Awaken Your Inner Faerie In 30 Days: Learn to Live From Your Creative Core

Awaken Your Inner Faerie In 30 Days: Learn to Live From Your Creative Core

by Alex Clarke

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Your inner faerie is unique. She's that bright, glittery, passionate, energetic, positive, enthusiastic side of you – the side that often lies hidden for fear of ridicule, failure, criticism, or lack of love. This book will help you connect with her, awaken your wild-woman and become the whole person you were born to be.
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Your inner faerie is unique. She's that bright, glittery, passionate, energetic, positive, enthusiastic side of you – the side that often lies hidden for fear of ridicule, failure, criticism, or lack of love. This book will help you connect with her, awaken your wild-woman and become the whole person you were born to be.

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Awaken your Inner Faerie in 30 Days

By Alex Clarke

John Hunt Publishing Ltd.

Copyright © 2012 Alex Clarke
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-78099-716-2


Day One

Discover your Faerie Clan

The whole point of this 30 day programme is to make you more comfortable with your wild self. When we think of faeries we think of this wild child-like spirit which resides within us. That's who we want to prod awake. This essence is pure creative force. It is raw, magnetic and radical. You will feel like starting projects, changing direction and throwing away your telly in favour of a paint-brush.

Faerie lore is infused within all of us. Its colourful metaphor and meanings shape and form our ideas about magic today. Even in contemporary society, you just need to look at the amount of fairy-tales, songs, festivals, magazines and films we have starring our winged counterparts to see that faeries are still relevant in our daily lives. We love our winged friends and yet there are many theories on what they are! For me they are elemental energies vibrating at high speed which can be worked with in cooperation with the faerie to bring about healing and/or change.

When working with women, I see that faerie energy is the fastest way to rekindle their passion for life. Faerie likes to use story, metaphor, magic, acting, music and feasting to help people rediscover their lost selves or uncover pieces yet to be seen. They work in unpredictable and irrational ways at times and therefore make excellent teachers and they are eager to lead you to their classroom.

To me the universe is one great big metaphysical ecosystem, some parts seen and felt while others lie unseen and undetected. The ecosystem wants to thrive, grow and expand. This forward motion, this expansion, this ceaseless growth, is reflected in all living things. Humans tend only to see their own small part. However we have also become far too reliant on our physical senses to tell us the whole story, a bit like looking through a keyhole and expecting to see the whole house. We don't see moving beyond innocence, naivety and youthfulness as progression, we see it as decline. We look at what we lose instead of what we gain. Why? Because we are unaware of the role we play in the universal ecosystem. Therefore we fear our own death; we see loss rather than a natural cycle that expands the evolution of the whole universal ecosystem. The universe will just keep on expanding and as we are one with her – we'll just keep going. Yes, you are right. There will be a time when none of this 'matters' – quite literally.

So now you know what I'm going to say next, right? Of course you do. You and faerie are the same thing. They are nature, you are nature. They are the creative spark in you and the creative spark in the universe. They make you fertile with ideas, creativity and positivity. You can see them as pretty-faced winged beings if you like, or lights, or music, or metaphorical psychological parables ... believe what you like, so long as it is helpful and enables you to become the best possible version of you.

Am I pecking your head?

'What you on about?' said a young woman on a workshop in Manchester 'yer peckin' me head.' Everyone appreciated her honesty, including me. Look, right now, you don't need to worry about the big scheme. You don't even need to understand it. No one does anyway; otherwise it would all be different. The universe reflects our focus like a photon under a microscope reflects the observer's intention. You only need to self-focus. We get out what we put in, so to speak, and I'm here to help you put in love so you get love out. The rest will then fall into place with no effort whatsoever. Okay? Cool.

Faerie clan fun

A secret of mine is that I have been talking to faeries my entire life. I noticed how they have different feels and personalities. When I started my healing career these personalities became clans. Each clan had a healing sigil and an empowerment sigil, animal totems and more which they lent me to help others. By incorporating this knowledge into my work it was very easy to see people as already healed and whole – it works wonders.

