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Awakening Consciousness

Awakening Consciousness

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by Robin Marvel

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Are You Ready to Awaken the Power Within?

Be a woman of strength. Know you are an amazing, all creating individual. This guide will strengthen and encourage you to discover your inner core and create an empowered zest for life.

The exercises and crafts in this hands-on guide have been designed to Awaken your Consciousness on your path of


Are You Ready to Awaken the Power Within?

Be a woman of strength. Know you are an amazing, all creating individual. This guide will strengthen and encourage you to discover your inner core and create an empowered zest for life.

The exercises and crafts in this hands-on guide have been designed to Awaken your Consciousness on your path of selfawareness.
You are on your way to ultimate love, tranquility and strength for your mind, body and soul.

Grab your power, expand your awareness and never look back. Honor yourself by being true to who you are and sharing all that you are with the world.
Readers of this book will learn how to...

  • ChakraCize Your Spirit
  • Build Your Self Confidence
  • Raise Your Vibrational Frequency with Ease
  • Do Meditations to Create Your Life
  • Discover Your Wisdom Within
  • Care for Your Aura
  • Unlock Your Dreams

    "Awakening Consciousness encourages and guides the reader through fun exercises designed to get at the heart of spirituality and the practical application of that knowledge in their lives. Change does indeed begin from the bottom up!"

    --Daniel Noyes, author The Seven Doors

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    From the Modern Spirituality Series at Marvelous Spirit Press

