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Baby Games


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  1. Bonding Games: Snuggles
  2. Bonding Games: Feather Play
  3. Exercise Games: Arms High, Arms Low (Yankeedoodle)/Hand to Knee Stretch
  4. Exercise Games: Legs Up, Boo! (One Potato, Two Potato)/Sit Up! (Hey Did
  5. Rocking, Turning & Spinning Games: Ball Rocking (Baa Baa Black Sheep)/S
  6. Lap Games: Big A, Little A, Bouncing B/Baby Go 'Round the Moon/Jack Be
  7. Everyday Routine Games: Bathing in the Tub (Singin' in the Rain)
  8. Everyday Routine Games: Fluffy Towel (The Muffin Man)
  9. Bonding Games: Say, Say Oh Baby (Playmate)
  10. Bonding Games: B-A-B-Y Cheer
  11. Bonding Games: Be My Shadow, Be My Echo
  12. Exercise Games: Toe to Ear Stretch/Up, Down, Pull Up! (The Noble Duke o
  13. Exercise Games: I'm Going to Get You
  14. Exercise Games: Pitty-Pat (Walking My Baby Back Home)
  15. Rolling, Spinning & Turning Games: Choo Choo Train Roll (I've Been Work
  16. Lap Games: Jack in the Box/Why, Mr. Chin!/Family Horsey Ride (Oh, Suzan
  17. Everyday Routine Games: Mama, Put My Jammies On (Shortnin' Bread)
  18. Everyday Routine Games: Hush Little Baby

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