The clans are made up of archetypal energies. An archetype is a collection of character traits that accumulate to create a powerful personality symbol e.g. the magician tarot card. Simply looking at this card means you could list numerous meanings belonging to it. Okay okay, some of you are shouting 'stop compartmentalising! Everything is One! You just said we are all the same consciousness experiencing itself subjectively', and like I've said before, I agree. I'm happy you recognise this already, but not everyone does or can stay in that enlightenment long enough to make significant changes to their lives. Please, recognise how lucky you are and foster patience for those who want to experience this realisation. Oh and P.S: yes, we are all one. The universe is one large spider's-web, glistening in its silvery infiniteness, so please ... stop shouting at yourself hoping someone else will hear.

Back to the point. Faerie clan work is a fun way of looking at how you are vibrating right now and what may be out of balance. It is the process of understanding your self-story/script so you can creatively re-write a new more beneficial self-story with the faeries' help. Don't worry; it's going to be lots of fun! It's not like school, you won't be writing essays, but you will be playing games, drawing silly pictures and doodling 'I love me' on your exercise book. Okay, so maybe a bit like school, but you have my permission to hitch up your skirt and take off your tie. First off you are going to find out which faerie clan you belong to.

This quiz is not an exact science (it's not a science at all) but it does provide insights into who you are and how to proceed with the 30 day programme. Knowing your clan helps me provide you with a more personalised programme, perhaps the most individual way I can do this without seeing you as one of my clients. So when you have your pencil case ready we'll start the quiz.

Who are you? The Caterpillar ~ Alice in Wonderland

Answer the following questions as truthfully as possible and then complete the initiation ritual to meet your clan queen. She will be your guide and confidante during your 30 day programme.

Faerie clan quiz!

What attracts you to working with faeries?

a. It's a new idea and I'm always exploring new concepts.

b. I love them! They always look so lovely and colourful.

c. Energetic little things aren't they; I want a bit of that!

d. I hope it helps me heal myself and others.

e. They sound like fun – plus I hope it gives me an excuse to wear bells and dance about a bit.

f. I'm hoping it offers me the chance to understand myself and others better.

g. They appeal to the part of me that feels out of sync with the world.

What type of films do you watch?

a. Oh, something Sci-Fi, the Matrix, Star Wars, maybe Blade Runner even.

b. Oh something foreign and arty; Amelie or Pan's labyrinth.

Failing that 'It's a Wonderful Life'. James Stewart is a god.

c. Modern classics such as Thelma and Louise, Erin Brockovich or The Shawshank Redemption.

d. It may seem a little odd, but I do like a good Disney movie. The Lion King, the little mermaid ... in fact, anything in which the bad guys get their come-uppance.

e. Oooh anything with people lost in the woods, or stuck in haunted houses. Boo!

f. Any and all films ~ I love stories of all kinds.

g. Lord of the Rings, Narnia, the Golden Compass, I really enjoy a good fantasy.

What is/would be your dream occupation?

a. Psychologist/scientist/new technologist.

b. Painter/photographer/filmmaker.

c. Activist/environmentalist/campaigner.

d. Medical/healer/educator.

e. Musician/singer/composer.

f. Journalist/novelist/scriptwriter.

g. Actor/performer/comedian.

What's your ideal holiday destination?

a. Oooh, visiting NASA, no wait, the moon!

b. Anywhere with trees, open space and beautiful landscapes.

c. Somewhere hot, with a beach and tequila, mmm Mexico.

d. A yoga retreat to clear my soul, aura and chakras.

e. Glasto! Mud, music, messy hair, oh yeah bring it on!

f. Paris, bookshops, coffee, a large notebook for all my inspired ideas. Bliss.

g. Cannes film festival ~ then somewhere quiet to recover, maybe a hideout in the Swiss mountains with lots of fresh air and hot chocolate.

