Aviation Resource Management: Proceedings of the Fourth Australian Aviation Psychology Symposium

Aviation Resource Management: Proceedings of the Fourth Australian Aviation Psychology Symposium

by Andrew R. Lowe

ISBN-10: 1840149744

ISBN-13: 9781840149746

Pub. Date: 11/01/2000

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Limited

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Table of Contents

Invited contributorsxiv
List of abbreviationsxxiv
Part 1Selection
1Job requirements of airline pilots: Results of a job analysis1
2Pilot selection: Getting more bang for the buck9
3The DMT downunder: An Australian validation of the Defence Mechanism Test21
4A personality test for aircrew selection: Goats or sheep?33
5Pilot selection procedures: A case for individual differences in applicant groups43
6Alternative approaches to gathering information in air traffic control selection research53
7Selecting and training air traffic controllers ab initio: Validation of a 1990s selection-testing program61
Part 2Training
8The foundations of Crew Resource Management should be laid during ab initio flight training81
9A new way to deliver an old message89
10Evaluating student pilots' proficency99
11Learning by example: Results from a global Internet study105
12Motivation and expectations in pilots and instructors regarding recurrent pilot training113
13Structural knowledge concepts in airline pilots121
14GPS Training for General Aviation VFR pilots: To regulate or educate?139
15Future airline training: What has been learned from pilots and instructors?149
16Stress in training transfer: Cognitive interference159
17The impact of executive control on trainee commercial pilots' strategic flexibility167
18Does facilitated group work and independent study in undergraduate pilot education improve learning and foster team skills?175
19Atmospheric science, air safety and essential weather briefing in student pilot training183
Part 3Human Factors
20Benefits and future applications of 3D primary flight displays195
21Human factors issues in perspective display design203
22Evaluation of workload during a diversion using GPS and VOR211
23The investigation of cognition in NVG helicopter operations219
24Musculoskeletal pain in S-70A-9 aircrew: A survey approach227
25Active noise reduction in a helicopter environment235
Part 4Air Traffic Control
26Just another typical pilot error245
27Transition to the future: Displaying flight progess data in air traffic control257
28Development of Team Resource Management in European air traffic control269
29Air Traffic Control Resource Management for new automation: Workload and workgroups279
30Air traffic control in a screen-based non-radar environment: A preliminary evaluation of human factors issues in TAAATS287
31A new approach to mental workload measurement in air traffic control297
32Developing measures of situation awareness, task performance, and contextual performance in ATC305
33The human-machine interface in air traffic control: Task analysis of existing ATC315
34Making the link between human factors and organisational learning327
Part 5Maintenance
35Maintenance engineering training needs of the Pacific Islands commercial aviation industry339
36Maintenance human factors: Learning from errors to improve systems347
Part 6Situational Awareness
37Situational awareness or metacognition?359
38Individual differences in situational awareness and training for complex tasks369
39Decision-making under time constraints379
Part 7Developmental Workshop Reports
40Air Traffic Control developmental workshop report391
41Aircraft maintenance developmental workshop report401
42Situation awareness developmental workshop report407

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