Baby Einstein: Baby Noah

Baby Einstein: Baby Noah

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by Baby Einstein

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Release Date:
Buena Vista


  1. Orchestra Warm-Up  -  Baby Einstein
  2. Animal's Processional, Part 1 (Tsar Saltan, Tsar's Farewell)  -  Baby Einstein
  3. Animal's Processional, Part 2 (Tsar Saltan, Tsar's Farewell Variation)  -  Baby Einstein
  4. The Elephant, the Giraffe and the Butterfly (Piano Sonata 15, Op. 28, 4  -  Baby Einstein
  5. Koala's Hide and Seek (Contradance No. 6)  -  Baby Einstein
  6. The Lizard Chase (Contradance No. 3)  -  Baby Einstein
  7. From the Savannah (Moldau)  -  Baby Einstein
  8. The Seahorse Water Ballet (Sonata E Major)  -  Baby Einstein
  9. Gorilla Talk (Contradance No. 5)  -  Baby Einstein
  10. Wombat Dance (Contradance No. 1)  -  Baby Einstein
  11. Puppy Play (Contradance No. 10)  -  Baby Einstein
  12. The Ice Race (Journey Train Polka, Op. 281)  -  Baby Einstein
  13. Feathered Friends (Peer Gynt, Arabian Dance)  -  Baby Einstein
  14. The Flamingo Family Ballet (Peer Gynt, Anitra's Dance)  -  Baby Einstein
  15. Dolphin Party, Part 1 (Medley: The Moldau, Hunt & Nymph)  -  Baby Einstein
  16. Dolphin Party, Part 2 (Carmen Suite 2, Habanera)  -  Baby Einstein
  17. Kangaroo Dance (Contradance No. 12)  -  Baby Einstein
  18. Penguin Friends Folly (Grand Valse)  -  Baby Einstein
  19. Morning; A Bright New Day (Peer Gynt Suite, Morning)  -  Baby Einstein
  20. Lion's Pride (Peer Gynt Suite, Hall of the Mountain King)  -  Baby Einstein
  21. The Polar Bear Waltz (Die Fleidermaus Waltz)  -  Baby Einstein
  22. Building a Home, Building a Nest (Contradance No. 7)  -  Baby Einstein
  23. Day's End; A Time for Rest (Six Children's Pieces, Op. 72, 2nd Movement  -  Baby Einstein
  24. Finale; Animal Friends, Big and Small (The Marriage of Figaro)  -  Baby Einstein

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Baby Einstein   Primary Artist,Performing Ensemble
Clive Smith   Keyboards
Bill Weisbach   Percussion,Keyboards,Melodica
Anik Oulianine   Cello
Tom Nazziola   Piano,Keyboards

Technical Credits

Ludwig van Beethoven   Composer
Georges Bizet   Composer
Edvard Grieg   Composer
Felix Mendelssohn   Composer
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart   Composer
Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov   Composer
Alessandro Scarlatti   Composer
Bedrich Smetana   Composer
Johann Strauss   Composer
Frédéric Chopin   Composer
Ted Kryczko   Executive Producer
Clive Smith   Engineer
Bill Weisbach   Composer,Producer,Engineer,Engineering
Jeff Sheridan   Mastering
Nadeem Zaidi   Illustrations

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