What do you want from a friendship?

a. Someone who wants to talk about my projects, we'll get round to talking about theirs eventually but firstly ...

b. Someone who doesn't mind me snaffling their gorgeous clothes before we go out to nice places and meet interesting people.

c. Someone who will be with me through thick and thin ... and be willing to give me an alibi if I accidentally kill someone.

d. Friendships are about giving not taking, so I don't really want anything.

e. Anyone who doesn't talk half way through a song ~ seriously though, that's really annoying.

f. A person willing to explore their experience with me, so we can witness each other's journey through life.

g. Someone not too demanding, who can give me space and when they are around can talk sense, not gossip.

What do you want from a lover?

a. Intelligence, a beautiful mind is hot.

b. Fit body, no seriously I'm not joking, I have to find him attractive or it's not going to work.

c. Honesty. I'd much prefer to know the truth than have anything hidden.

d. Mysteriousness, there's nothing sexier than a tall, dark, handsome brooding stranger

e. The willingness to talk about emotions ~ I need to feel supported.

f. An interesting conversationalist, an evening spent chatting is worth any amount of foreplay.

g. Faithfulness ~ I can give or take anything so long as I know he only has eyes for me.

If you had to choose one gift for your child/ren what would it be?

a. An inquiring mind. Curiosity never steered anyone wrong, unless they were a cat.

b. Creativity, it's the ability to look at life sideways and still see it as something beautiful.

c. I want them to stand up for themselves. Take no B.S kids.

d. To be happy. If you are happy everything else solves itself.

e. Popularity. Charm and charisma make the world go round. I mean, look at Boris Johnson; he's made a full career out of it!

f. To be fulfilled. To know their purpose and fulfil it daily.

g. Success ~ to have the strength, perseverance and willpower to set a goal and then reach it.

How would you describe yourself?

a. Innovative, I'm a spiritual entrepreneur.

b. Artistic, I'm imaginative and see beauty in unusual places.

c. Protective, I'm the lioness of the family, (no, not big and hairy) I mean I'm fierce when it comes to keeping those I love safe and happy.

d. Loving. I try very hard to be loving in my thoughts and actions to all living things (sometimes even with inanimate objects, but I'm weaning myself off that type of behaviour).

e. Connected, I'm grounded while still being aware and connected to my spiritual-self and the world around me.

f. Wise. I have learnt my lessons well and now try to live by what I have learnt.

g. Misunderstood, I often feel people misread what I am about and sometimes judge me harshly without trying to get to know me.

If you could play any instrument what would it be?

a. The decks and I often think I could be an MC too.

b. Piano, it makes such a sweet sound!

c. Drums. They are the heartbeat of all music.

d. Harp, it's so angelic and healing.

e. Voice, singing is free and fun to do, especially in the supermarket.

f. Guitar, I love their definite, assertive, deep sounds.

g. Violin, they have emotional range, sounding light-hearted one minute or melancholy the next.

Which natural phenomenon best describes you?

a. Shooting star – bright, unusual and gassy (maybe not gassy).

b. Northern lights – rare colourful and strange (strange can be good).

c. Tornado – fast, chaotic and destructive (only if pushed, I'm not crazy).

d. Whirlpool – deep, powerful and impressive (impressive? I meant to say intense).

e. Lightning storm – electrifying. Enough said.

f. Earthquake – authoritative, earth shattering, commanding (but never lasting for long).

g. Mirage – not quite what people think they see (not that I'm duplicitous, I'm just different).

Where would you love to live?

a. Eco-village with all the mod cons, I want to save the environment but still have internet access.

b. In the countryside ~ somewhere I can watch the sun setting.

c. A villa in Italy, or Spain, or Greece, overlooking a beach filled with hunnies.

d. Anywhere by the seaside! Well maybe not Blackpool, but you know what I mean, the coast. Maybe a brooding coastline in Scotland somewhere.

e. Anywhere I can wake up and hear the birds singing, but not a zoo obviously.

f. I like the idea of city living, somewhere I can visit museums, libraries, theatres and yes, spend afternoons people watching.

g. Somewhere breath-taking ~ like Iceland, the Canadian Rockies, or Niagara falls.

