disorders.
• Apply the latest nutritional findings with thorough discussions of this valuable information in the more comprehensive nutrition section.
• Master the fundamentals of neonatology through the greater emphasis on developmental biology and pathobiology.

Fully understand neonatology with Avery’s Diseases of the Newborn - THE authoritative, clinical, and practical reference.

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Editorial Reviews

Doody's Review Service
Reviewer: Jay P. Goldsmith, MD (Tulane University School of Medicine)
Description: With the publication of this ninth edition (previous edition in 2005) of this venerable book, the torch has been passed to new editors, Drs. Gleason and Devaskar. One of four major books in neonatology, originally published by a pediatrician in 1960, it has been modernized to reflect the needs of practitioners at all levels in this field. Its 102 chapters and nearly 1,500 pages, supplemented by access to a website with the complete text and downloadable images, represent a very readable and comprehensive resource for the modern practice of neonatology.
Purpose: This is a comprehensive review of all aspects of neonatal care that serves as a reference for both common and unusual conditions. In the preface, the editors review the history of the book and make a case for the importance of textbooks in the modern world of rapidly acquired online information and CDs. The new edition is more practical than the original editions, which were unique in their pathological approach.
Audience: This can be used by all providers of neonatal care including trainees, nurses, advanced practice nurses, respiratory therapists, and physicians. Like all books in this rapidly changing field, it will need to be supplemented by more recent information that can be gleaned from periodicals. The editors and their contributors are nationally and internationally known authorities in the field.
Features: This edition reflects the preferences of its new editors with extensive revisions of chapters on genetics, pain management, and the fetal origins of adult disease. New chapters cover global neonatal health, transport, the late preterm infant, and craniofacial malformations. Suggested readings are added at the end of each chapter rather than specific references. I found few references to databases such as the Cochrane review to substantiate recommendations made by individual contributors. Basic black-and-white photographs are augmented with excellent color plates at the beginning of the book. Expense permitting, this would be a nice addition to the dermatology chapter.
Assessment: This is comparable to the other three major neonatology textbooks, although each has had a traditional niche. This one has been stronger in the area of pathology, MacDonald et al. (Avery's Neonatology: Pathophysiology and Management of the Newborn, 6th edition (Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2005)) has been very clinically oriented and practical, Martin et al. (Fanaroff and Martin's Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine: Diseases of the Fetus and Infant, 9th edition (Elsevier, 2011) is more academic, and Spitzer (Intensive Care of the Fetus and Neonate, 2nd edition (Elsevier, 2005)) concentrates more on the intensive care aspect of newborn care. However, the new editors have made the new edition of this book more practical and clinically oriented, which should make it more competitive with the others as the go-to reference in this field.
From the Publisher
"An excellent and very readable resource…I would recommend it to anyone looking to add a neonatal textbook to either their own personal or unit libraries." -Archives of Disease in Childhood, review of the previous edition

"With the publication of this ninth edition (previous edition in 2005) of this venerable book, the torch has been passed to new editors, Drs. Gleason and Devaskar, who have made the new edition of this book more practical and clinically oriented. One of four major books in neonatology, originally published by a pediatrician in 1960, it has been modernized to reflect the needs of practitioners at all levels in this field of neonatal care including trainees, nurses, advanced practice nurses, respiratory therapists, and physicians.

This is a comprehensive review of all aspects of neonatal care that serves as a reference for both common and unusual conditions. The editors and their contributors are nationally and internationally known authorities in the field." - Doody’s review service rating: 4 Stars!

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Product Details

  • ISBN-13: 9781437701340
  • Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
  • Publication date: 10/5/2011
  • Edition description: New Edition
  • Edition number: 9
  • Pages: 1520
  • Sales rank: 1,513,203
  • Product dimensions: 8.70 (w) x 11.10 (h) x 2.10 (d)

