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The Bachelor (Chandler Brothers Series #1)

The Bachelor (Chandler Brothers Series #1)

4.0 160
by Carly Phillips

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Foreign correspondent Roman Chandler has always prized his freedom above all else. Now losing a coin toss has sealed this youngest brother's fate. Finding someone to escort down the aisle is the easy part-every wannabe bride in sleepy Yorkshire Falls is itching to get hitched to this gorgeous, globe-trotting Chandler man. But Roman still lusts after the woman who


Foreign correspondent Roman Chandler has always prized his freedom above all else. Now losing a coin toss has sealed this youngest brother's fate. Finding someone to escort down the aisle is the easy part-every wannabe bride in sleepy Yorkshire Falls is itching to get hitched to this gorgeous, globe-trotting Chandler man. But Roman still lusts after the woman who got away. Stunning heartbreaker Charlotte Bronson has come home to put down roots and get her erotic lingerie business off the ground. She wants a man that won't go chasing off to the far corners of the earth for a breaking news story. He wants her to say "I do."

Editorial Reviews

Romantic Times
.... the characters are real and worth rooting for .eagerly look forward to reading Roman's brothers' stories.
Romance Reviews
The Bachelor is the first in the trilogy of Chandler brothers and if they are at all like Roman's story they will be flying off the shelves as soon as they hit them.
Suzanne Coleburn
..irresistible book that keeps your interest, keeps you laughing, and most of all loving. I love Ms. Phillips' humor and her sensual stories that are so... today and now.
New and Used Books
Cindy Penn
Phillips' gift for writing brazenly sensual romance founded on strong emotional connections makes THE BACHELOR a keeper...Tender, searing, and amusing, THE BACHELOR earns the WordWeaving Award for Excellence.
Sue Waldeck
I completely enjoyed THE BACHELOR. is a fun and fast-paced with a bit of everything -- intrigue, comedy, relationships and romance.
The Road to Romance
Susan Lantz
Charming from the first page to the last, THE BACHELOR is a delight . Carly Phillips makes an impressive debut into single title contemporary romance with THE BACHELOR.
Romance At Its Best
a red hot plot with a to die for hero and sympathetic heroine. delightful subplots, including a panty thief.Don't miss the sizzling bonus preview of the PLAYBOY at the end.
Julie Shininger
a sexy, sassy, sinfully good novel. It's a long wait for the rest of the Chandler men, but they promise to be worth it!
Escape to Romance
Carla Hosom
...lots of laugh out loud humor, great romantic moments, a complete story with some twists and turns . I'm extremely impressed with her first full-length contemporary.
Romance and Friends
Martina Bexte
Carly Phillips offers a breezy book. engaging characters . good writing and The Bachelor, . makes for a nice summer afternoon's read.
Deb Moores
..a good turn of phrase, with a good sense of humor and an entertaining story! I look forward to hearing all about Chase and Rick's adventures!
Contemporary Romance Riders
Publishers Weekly
The small town of Yorkshire Falls and its colorful inhabitants including a mysterious panty-raider and a fun-loving but devious mother are a sturdy stage for Phillips's (Erotic Invitation) romantic romp. After news of his mother's weak heart summons him home, globetrotting journalist Roman Chandler loses a coin toss with his brothers that determines who will relinquish his bachelor status to give their mother a grandchild. Roman decides to "settle down" without giving up his travel-intensive job, and as one of the most handsome men in town, he can have his pick of the local women except for Charlotte Bronson, his high school crush. Thoughts of her parents' miserable long-distance marriage keep Charlotte from accepting Roman's proposal, despite the sexual sparks that fly at their every encounter. Mutual attraction eventually proves too powerful to resist, however, but first Roman must win her trust. Though Phillips gives sensual friction and emotional introspection equal attention, the emotional chemistry between Roman and Charlotte merely simmers while the sexual chemistry explodes. The first in a Chandler brothers trilogy, this entry will encourage readers who enjoy dining on passion to pick up the next book, but those who prefer more emotionally bonded characters may chose a different course. (July) Copyright 2002 Cahners Business Information.

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Grand Central Publishing
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Chandler Brothers Series , #1
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4.25(w) x 6.75(h) x 1.25(d)

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Charlotte hadn't ever told her best friend the truth about why she'd rejected Roman. In highschool, she'd had her defenses a mile high and next thing she knew, Roman had turned from Charlotte's rejection to Beth's willing arms. Despite the pain and the jealousy, Charlotte had encouraged her friend's interest, pretending to be immune, as Beth just said. Then they'd graduated and Roman had taken off for parts unknown.

Charlotte hadn't asked how serious their relationship had been. She often told herself it was out of respect for Beth's privacy, but the truth was more selfish than that. Charlotte hadn't wanted to know. And unlike the news of her plastic surgery, on the topic of Roman, Beth had been discreet. But times had changed and Beth was engaged to another man now. Roman was so far in her past, Charlotte contemplated tackling the topic tonight.

