Aztec Gold: A collection of five erotic stories

Aztec Gold: A collection of five erotic stories

by Charybdis Childe, Elizabeth Cage, Landon Dixon, Jim Baker

A collection of five erotic stories with mixed fantasy themes.

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A collection of five erotic stories with mixed fantasy themes.

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It was a quiet rustle that brought her back to her senses. She turned in the water to see a figure step through the leaves and up to the water’s edge. He stood, his ripples spreading from his ten toes into the centre of the pool. His almond-shaped eyes were the colour of warm treacle and his black hair hung in a loose plait almost to his waist. His slender limbs seemed full of an energy, as though he might spring like a gazelle away into the trees at any moment. He planted his tall spear firmly in the ground and his plump lips pressed together and then relaxed when their eyes met. He was naked apart from a bundle of cloth below his flat, brown stomach, but that did little to disguise his erection. After a moment, he laid his spear on the ground and shamelessly abandoned his cloth. Placing his hands on the ground, he slid feet first into the pool. Modestly, he swam towards her and stopped close to her side, effortlessly treading water. The movements keeping him above water were so slight that the ripples cleared and she could see all of him, the pool bottom far below his undulating feet. His slender mahogany limbs threw her pale curves into womanly contrast. He began to thrust slowly back and forth into the water by her side. Slowly she turned her head to see, anxious that a quick movement could frighten him away. She watched his long erection brazenly rutted in the open space beside her. He was so close she could feel the barely perceptible rise in temperature of the water he stirred with his hot penis. She felt her slit tense in anticipation as he poked and poked his rod towards her, but each time he stopped just before making contact. She found herself gently thrusting the water as well, grateful for the current tickling her eager lips, but yearning for the touch of something more tangible.

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