What do you find most challenging in life?

a. Social situations ~ people are so strange.

b. Dealing with negative people, moaners make me moan.

c. All the pain and injustice I see happening to people, the world can be so unfair.

d. People not accepting my love and help, I just want people to be happy.

e. Staying grounded, I just love daydreaming too much!

f. Seeing the bigger picture yet feeling powerless to change anything.

g. Finding true love, everything seems so disposable and superficial these days.

It's party time, where can you be found?

a. At home. I don't do parties.

b. Strutting my new outfit and red hot shoes ~ can't dance in them, but I have perfected a mean swagger to the bar.

c. Debating politics with anyone who'll listen!

d. Making sure everyone is included, fed and watered and yes, I know it's not my party but someone's got to do it.

e. Showing off my moves, oh yea, on the dance floor, watch me! Over here!

f. Watching, talking and after a few I'll probably dance ~ badly.

g. On the periphery looking for a conversation to join, before boredom sees me home for an early night.

What's your favourite way of getting about?

a. Electric car. It is a perfect piece of engineering

b. Quite like the bus, I can sketch unsuspecting passengers.

c. Motorbike ~ I need to get places fast.

d. A people carrier, so no one feels left out.

e. I like to ride my bicycle, I like to ride my bike.

f. Train, if I can. There's something special about a train that connects me to the past while I move into the future ... oh my god, where's my notebook I need to write that down!

g. My own car, sitting next to strangers makes me uncomfortable.

If you were to open a shop what would you sell?

a. Gadgets and helpful inventions for the home.

b. Art work, my own, maybe street art, in fact anything colourful and cool, umm maybe shoes.

c. Coffee, people need energy to deal with the day.

d. Crystals ~ our little healing helper friends need homes.

e. Music ~ then I could blast out my favourite tracks all day long.

f. Books ~ old and new, all styles and genres.

g. DVDs of all the latest movies, apart from the latest Johnny Depp ones, they stink. Old Depp is best.

You are preparing your favourite meal, what is it?

a. Pot noodle, I'm too busy with important things to cook.

b. Oooh something Mediterranean, reds and greens and tastes galore!

c. Something light I can eat while on the move, sushi, sandwich, salad, food generally beginning with S.

d. A good old honest roast like my mum used to make.

e. Hummus with ... well anything really.

f. Good comfort food, pasta's good.

g. People still cook? I'll order in if that's okay thanks.

What's your most positive trait?

a. I understand energy, matter and find physics strangely fascinating ~ are these positive traits?

b. I always see the good in situations and people.

c. I'm loyal; sometimes it has been taken advantage of though.

d. I'm very caring and always want the best for people.

e. I'm the life and soul of the party, I make people smile.

f. I'm a good listener, can solve a problem and offer sound advice.

g. I'm self-aware and take ownership of my own emotions and behaviour.

What's your most prized possession?

a. My mind, now pass me the Ginko and crossword I've got to keep the grey matter limber!

b. All my trinkets are beautiful and prized, oh I can't choose, don't make me please.

c. I prize my ethics and ideals above all else.

d. My family and friends are the best thing I own.

e. My iPod. Fact.

f. My notebooks, they have all my creations inside.

g. My lover, he is my world.

If you had the power to bestow any gift on yourself what would it be?

a. Ability to freeze time, that way I wouldn't always be up against the clock all the time.

b. Beauty, nothing is grander nor more powerful.

c. Invincibility, failing that mediumship so I could amass an army of ghosts to kick butt.

d. Healing powers, then I'd heal the world one person at a time.

e. Precognitive ability, so I could see next week's lotto numbers.

f. Time travel, I could go back in time and discover how things really were before the winners wrote the history books.

Excerpted from Awaken your Inner Faerie in 30 Days by Alex Clarke. Copyright © 2012 Alex Clarke. Excerpted by permission of John Hunt Publishing Ltd..
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Meet the Author

Alex Clarke is a playwright, street artist and activist based in Manchester UK. She is winner of Prediction Magazine's publishing competition. Her street art is biodegradable and interactive. Her guerrilla gardening is done beneath tall buildings under a full moon.

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