Back 2 Old School Party Pack

Back 2 Old School Party Pack


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Thump Records

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Disc 1

  1. Be My Man  -  Bardeaux
  2. Harden My Heart  -  Euro-Vision
  3. Feeling Of Love  -  George
  4. You'll Never Be Mine  -  Mineproject Fm
  5. Ya Llego  -  Maestro
  6. Esta Loca  -  Xpin
  7. Love Attack  -  Ferrara
  8. Love & Desire  -  Arpeggio
  9. Burning With Fire  -  Tapps
  10. Funkytown  -  Lipps, Inc.
  11. Capitol Tropical  -  Two Man Sound
  12. Three Time Lover  -  Bardeaux
  13. Panic  -  Panic
  14. Samba  - Johnny Chingas
  15. Gotta Be Tough  - MC Shy D
  16. Groove Is In The Heart  -  Deee-Lite
  17. Never Gonna Give You Up  - Rick Ashley
  18. Understand This Groove  -  Sound Factory
  19. Ride On Time  -  Black Box
  20. I Can't Get No Sleep  -  Masters at Work

Disc 2

  1. Groove Is In The Heart  -  Musto & Bones
  2. Never Gonna Give You Up  -  Xpansions
  3. Understand This Groove  - Rick Ashley
  4. Ride On Me  -  Groove Sound Factory
  5. I Can't Get No Sleep  -  Masters at Work
  6. Dangerous On The Dance Floor  - Alison Limerick
  7. Elevation  -  Xpansions
  8. Keep Warm  -  Tonasia
  9. Another Sleepless Night  -  Jinny
  10. Malfunction  -  C&D Project
  11. Where Love Lives  -  Shannon
  12. Anthem  - Alison Limerick
  13. In De Ghetto  -  Bad Yard Club
  14. Release Me  -  Angelina
  15. Show Me  - Angel Clivillés
  16. Let The Music Play  -  Shannon
  17. Higher Love  -  Paradigm
  18. I Do Both (Jaye and Jane)  -  Rissa
  19. Stay In Love  -  Mon A Q
  20. Do U Miss Me  - Jocelyn Enriquez

Disc 3

  1. Wondering  -  Tonasia
  2. Let Me Be The One  -  C&D Project
  3. House This  -  Shannon
  4. Give Me Tonight  -  Shannon
  5. Set U Free  -  Bad Yard Club
  6. In De Ghetto  -  Angelina
  7. Release Me  - Angel Clivillés
  8. Show Me  -  Shannon
  9. Let The Music Play  -  Shannon
  10. Higher Love  -  Pardigm
  11. I Do Both  -  Rissa
  12. Stay In Love  -  Mon A Q
  13. Do You Miss Me  - Jocelyn Enriquez

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Toby Meeks   Rap
Simon Soussan   Conductor

Technical Credits

Herbie Hancock   Composer
India   Composer
Jon Saint James   Composer,Producer
David Morales   Producer,Remixing
Sound Factory   Composer
Chris Barbosa   Producer
Sidney Barnes   Composer
Frankie Bones   Producer
John Borunda   Producer
Daniele Davoli   Composer
Glenn Gutierrez   Producer
Alberto Lopez   Executive Producer
Juan Lopez   Composer
R. Malone   Producer
Tony Moran   Producer
Tommy Musto   Producer
Richard Preuss   Producer
Romeo   Composer
Valerio Semplici   Composer
Simon Soussan   Arranger,Composer,Producer
Mike "Hitman" Wilson   Producer
Aitken   Composer
John Ferrara   Composer,Producer
Gomez   Composer
Bill Walker   Producer
Aldo Marin   Executive Producer
DJ Juanito   Producer
Chris "The Greek" Panaghi   Producer
Kenny Dope   Producer
Hex Hector   Producer,Remixing
Carlos Rodgers   Producer
Lati Kronlund   Producer
Allan Coelho   Producer
Carlo Zanella   Producer
C. Varola   Arranger
Mark Vrtar   Composer,Producer
"Little" Louie Vega   Producer
A. Gilardi   Arranger
Bobby "L-A" LaSerra   Producer
Raul Maysonet   Composer
Anna Garcia   Composer
Lars Kronlund   Composer
Mark Ryder   Producer
Malone   Composer
Dee Robert   Producer
Champion   Composer
Doug Beck   Remixing
Peter Monk   Producer
Steve Greenberg   Composer
Joe Cash   Composer
W. Tucker   Composer
V. Semlici   Composer
V. Ross   Composer
Stock   Composer
Spreckly   Composer
Simon Soussau   Composer
S. Toney   Composer
Rudd   Composer
Raul Maysonet   Composer
R. Lance   Composer
Mandell   Composer
M. Koursiotis   Composer
J. St. James   Composer
J. Pro   Composer
J. Lerma-Lopez   Composer
Hawks   Composer
Hartman   Composer
G. Guiterrez   Composer
G. Deveau   Composer
Freddy Moreales   Composer
Degiorgio   Composer
Da Costa   Composer
Chung   Composer
Cermonini   Composer
C. Zanella   Composer
C. Panaghi   Composer
C. Barbosa   Composer
Anna Garcia   Composer
Amos   Composer
A. Annunziata   Composer
Kirby   Composer
Edward Chisolm   Composer
Davis   Composer
Marchand   Composer
A. Tripoli   Composer
A. Buie   Composer
V. Gazelle   Composer
Waterman   Composer
Ward   Composer
M. Small   Composer
G. Acosta   Composer
D. Davoli   Composer
D. Bennett   Composer
Sidney Perry   Composer
T. Moran   Composer
Coelho   Composer
Gilardi   Composer
C. Rodgers   Composer
Brill   Composer
Z. Mai   Composer
Hinton   Composer
Wilson   Composer
A. Cabrera   Composer
P. Schwartz   Composer
P. Monk   Composer
N. Renee   Composer
N. Hall   Composer
S. Christini   Composer
Jordan   Composer
M. Limoni   Composer
Turbo   Composer
W. Cosme   Composer
Franklin   Composer
Greene   Composer
Dunbar   Composer
Fareed   Composer
D. Morales   Composer
L. Dunbar   Composer
L. Vega   Composer
B. Khozouri   Composer
T. Terry   Composer

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