Bad Kitty Drawn to Trouble
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Bad Kitty Drawn to Trouble

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by Nick Bruel

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In this seventh installment of the New York Times–bestselling series, Kitty encounters what may be her most formidable foe yet: her creator! Kitty soon learns that feline manipulation works both ways—especially when you're at the wrong end of your author's pencil. Along the way, Nick shows kids how a book is created, despite the frequent


In this seventh installment of the New York Times–bestselling series, Kitty encounters what may be her most formidable foe yet: her creator! Kitty soon learns that feline manipulation works both ways—especially when you're at the wrong end of your author's pencil. Along the way, Nick shows kids how a book is created, despite the frequent interruptions from you-know-who.


A Neal Porter Book

Editorial Reviews

In her friskiest outing yet, Bad Kitty encounters her most engaging coconspirator yet: her creator, writer/illustrator Nick Bruel. In this rich meta-story, as instructive as it is entertaining, Bruel shows young readers how he conjures up his misbehaving kitten from a few funny lines to her full glory; then invites them to imagine and draw their own creatures, wild or domestic. A boon for artistic kids—or kids who never dreamed that they could be artistic.

From the Publisher
*"Surprisingly (and sneakily) instructional, totally hilarious…and worth every penny." - Kirkus Reviews, starred review

Children's Literature - Nancy Garhan Attebury
With Bad Kitty in the character role, this hilarious tenth book in the “Bad Kitty” series employs the humor of a unique author/illustrator to teach youngsters how to write good stories. The fetching beginning has readers trying to draw Bad Kitty, thereby helping the readers become part of the entertaining package. The author’s black and white illustrations attract the reader like a magnet just as they have in other books in the series. The pictures will be viewed and viewed again. The terms character, conflict, antagonist, and plot points are explained and shown with amazing action-packed pictures. So are the important rules about writing stories. Some pages called “Uncle Murray’s Fun Facts” add nonfiction elements to terms and situations presented. This is an ideal supplement to writing units because it will get all readers very involved from page one. In addition, it will give readers the desire to seek other books in the series. The focus is on young readers, but this could be used successfully for students all the way through grade six. Reviewer: Nancy Garhan Attebury; Ages 7 to 10.
School Library Journal
Gr 2–4—In this seventh installment in the series, readers are introduced to the process of writing and illustrating a book in a fun and humorous way. Bruel employs his signature style of addressing readers directly; he begins the book with a step-by-step demonstration of how to draw Bad Kitty and moves on to describe the necessary ingredients of a successful story. Through the process of describing story elements such as protagonist, antagonist, and conflict, the author creates some scenarios that Kitty finds objectionable (most notably, an all-turnip diet), but eventually she convinces him to rewrite the story in her favor. Many of the usual secondary characters (Uncle Murray, Puppy, Strange Kitty, etc.) make an appearance in this volume, and there are some unexpected additions, including a zombie, a giant octopus, and a talking turnip named Terry. Bruel makes no attempt to hide the fact that the intent of this book is to teach readers how to write stories, but his informal writing style and hilarious illustrations make the lesson seem like a fun opportunity rather than a chore. Fans of the naughty feline will not be disappointed by this new volume, and when they finish reading it, they will have the tools, along with the encouragement of Bruel himself, to create their own Bad Kitty-inspired adventures.—Sarah Reid, Broome County Public Library, Binghamton, NY
Kirkus Reviews
★ 2013-10-20
Bad Kitty takes on her greatest foe: Sillier than Puppy, mightier than Uncle Murray, scarier than a bath…it's her creator! For her seventh chapter-book outing (and her 10th appearance overall), Bad Kitty ups the meta-hybrid ante by telling a story that includes her author/illustrator while it also teaches its audience some fundamentals about the writer's craft. At the outset, Bruel introduces himself and invites readers to smell the paper (or download a paper-smelling app if they are reading electronically) and then draws a mirror so that readers can see how handsome he is. He teaches them to draw Bad Kitty, leaving white space so that they can follow along (unless they are reading a library book, but it's OK to draw on the screen). What follows is the nuttiest writing guide ever. Bruel uses Bad Kitty (who's obviously reluctant to play along) to explain the concepts of character, plot, theme and conflict. Uncle Murray helps out with a few definitions. Poor Puppy and giant octopuses (or is that octopi…?) pop in as antagonists. When Strange Kitty (Bad Kitty's fellow feline) points out similarities between this and the Looney Tunes cartoons Rabbit Rampage and Duck Amuck, Bruel admits they inspired him and hopes Bad Kitty will inspire the audience to write their own stories. Surprisingly (and sneakily) instructional, totally hilarious…and worth every penny. (glossary, recipe) (Graphic/nonfiction hybrid. 7-10)

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Bad Kitty Series
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7 - 10 Years

Meet the Author

Nick Bruel is the author and illustrator of the phenomenally successful Bad Kitty picture books and chapter books, as well as other popular books for young readers. He has received the 2012 CBC Children's Choice Book Award, as well as several major state awards for his work.  Nick lives near Westchester, NY with his wife, daughter and not-so-bad kitty, Esmeralda. When he is not visiting schools from coast to coast, he collects PEZ dispensers and grows tomatoes in his backyard.

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Bad Kitty Drawn to Trouble 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
This_Kid_Reviews_Books More than 1 year ago
Bad Kitty is back! But, this time, she’s not alone! Her creator, Nick Bruel, is right in the plot! With the (unwilling) help of Kitty, Mr. Bruel tells us readers how to write a good story . The reader learns about protagonists, setting, plot, conflict, foreshadowing and much more in a fun-filled way. The is that Kitty needs to go on a diet of turnips, because she’s gained a LOT of weight recently (thanks to Mr. Bruel and his trusty paint brush). But, the thing is, Kitty doesn’t even LIKE turnips. And, Puppy is eating all of her food. Plus, the giant octopuses outside the house (generously provided by Mr. Bruel) keep Kitty from running away. This is a hilarious addition to the Bad Kitty series. In fact, I think this is my new favorite (sorry Bad Kitty vs. Uncle Murray) because of all the information it gives about writing a book. Mr. Bruel’s humor is awesome. I love that the antagonist in the story is a turnip. :) Mr. Bruel wrote a great book that teaches kids all about writing and made it a totally enjoyable story. The idea of the author/illustrator and character interacting is very cool (even though Bad Kitty is NOT impressed by it). I like how Mr. Bruel adds comments from his editor, “Neal”, on little sticky notes “stuck” to the pages reminding him of things he shouldn’t be doing in the story. There is also a handy glossary in the back of the book with the definitions of the parts of the story Mr. Bruel goes over (and a recipe for roasted turnips hee hee :lol: ). I think kids of all ages will enjoy this book for the hilarious story and learn something along the way! *NOTE I bought my own copy
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It was awesome! I loved it!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The book was awesome but for ne it took 60 min to be able to read but other then that it was awesome!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I just love a bad kitty store read to me, but this makes it beta!