    Body, Mind & Spirit: Metaphysical Phenomena

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    8 - 12 Years

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    Awakening Consciousness 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
    beckvalleybooks More than 1 year ago
    'Never judge a book by its cover' the old saying goes and this is so true with this book, although I knew it sounded really interesting I did not realise how rich it would be in information. I had only started to read the book and I just knew I was going to love it. Here's a snippet- "Reacquaint you with you, resulting in strengthening yourself from inside out. Allowing self-doubt to have a presence in your life based on the perspective others have of your worth has left you questioning yourself. How silly is that to let others determine that you are enough? Who are they to decide for you that you are enough? That is your decision and your power." The book is full of positive thinking, basically waking up the true you that is already there just hidden away, you cannot fail to be moved by it. Full to the brim of wisdom, positive quotes, affirmations, many different techniques, easy and quick exercises, rituals along with plenty of room to journal your way through to the new you. I always love reading about how we can help ourselves spiritually, especially through chakra's, aura's, crystals and the like. Not only does this book give you an overview of each chakra and its characteristics when each one becomes blocked or is too open, this is the first book I have actually come across that shows you how you can exercise your way through to balancing them. Another find I enjoyed was how to clean and boost our energies. Easy to understand, not condescending in any way, just vital easy tools to help boost that happier and freer inner self we all have. Although I've read this once to review I am going to read it again to really work on the areas that are crying out for help and I think I will be referring to this book time and time again. Every once in a while I have been lucky to find a book that I really connect with and I am so glad I had the opportunity to read this one x Next on the list for the author must be an audio book!!
    code7r More than 1 year ago
    “Awakening Consciousness: A Boy’s Guide!” by Robin Marvel is a fun workbook for boys to help them get in touch with their spiritual awareness. By doing the exercises within, boys will learn how to read auras and how to have a healthy aura, chakras, meditation, meeting his spirit guide and more. Each section ends with either an area for the child to draw (e.g.: “Now that you have felt your energy field, use the space below to draw a picture or write down how you feel about it.”) and or write about (e.g.: “Use the space below to write all the things you love about you.”). The author has interspersed Native American stories throughout to help illustrate what that chapter. I think that the great thing about this book is that if a child draws and writes in all the sections, it will become a precious keepsake for him and something that he can return to when he is going through a troubling time. It will help remind him that he is so unique and special and that he should always remember that he is valuable and loveable and worthy.
    scarletRP More than 1 year ago
    Robin Marvel is the famous author of this wonderful book for women. I got this for free direct from her publisher located in Michigan. She emailed me how this book helped women fight the never ending stress, depression, boredom and trials in life. I strongly recommend this book to women in all ages because this will help boost your confidence, strength and goals. Through this book you will learn how to relax your mind, body and gain peace of mind.
    Reader_Views More than 1 year ago
    Reviewed by Irene Watson for Reader Views (12/10) If you are a woman and know a little about energy, chakras, vibrations, auras, meditations, and spirituality, then "Awakening Consciousness: A Woman's Guide!" is for you. I feel it's a book that would work well for any woman contemplating on expanding her wisdom and power through sources within herself. Thre workbook is simple, concise, and certainly not overwhelming for a beginner. Robin Marvel presents to her reader ways to get in touch with the vibrational energy within, discover the aura, understand chakras, give self empowerment, recognize the messages in dreams, and much more. In her short and summarizing explanations, Marvel encourages the reader to expand her horizons and experiment with new concepts. As well, she gives the reader the opportunity to write notes, messages, affirmations, or whatever needs to be written in the book itself. In the end this book becomes a personal journal as well as an exercise venue. All along during my reading and exercise journey I kept thinking that this book would work great in a group setting and sure enough, in Chapter 16, Marvel suggests just that. She also encourages using a talking stick in the group as well as how to make one. I do believe that awakening consciousness is a very personal endeavor; however, I also believe that we need support from other women that have the same goals and aspirations to even take ourselves to a higher state of consciousness. "Awakening Consciousness: A Woman's Guide!," by Robin Marvel, is one of those little books that you will always remember and keep in the back of your mind when you hear of someone wanting to delve into their consciousness, awaken it and take it to higher levels. This will be the book you will recommend because I certainly do.
    LilMa More than 1 year ago
    Awakening Consciousness was written for young girls. However, it would be very useful to all women. The workbook gives you simple meditation techniques to help you focus. I personally believe that meditation can be very effective. Through this workbook I have discovered that in stressful situations, meditation helps me to relax and focus on the problems at hand. I find that if I am in a quiet place it is easier to clear my mind and focus on specific details. This workbook is a great way to help young girls discover who they are and who they want to be. It helps girls to know how to be the best that they can be. Awakening Consciousness is a very helpful resource when you are trying to learn how to improve your life or help to improve someone else's life. This workbook teaches young girls how to be aware of one self. One could learn how to create one's own future. In my opinion, this workbook would be very helpful to all young girls who want to make their lives great. I would definitely have my own daughter give this workbook a try so that she can discover her true self. I believe that she would have a blast doing the activities provided in this workbook. I would recommend adding more meditation techniques to give readers a variety of choices. Having more than one technique will help young girls to find which technique works best for them. I think that this is a great start for a workbook for young girls to discover themselves. However, I do believe that a more variety of activities would help a lot more. The workbook was well written and very clear. There were no misunderstandings while reading the different activity directions. It is easy to follow and would be a lot of fun for young readers.
