Bach: Harpsichord Works

Bach: Harpsichord Works

by Ton Koopman

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  1. Two-Part Inventions (15), for keyboard, BWV 772-786 (BC L42-56)  - Johann Sebastian Bach
  2. Three-Part Inventions (Sinfonias) (15), for keyboard BWV 787-801 (BC L42-56)  - Johann Sebastian Bach
  3. Six Little Preludes, for keyboard, BWV 933-938 (BC L64-69)  - Johann Sebastian Bach
  4. Capriccio sopra la lotananza del suo fratello dilettissimo, for keyboard in B flat major, BWV 992 (BC L181)  - Johann Sebastian Bach
  5. Toccata for keyboard in G minor, BWV 915 (BC L148)  - Johann Sebastian Bach
  6. Toccata for keyboard in G major, BWV 916 (BC L147)  - Johann Sebastian Bach
  7. Aria variata, for keyboard in A minor ("In the Italian Style"), BWV 989 (BC L179)  - Johann Sebastian Bach
  8. Polonaise for keyboard in G minor (AMN II/24, by C.P.E. Bach, not JSB), BWV Anh. 123  - Johann Sebastian Bach
  9. Minuets (2), for keyboard in G major & G minor (AMN II/1-2; by Christian Pezold, not JSB), BWV Anh. 114-115  - Johann Sebastian Bach
  10. March for keyboard in E flat major (Anna Magdalena Clavier-Büchlein No. 2/23; doubtful), BWV Anh. 127  - Johann Sebastian Bach
  11. March for keyboard in D major (by CPE Bach, not JSB; Anna Magdalena Clavier-Büchlein No. 2/16), BWV Anh. 122  - Johann Sebastian Bach
  12. Musette for keyboard in D major (AMN II/22; doubtful), BWV Anh. 126  - Johann Sebastian Bach

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