"He's still really good looking," Beth said.

Charlotte changed her mind about a heart to heart talk. "Hey. If you're still interested in Roman, have at him. If Dr. Implant doesn't mind, then I don't."

"Liar." Beth tossed her napkin on the table and folded her arms across her chest, a smile pulling at her lips. "I saw the way you looked him over before he turned and noticed you. And I saw how you shifted your gaze and walked right by, like you didn't even see him there."

Charlotte twisted uncomfortably in her seat. "Is it too late to ask, see who where?"


"We all have our weakness so quit ruffling my feathers. Now if you'll excuse me I have to go to the Ladies Room." Charlotte slid back in her chair and made a quick escape without a glance in Roman Chandler's direction. But as soon as she hit the narrow hallway which led to the restrooms, she wiped her damp palms against her gauzy skirt.

Five minutes later she'd touched up her lipstick and reminded herself of all her achievements, so if she absolutely had to make polite conversation with Roman, she'd be able to do so with poise and ease.

With a refreshed, new attitude, she pushed open the door and walked smack into Roman's broad chest. The incredible scent of musky aftershave and potent male surrounded her. Aroused her. She sucked in a surprised breath. As she stepped back on unsteady feet, he grabbed onto her forearms with both hands. "Easy."

Easy? Was he kidding? His palms felt warm, solid and too good on her bare skin. She looked up into his blue eyes and she was rattled already. "This is the Ladies Room," she said inanely. She sighed. So much for poise, sparkling conversation and wit.

"No, this is the hallway. The Ladies Room is behind you and the Men's Room is down the hall." He grinned. "I should know. I practically grew up here."

"I need to get back to my table. Beth's waiting. Beth Hansen, you remember her, right?" Charlotte rolled her eyes. This was getting worse and worse.

To her chagrin, he laughed. "Well at least now I know you remember me."

She didn't pretend to misunderstand him and couldn't bring herself to lie. "I was late, in a rush, Beth was waiting." She lifted her hands, then let them fall to her sides.

"So you didn't mean to ignore me."

A burning flush rose to her face. "No. I ... I have to go. Beth's waiting for me. Again."

His rough hand brushed her cheek and a tremor of awareness shot through her body, a quiver he couldn't possibly miss. "I'll let you get back to your table as soon as I ask you a question. It's been ten years and the attraction between us is still going strong. When are you going to give in and admit it exists? That it always existed."

When Hell freezes over came to mind but she clamped her mouth shut to prevent the rude, cliche from escaping. Because she didn't really mean it for one thing and because he didn't deserve such a crushing rejection for another.

She licked her dry lips. "When are you going to give up trying?"

He grinned. "When Hell freezes over."

He would have to mimic her thoughts. She leaned back against the wall, using the cool sheet rock as support and protection that meant little when Roman took another step forward, locking her body between the wall and his lean, hard, masculine frame.

Years melted away as his hands bracketed either side of her head and his lips hovered near her jaw. The warmth of his breath against her cheek and the pressure of his body against hers felt tantalizingly good, making her wonder why she'd resisted him for so long. Her eyelashes fluttered closed and she allowed herself to enjoy the erotic sensations pulsing through her veins. For the moment, she reminded herself. No longer.

He was attractive and out of reach, like the exotic destinations she researched and dreamed about but would never visit. Because she wasn't her father and her life was here. Stability and a solid future were tied to this town, to having roots. But Roman's lips nuzzling at the soft spot between her jaw and her ear made her want to forget safety and routine in favor of the more carnal sensations he aroused. Warmth trickled through her veins, moisture dampened her panties and she wanted so much more than she'd let herself admit before.

"Have dinner with me on Friday." His throaty voice reverberated in her ear.

"I can ..." His lips whispered upward and settled on her earlobe, his teeth nuzzling exactly the right spot. White hot arrows of desire shot to other, more private, sensitive areas and the wash of sensation made her body come alive. She moaned aloud, ending her sentence and cutting off any negative contraction she'd intended.

His teeth nipped then alternated with delicious laps of his tongue, at once fierce yet feather-soft and light, and more seductive than the deepest desire she'd ever harbored inside her. If his intent was to sway her, he was doing an amazing job. His lips lingered, damp and warm, undemanding yet so very seductive at the same time. A small voice in her head tried to rebel, reminding her this was Roman and he'd leave as soon as his mother was well, or as soon as he grew bored with this town. With her.

She ought to walk away. Then he caressed the shell of her ear with his tongue and blew lightly on her damp skin. Oh, but he tempted her and another moan escaped her barely parted lips.

"I'll take that one as a yes," he whispered.

The sound of his voice caused reality to come crashing back and she forced her eyelids open. Yes to a date with him? "No."