    Anonymous More than 1 year ago
    AnnHauer More than 1 year ago
    Robin Marvel has issued the world with what I feel is a very powerful and positive idea. For myself, I was this type of girl and it would have been wonderful to have this resource at my fingertips. Currently, I am a Certified Massage Therapist, Reflexologist and I work often with what is explained in this book. I utilize essential oils in my daily life for myself and my family. I also try hard to lead a non-judgmental life and teach these values to my young son. I highly feel this should become a required book for school although I cannot properly assign an age to this as it would be up how much the child understands. However, the information is easily presented so all ages can begin an alternative lifestyle and embrace their true potential and leave behind the pettiness that comes with peer groups. My only major concern in this work, especially as this is clearly meant for the younger crowd, is that the oils are mentioned, but there is nothing issued in a form of warning on what oils to purchase. Many 'health food store and massage warehouse' oils are tainted with toxic fillers that can become harmful - used straight (neat) or in a blend as anything placed on the skin is absorbed in roughly twenty minutes. Effects of these oils can be felt via the skin or aroma, so buyers beware. Otherwise, I recommend fully as there are many wonderful ideas presented.
    onyx9 More than 1 year ago
    This is an interactive introduction into metaphysical phenomena (study of the nature of being) . This workbook is geared for young girls. While the workbook gives only a preliminary look at spiritual and universal awareness, it does open doors to thoughts and experiences that some kids may not be exposed to any other way. This kind of awareness can help in self confidences, self appreciations, self awareness and even gives young girls the chance to be happy and peaceful with themselves. The workbook includes fun physical and artistic exercises, some are set up to be done by themselves while others should be done with other girls whether they are friends or family. These exercises will help the girls understand new concepts and gives them different ways of looking at themselves and the world around them. This book may have talk of chakras, auras, crystals, herbals, and even guardian angels, but really no matter what you believe in, this book is about giving young girls the power and the ability to really believe in themselves. Some of the exercises in this workbook is vague, the description of each activity sometimes lacks direction or doesn't give a full definition of the concept, but considering the age group that this is geared to, (8 to 10 year olds) the activities are fun enough without perfect knowledge or understanding of the 'whys' and the 'how-comes'. Of all things this book teaches and brings to the attention of girls, the epilogue sums it up the best with a note from the author (Robin Marvel) telling every girl that reads through this book that she is "Amazing". Every girl needs to know that they have the power to make themselves happy, healthy and that they also have the abilities to help others with their peaceful way of life.
    storiesforchildren More than 1 year ago
    Both of our children are boys, so I may not be the best qualified to review this book, but I know many parents of daughters who are looking for books to help them in guiding their girls to see the big picture. Awakening Consciousness, which is book #4 in Loving Healing Press's "Growing With Love" series, is intended as a workbook for girls and young women to learn about their own spiritual self-awareness. The Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data lists it under the categories, "Children--Psychic ability" and "Parapsychology--Juvenile literature." Author Robin Marvel begins her note to parents by saying, "There is a shift taking place in our world and Universal Awareness will prevail." This book does contain some generally good advice. "Always be true to who you are even if it isn't what everyone else is doing. You get to make the choices that affect you. So what if you aren't the most popular in school? You are your own person" (p. 9). All children need to know that. There is also practical information about hygiene, being thankful, apologizing to others, and similar things. The book is divided into twelve chapters, and each one has exercises or activities to reinforce the material in it. Families from traditional Christian, Jewish, and Muslim backgrounds may not find reading about energy fields, auras, chakras, karma, yoga, mindful meditation, aromatherapy, grounding, reiki, pendulums, mind reading, tarot cards, crystals, and past lives particularly beneficial, but those who are interested in such subjects might come across something that they can use.
    Anonymous More than 1 year ago
    mochalove More than 1 year ago
    Daily life for women in particular, can be extremely challenging. Sometimes life will erupt into a stress filled and hectic melee giving a woman little time for self- let alone dealing with her spirituality. Between family, work, managing a home and just being herself a woman certainly needs to be able to stay spiritually balanced, spiritually aware, focused and confident. When seeking guidance in spiritual matters there are some great written resources that can help and some that will confuse. One of the better self help guides to becoming spiritually balanced and aware is Awakening Consciousness ¿A Women¿s Guide by author Robin Marvel. Robin Marvel has also written other books as a part of this series, Awakening Consciousness Guide for Girls and Awakening Consciousness Guide for Boys. Awakening Consciousness is a well put together book; it is a pleasure to read and captures the reader¿s interest immediately. The reader is not overwhelmed with lots of spiritual buzz words and vague theories. Also, this book is written with learning in mind as it contains exercises that are also simple to do and with a few tries will obtain results. Awakening Consciousness is not only intensely informative giving detailed information on the various tenets of spirituality but it is also a workbook fraught with spirituality exercises with memo areas for the reader to take personal notes to keep track of daily results. Women of all spiritual levels can use this book as a guide to opening her spiritual side or for enhancing and or reinforcing spiritual awareness techniques. Also included with the material in the book is a series of relevant positive reinforcement statements which really do help to bolster the building self esteem process. Reading this book will change the way you approach life and the obstacles it can throw at you. Awakening Consciousness is an insightful and helpful guide for helping any woman find her way back to her calm, peaceful and balanced spiritual state. I enthusiastically recommend this book to the curious, the novice or the highly advanced spiritual woman seeking to travel the road to her spiritual freedom or improve her spiritual journey in life.