Table of Contents



Chapter 1 Neonatal and Perinatal

Epidemiology, 1

Chapter 2 Evaluation of Therapeutic

Recommendations, Database

Management, and Information

Retrieval, 10

Chapter 3 Ethics, Data, and Policy in

Newborn Intensive Care, 18

Chapter 4 Global Neonatal Health, 23


Fetal Development

Chapter 5 Immunologic Basis of Placental

Function and Diseases: The

Placenta, Fetal Membranes, and

Umbilical Cord, 37

Chapter 6 Abnormalities of Fetal

Growth, 51

Chapter 7 Multiple Gestations and Assisted

Reproductive Technology, 60

Chapter 8 Nonimmune Hydrops, 67


Maternal Health Affecting Neonatal


Chapter 9 Endocrine Disorders in

Pregnancy, 75

Chapter 10 Maternal Medical Disorders of

Fetal Significance: Seizure Disorders,

Isoimmunization, Cancer,

and Mental Health Disorders, 92

Chapter 11 Hypertensive Complications of

Pregnancy, 105

Chapter 12 Perinatal Substance Abuse, 111


Labor and Delivery

Chapter 13 Antepartum Fetal Assessment, 129

Chapter 14 Prematurity: Causes and

Prevention, 140

Chapter 15 Complicated Deliveries:

Overview, 146

Chapter 16 Obstetric Analgesia and

Anesthesia, 159



Chapter 17 Impact of the Human Genome

Project on Neonatal Care, 173

Chapter 18 Prenatal Genetic Diagnosis, 180

Diana W. Bianchi

Chapter 19 Evaluation of the Dysmorphic

Infant, 186

Chapter 20 Specific Chromosome Disorders

in Newborns, 196


Metabolic and Endocrine Disorders

of the Newborn

Chapter 21 Introduction to Metabolic and

Biochemical Genetic Disease, 209


xviii CONTENTSChapter 22 Inborn Errors of Carbohydrate,

Ammonia, Amino Acid, and

Organic Acid Metabolism, 215

Chapter 23 Lysosomal Storage, Peroxisomal,

and Glycosylation Disorders

and Smith-Lemli-Opitz Syndrome

in the Neonate, 239

Chapter 24 Skeletal Dysplasias and

Connective Tissue Disorders, 258


Care of the Healthy Newborn

Chapter 25 Initial Evaluation: History and

Physical Examination of the

Newborn, 277

Chapter 26 Routine Newborn Care, 300

Chapter 27 Newborn Screening, 316

Chapter 28 Resuscitation in the Delivery

Room, 328


Care of the High-Risk Infant

Chapter 29 Stabilization and Transport

of the High-Risk Infant, 341

Chapter 30 Temperature Regulation of the

Premature Neonate, 357

Chapter 31 Acid-Base, Fluid, and Electrolyte

Management, 367

Chapter 32 Care of the Extremely Low-

Birthweight Infant, 390

Chapter 33 Care of the Late Preterm

Infant, 405

Chapter 34 Pharmacokinetics,


and Pharmacogenetics, 417

Chapter 35 Neonatal Pain and Stress:

Assessment and Management, 429


Immunology and Infections

Chapter 36 Immunology of the Fetus

and Newborn, 445

Chapter 37 Viral Infections of the Fetus and

Newborn and Human Immunodeficiency Virus

Infection During Pregnancy, 468

Chapter 38 Toxoplasmosis, Syphilis, Malaria,

and Tuberculosis, 513

Chapter 39 Neonatal Bacterial Sepsis, 538

Chapter 40 Health Care – Acquired Infections

in the Nursery, 551

Chapter 41 Fungal Infections in the

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, 565


Respiratory System

Chapter 42 Lung Development: Embryology,

Growth, Maturation,

and Developmental Biology, 571

Maria Victoria Fraga ● Susan Guttentag

Chapter 43 Control of Breathing, 584

Estelle B. Gauda ● Richard J. Martin

Chapter 44 Pulmonary Physiology

of the Newborn, 598

Chapter 45 Principles of Respiratory

Monitoring and Therapy, 612

Chapter 46 Respiratory Distress

in the Preterm Infant, 633

Chapter 47 Respiratory Failure in the Term

Newborn, 647

Chapter 48 Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia, 658

Chapter 49 Surgical Disorders of the Chest

and Airways, 672CONTENTS xix


Cardiovascular System

Chapter 50 Embryology and Physiology

of the Cardiovascular System, 699

Chapter 51 Cardiovascular Compromise

in the Newborn Infant, 714

Chapter 52 Persistent Pulmonary

Hypertension, 732

Chapter 53 Fetal and Neonatal

Echocardiography, 741

Chapter 54 Patent Ductus Arteriosus

in the Preterm Infant, 751

Chapter 55 Congenital Heart Disease, 762

Chapter 56 Arrhythmias in the Fetus

and Newborn, 789

Chapter 57 Neurodevelopmental Outcomes

in Children with Congenital

Heart Disease, 801


Neurologic System

Chapter 58 Developmental Physiology of

the Central Nervous

System, 811

Chapter 59 Neonatal Neuroimaging, 816

Chapter 60 Congenital Malformations

of the Central Nervous

System, 844

Chapter 61 Central Nervous System Injury

and Neuroprotection, 869

Chapter 62 Neonatal Neuromuscular

Disorders, 892

Chapter 63 Neonatal Seizures, 901

Chapter 64 Risk Assessment and


Outcomes, 920



Chapter 65 Breastfeeding, 937

Chapter 66 Enteral Nutrition for the

High-Risk Neonate, 952

Chapter 67 Parenteral Nutrition, 963


Gastrointestinal System

Chapter 68 Developmental Anatomy

and Physiology of the

Gastrointestinal Tract, 973

Chapter 69 Structural Anomalies of the

Gastrointestinal Tract, 979

Chapter 70 Innate and Mucosal Immunity in

the Developing Gastrointestinal

Tract: Relationship to Early and

Later Disease, 994

Chapter 71 Abdominal Wall Problems, 1007

Chapter 72 The Developing Intestinal

Microbiome: Implications

for the Neonate, 1016

Chapter 73 Necrotizing Enterocolitis

and Short Bowel Syndrome, 1022

Chapter 74 Disorders of the Liver, 1030


Hematologic System and Disorders

of Bilirubin Metabolism

Chapter 75 Developmental Biology of the

Hematologic System, 1047

Chapter 76 Hemostatic Disorders of the

Newborn, 1056

Chapter 77 Erythrocyte Disorders in

Infancy, 1080CONTENTSChapter 78 Neonatal Leukocyte Physiology

and Disorders, 1108

Chapter 79 Neonatal Indirect

Hyperbilirubinemia and

Kernicterus, 1123



Chapter 80 Congenital Malignant

Disorders, 1143


Renal and Genitourinary Systems

Chapter 81 Renal Morphogenesis and

Development of Renal

Function, 1165

Chapter 82 Clinical Evaluation of Renal and

Urinary Tract Disease, 1176

Chapter 83 Developmental Abnormalities of

the Kidneys, 1182

Chapter 84 Developmental Abnormalities of

the Genitourinary System, 1191

Chapter 85 Acute Kidney Injury and Chronic

Kidney Disease, 1205

Chapter 86 Glomerulonephropathies

and Disorders of Tubular

Function, 1222

Chapter 87 Urinary Tract Infections and

Vesicoureteral Reflux, 1228

Chapter 88 Renal Vascular Disease in the

Newborn, 1235


Endocrine Disorders

Chapter 89 Embryology, Developmental

Biology, and Anatomy of the

Endocrine System, 1245

Chapter 90 Disorders of Calcium and

Phosphorus Metabolism, 1255

Chapter 91 Disorders of the Adrenal

Gland, 1274

Chapter 92 Ambiguous Genitalia in the

Newborn, 1286

Chapter 93 Disorders of the Thyroid

Gland, 1307

Chapter 94 Disorders of Carbohydrate

Metabolism, 1320


Craniofacial and Orthopedic


Chapter 95 Craniofacial

Malformations, 1331

Chapter 96 Common Neonatal Orthopedic

Ailments, 1351


Dermatologic Conditions

Chapter 97 Newborn Skin: Development

and Basic Concepts, 1363

Chapter 98 Congenital and Hereditary

Disorders of the Skin, 1373

Chapter 99 Infections of the Skin, 1390

Chapter 100 Common Newborn

Dermatoses, 1397

Chapter 101 Cutaneous Congenital

Defects, 1406


The Eye

Chapter 102 Disorders of the Eye, 1423

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