"That's not what your body was telling me."

He didn't step back, which made this rejection harder than any she'd delivered in the past - because he was right. "My body needs a keeper."

A charming grin touched his lips. "Now that's a job I wouldn't mind taking."

"While you're in town, of course." She forced an easy smile.

"Of course." He finally stepped back, giving her much needed breathing room. "You should know, I'm a man who appreciates a challenge, Charlie."

She stiffened at the use of the nickname only her father had used. He'd chosen her name, Charlotte Bronson, in honor of his favorite actor, Charles Bronson. And he'd called her Charlie. "Charlotte," she corrected Roman, not wanting the nickname to stick.

"Okay, Charlotte, you pique my interest. You always have. And if I can admit it, so can you."

She sighed, unwilling to issue a verbal slap he didn't deserve. "What's the difference what I'm willing to admit? You don't always get what you want in life." Lord knew she rarely had.

"But if you try sometime, you just might get what you need." He propped one shoulder against the wall and grinned.

"I'm impressed. You know the Rolling Stones." She clapped her hands, applauding for effect.

"Better. I know how to apply their words to life." He pushed himself off the wall and rose to his full height. "Mark my words, Charlotte. We will have another date." He started back down the long hall, then turned back. "And based on your reaction and mine, we'll probably share a whole lot more." His voice rung with certainty and promise.

"Okay, sure, Roman. We'll have that date, all right."

At her words, his eyes opened wide.

"The day you decide to stay in town." And since that would never happen, Charlotte thought, neither would his proposed date. He posed no threat to her at all. Yeah right.

"The more you challenge me, the more determined I get." He laughed, obviously not believing she meant what she said.

Little did he realize she was deadly serious. Nothing more could happen between Charlotte and the carefree, world traveler, unless, of course she wanted to end up alone and abandoned, as her mother had been. Charlotte pressed her damp palms back against the wall and attempted to let her body slacken and relax. Unfortunately, it didn't work. She was wound tight, tense and still aroused. The man was a damn good tease.

But she couldn't let him get to her. Roman had thrown down the verbal gauntlet. Now all she had to do was remain strong enough to resist.

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Bachelor 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 160 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This was a fun read. The main characters are great and I really enjoyed the relationship between the Chandler men and their mom - she is a trip! I can't wait to see what she gets into in the other books in this series.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The book wasn't too bad. She has good descriptions and you can picture the characters and I liked the plot of everything. I predicated several things; it was no big surprise on some of the things that happened. I like the second book of this trilogy better because some of the plotting in the bachelor is a little on the juvenile and not very believable. (i.e. Panty Thief) I like the two main characters and If you like romance books I bet you will enjoy the trilogy, though not the best book I ever read, it certainly isn't the worst and may be worth your time.
Guest More than 1 year ago
a well-written story that fills out all the categories of a good romance novel. this book was difficult for me to put down. i loved every chapter.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I couldn't put it down. Good looking men with brains and morals. I can' t wait to read about the other brothers. Great summer read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
If I start a book and I don't get into the Characters then it can take quite a while to finish it (if I do finish it). Then again if I do get into the characters I have to force myself to put the book down. This book is definitely the second type of book. I had to keep reading to find out how things panned out between everyone and don't wait to read the next book in the rilogy.
Island_Reader_Tina More than 1 year ago
Rating: 3/5 Characters: Average. Disliked the heroine. Romantic: Not overly so. Steamy: Absolutely Funny: Nope Pacing: Low end of average. Cover: Cute and kitschy Ending: Predictable This was a re-read of a favorite-at-one-point. It is the first Carly Phillips book I had read back in the day. One of my favorite things about her books is her writing voice. Albeit more unique back then. I was drawn into the story again, even though I never really forgot much about the plot and characters. It's a very simple book and lacks depth and various scenarios making it extremely easy to predict and remember. Even after 10 years since I'd first read The Bachelor. This time around I'm more picky with my reads. I really disliked Charlotte. She whined and complained and passed judgement without facts too easily. I didn't care much for many of the characters either. Raina was the only one that really stood out for me. I was more interested in her love connection with the good doctor. Overall, this was a boring read. It took me nearly a month to trudge my way through. For that reason I couldn't possibly recommend it. I do have the other two books in the series, but I'm not sure if I will get to them right away.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Highly recommend it! One of my favorite books! Funny, endearing.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I loved reading this novel becausw the romance was really cute and complicated! But this novel was a great read and i recommend it to people that really likes romance novel and that doesnt mind some sex scenes. This book was very easy and romantic read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I really liked this book
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Good book, It was the first book I had read from carly phillips. I can't wait to read the other books in this series
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This was a great love story and mystery all in one!! You will fall in love with the characters! Was a "hard to put down" read!! I want to read all of this series!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
ShugaNJ More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago