Backs in Motion: The Only Back-Care Program for Everybody

Backs in Motion: The Only Back-Care Program for Everybody

by Lewis G. Maharam

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Sally Estes
Maharam, a physician specializing in sports medicine, offers "to revolutionize your personal approach to keeping fit and staying active" as well as allowing you to prevent and alleviate back pain. He bases his Backs in Motion program on study of biomechanics (the body in motion) and the belief that one exercise program does not fit all. His explanations of the spinal column and back muscles and how they work and of the causes of back pain are clear and concise, enabling readers to understand how the movements for various sports--and moving through daily life--affect the back. He advocates a complete medical diagnosis in the case of back injury but specifies eight basic exercises for maintaining the back and, sport by sport, individualized exercises that prepare you for running and walking, swimming, cycling, skiing, racquet games, aerobics, and more. All in all, a helpful manual for the nonathlete as well as the amateur athlete.

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