Baby Animals

Baby Animals

by Jim Pipe

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Children's Literature - Kristin Harris
The "Read and Play" series of eight books focuses on subject matter most young readers will find of interest. Photographs of baby animals with their parents get the readers attention immediately. Each spread highlights one word in the upper left corner. That word is included in at least one of the sentences below. Each sentence is very simple with the key words bolded. A puppy is a baby dog and gets milk from its mother. A kitten is a baby cat and its fir is very soft. A baby pig is a piglet. Piglets like to sleep a lot. A lamb is a baby sheep and it has very soft wool. A calf is a baby cow and it is a very big baby. Chicks are baby birds and they live in nests. Two picture puzzles at the end of the book create an interactive experience. A teachers/parents guide provides numerous suggestions of related activities to engage the reader; such as comparing how babies are different from their parents, names of animals homes and how do baby animals move about. Additional recommended activities are building homes for baby animals, making a collage that looks like animal skin and planning a day to bring stuffed animals to school. Part of the "Design and Make" series.

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Stargazer Books
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Read and Play Series
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7.70(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.30(d)
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3 - 6 Years

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