Bad Boys with Expensive Toys

Bad Boys with Expensive Toys

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by Nancy Warren, MaryJanice Davidson, Karen Kelley

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Bad Boys with Expensive Toys 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
harstan More than 1 year ago
The Fourteen Million Dollar Poodle by Nancy Warren. Labor negotiator Vince Grange is known for playing hardball; thus he is the last male anyone would expect to own a toy poodle. However, he inherits wealthy Mimi, who only responds to French-speaking commands. Vince hires Sophie Veneau to watch Mimi, but he can¿t keep his eyes off of his new employee. This amusing contemporary stars three delightful protagonists with the human pair in constant heat...................... The World Is Too Darned Big by MaryJanice Davidson. Dr. Ben Dyson invents espionage paraphernalia that helps agents make the world safer. His fondest desire is to use one of his gizmos in a field scenario. When agent Tara Marx struggles to recover stolen intelligence information, she never expected to have a civilian as her partner. This spy who stayed hot in the cold tale is humorous and hot due two strong gender bending lead characters................... Anything You Can Do by Karen Kelley. Playboy Alex Cannedy promised his sister that he would not make a play to get Kagen Yates in his bed for the week that the beautiful woman is staying with him. Alex regrets his vow as he wants her and she seems as willing, but he plans to do the honorable thing by adhering to his pledge. However, Kagen bets him that she will have him in bed within two days as their desires for one another will overwhelm his misplaced ethics. The torrid lead couple provides readers with a terrific war of the sex¿s tale................................ All three novellas are hot, jocular and fun as the hunks exchange their toys for more interesting play things....................... Harriet Klausner
Guest More than 1 year ago
Bad Boys With Expensive Toys has three hot and steamy stories by three favorite authors. The Fourteen Million Dollar Poodle by Nancy Warren has Vince Grange a tough and manly labor negotiator who inherits a rich toy poodle. This poodle only answers to French, so Vince hires a nanny. Sophie Veneau agrees to watch Mimi, but her owner Vince is make her heart race. Vince is having serious problems with Sophie he wants her for himself. Nancy Warrens story is funny and sexy, it¿s a must read. MaryJanice Davidson¿s The World Is Too Darned Big has Dr. Ben Dyson wishing he could use the fancy spy gadgets he makes to help safe the world. He gets his chance when spy Tara Marx falls into his willing lap. Tara Marx is working to retrieve some stolen Intel. She wasn¿t planning on a spy wannabe helping. Ben and Tara¿s wit and passion will make you laugh and swoon. MaryJanice delivers another story that will tickle your funny bone and steam up your night. Karen Kelley¿s in Anything You Can Do¿ has playboy Alex Cannedy being a roommate for a week with the one woman he promised not to touch. He promised his sister that he would not make a move on her new hubby¿s best friend Kagen Yates. But all bets are off when Kagen throws a dare that Alex can¿t last 48 hours before he gives in to his desires. What follows is an amusing and sexy game of one upmanship. Alex and Kagen are a hot and titillating couple. This is a fun and sexy anthology, you can¿t go wrong it getting it.
Guest More than 1 year ago
BAD BOYS WITH EXPENSIVE TOYS. Just the title alone makes you want to pick up the book. But Karen Kelley¿s novella, ANYTHING YOU CAN DO, makes it worth the read all by itself. A hunky computer entrepreneur, Alex Cannedy pinky-swears to his sister to leave her hubby¿s best friend, Kagen Yates, alone. Seems Alex has a history of lovin¿ `em and leavin¿ `em. But Alex and Kagen must share the newlyweds¿ apartment for a week and unfortunately Kagen has lovin¿ on her mind. When Alex acts uninterested, she tries every dirty trick in the book to make him cave. And watching Alex squirm under the pressure is pure delight. The race is on to see who will win in this sexy romp that sizzles with sexual tension. The lovin¿ steams up the windows when Alex has finally had all he can take and Kagen gets just what she deserves. Karen¿s comedic voice really shines through in this fast-paced novella.