Awakening Kundalini: The Path to Radical Freedom

Awakening Kundalini: The Path to Radical Freedom

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by Lawrence Edwards

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The universal force known as Kundalini has been shrouded in mystery for centuries, yet it influences our every breath, thought, and emotion. With Awakening Kundalini, one of the West's most respected teachers and researchers in the field explores this spiritual principle in unprecedented depth, with detailed guidance for discovering and working with it

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The universal force known as Kundalini has been shrouded in mystery for centuries, yet it influences our every breath, thought, and emotion. With Awakening Kundalini, one of the West's most respected teachers and researchers in the field explores this spiritual principle in unprecedented depth, with detailed guidance for discovering and working with it directly.

In India's spiritual teachings, Kundalini is known as the principle within that compels us to evolve and grow. Traditions across the globe have described it as a force that lies dormant within us and, when awakened, connects us to the energy of creation and profoundly elevates consciousness.

With his unique expertise in modern psychology, neuroscience, meditation training, and spiritual traditions, Lawrence Edwards clarifies for readers the many dimensions of Kundalini awakening, including practices and meditations for recognizing its manifestations and preparing the body and mind to enter its expansive, empowering flow.

When experienced skillfully, Kundalini can be the most profoundly transformative experience of our lives. Awakening Kundalini makes available a complete and practical resource for tapping into this transformative force, and realizing our ability to live "radically free."

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"This book is a revelation that is a service to all of us-beginner, initiate, sage. It is a book about awakening that inspires awakening. It is a book about honoring the feminine that is a true sacred marriage of the masculine and feminine-remarkably clear and beautifully poetic. The book is elegant in the truest scientific and consciousness-based ways-simple and so powerful. Lawrence Edwards supportively guides us on our own heroic journey in a way that demonstrates he is what he writes about-so humble and so wise. A real teacher."
-Andrew Hahn, PsyD
Founder and director of the Guided Self Healing Training Institute

"A rare combination of a highly trained, articulate Western mind and a deeply personal experience of this extraordinary subject. Wise, elegant, and inspiring. Highly recommended."
-Lee Lyon
Founder and director of the Foundation for Integrative Meditation

"This book is an indispensable guide for anyone on the path of spiritual awakening. Dr. Edwards has devoted his life to studying and practicing the unfolding process of Kundalini, the subtle spiritual energy within everyone that leads to the highest states of consciousness. His depth of knowledge, personal experiences, and devotional poems illuminate the pages of this extraordinary book. Acknowledged worldwide for his professional experience in guiding people along the spiritual path-particularly through the mysteries of advanced yogic practice-Dr. Edwards is a gifted and compassionate guide. His devotional journey will inspire all who read his book. It is destined to become a classic in the field."
-Olivia Ames Hoblitzelle
Author of Ten Thousand Joys & Ten Thousand Sorrows: A Couple's Journey through Alzheimer's

"Lawrence Edwards has given us an incomparable gift: a detailed, compassionate, and brilliantly clear guide to the greatest mystery and greatest revelation of our existence. It tells the story of his call to the profound process of awakening known in the yogic tradition as Kundalini, through his early visionary experiences, his meeting with his Indian teacher, Swami Muktananda, and how his life unfolded from that fortuitous meeting. Drawing on the rich legacy of numerous traditions-Jungian, Western psychology, scientific research, traditional yogic and mystical ones-this book is an incomparable aid in taking us beyond the confines of the delusionary certainties of our ego mind toward the experience of the deepest ground of our own being. Kundalini-known by other names in other spiritual traditions-is the path of reunion with the Divine Consciousness that lives and breathes in all of us-capable, as he says, of transforming our mind, our body, and every aspect of our lives. There is no one better qualified to explain and teach it, or to accompany us on our own mythic journey of discovery."
-Anne Baring
Author of The Dream of the Cosmos: A Quest for the Soul

"This book is 'state of the art'-the most comprehensive discussion of the Universal Life Force known as Kundalini. Edwards explores spiritual principles with his unique expertise in psychology, neuroscience, meditation training, and spiritual traditions. Western psychology has mapped our psychological and emotional development. Western medicine has mapped our physical development. Now Edwards shows us, in unprecedented depth, each step of our spiritual development. Toward the end of this excellent read, Edwards helps us to experience the realization that we humans are capable of and entitled to the wonder and splendor of each moment."
-Charles L. Whitfield, MD
Author of Choosing God: A Bird's Eye View of a Course in Miracles

"This book makes me very happy. First, as a woman, it is fundamentally reorienting to read the work of a man who is devoted to the wisdom and transformative power of the divine feminine. As a psychiatrist, it is immeasurably helpful to have a clear framework to understand the gift of the extraordinary consciousness beyond our usual body-mind perspective. Understanding the creative process of Shakti's unfolding in the evolution of our Self is a much-needed perspective in interpreting the physical, mental, and emotional challenges that can arise in us-whether or not we are actively seeking to cultivate the vital flow of Kundalini. Dr. Edwards provides detailed guidance for exploring meditative techniques and other tools to work with this ancient tradition in our everyday lives. Further, he provides a balanced treatment of the psychological process encountered in inner work, including the healthful role of the ego mind and working with our shadow in the process of Kundalini awakening-essential but often neglected topics in spiritual guidance. This is an inspiring reference manual for my work with others."
-Mary B. O'Malley, MD, PhD

"Your descriptions, explanations, and in-depth experiences of the chakras are excellent."
-Marion Woodman
Author of Dancing in the Flames

"You have a magnificent, great story to tell."
-Joseph Chilton Pearce
Author of The Biology of Transcendence

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Awakening Kundalini: The Path to Radical Freedom 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I just wanted to thank you for the book "Awakening Kundalini".   Every time I pick it up to read it is as though a light has been turned on.! I always feel as if "I" am being lovingly, gently guided out of the densities and illusions of this world into a clear and indescribable "place".  Like being led out of a thick forest onto a clearing where the sun is shining brightly! But really it is more like the peeling away of layers to be fully me, the real and eternal me.   I have spent so many years trying to become something, nothing wrong with aspiring to a goal.   But no effort is really required to BE what one already IS.  No journey to go on, no mountains to climb, no quest to endure to arrive.... to arrive where one already and has always BEEN. There are no words to describe my gratitude.  
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Raised in an Evangelical Christian home and conforming at a very young age I felt out of place and disillusioned by the restraints and confinement of the Church I experienced. Although unconditionally loved by my family a deep sense of loss and disconnection from myself began a life of self destruction in pursuit of something that called me to a greater understanding and connection with myself and the universe. I began to identify with other Mystic paths outside of my family of origin and an intense stirring within the deepest part of my soul began to see the connection of all human beings and life itself. When I read Dr. Edwards book I experienced the unexplainable. Everything that I intuitively knew as a young child and into adulthood was validated. Call it what you will, but I call it the Absolute. I was able to return to my parents belief system without prejudice and the beliefs systems of the world and find the Wisdom each one holds. "Awakening Kundalini" was a life changer for me. It's a guidebook for life and has the power to "radically transform."