Baby Birds

Baby Birds

by Bobbie Kalman

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Children's Literature - Marilyn Courtot
Birds are animals, and they are the only animal that has feathers. Most birds fly, but not all are capable of flying. For example, chickens have wings and are birds, but they do not fly. Birds do vary greatly. Some are tiny, like the hummingbirds, while others are very large, like emus. Bird bodies are very interesting, and a two-page illustration shows the major body parts while noting that birds are vertebrates. Just as there are many varieties of birds, there are an equal number of beaks. Hummingbirds, for example, have long thin ones, while pelicans have huge pouches and parrots have curved beaks that they can use to crack seeds and fruits. Birds have different kinds of feet. Some are webbed, others are claws, and some are just long talons[H1]. Feathers are also fascinating, and some—like those of the peacock—are spectacular. Birds are not born live, but hatch from eggs. The eggs come in a variety of sizes, as shown with an identification guide in this book. The process of baby birds growing within the egg is described and depicted on a two-page spread. In some species, both parents care for the babies and bring them food; in other cases, the mother birds take care of their babies. All of this information about birds is accompanied by excellent photographs and a few drawings. The final page includes a "Words to Know" section an index. The index also contains pictures, which helps to make this book and others in the "Baby Animals" series attractive, enticing and just right for young kids reading on their own. Reviewer: Marilyn Courtot

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It's Fun to Learn about Baby Animals Series
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5 - 8 Years

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