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Bad Vibrations

Bad Vibrations

5.0 7
by Dan Anderson
A serial killer is murdering victims in a most unusual way, and you may die laughing before the next victim is found. The body count rises as our hero battles a crime syndicate, government intelligence agency and international terrorists.


A serial killer is murdering victims in a most unusual way, and you may die laughing before the next victim is found. The body count rises as our hero battles a crime syndicate, government intelligence agency and international terrorists.

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Meet the Author

Dan Anderson was born in Vidalia, Georgia, whose claim to fame is being "The Onion Capital of the World." His family moved to Florida to escape the stress from the publicity of living in such a famous place. His fascination with humor became evident to all when he was elected the Wittiest Senior in his high school class (it was a small class and he was too chubby for Most Athletic, too ugly for Most Popular and too dumb for Most Likely to Succeed). He graduated from The University of the South in Sewanee, Tennessee thanks to curricula outlines (think Cliff's Notes) and buying the notes of students who had actually attended classes.

After college, he was drafted by the Army and served with the Americal Infantry Division in Vietnam. However, he was shipped back to the states a year later when it became apparent that his lethargic military skills had no discernible positive impact upon the war. On a positive note, he later managed to obtain his MBA from California Lutheran College in Thousand Oaks, California by milking the G. I. Bill until his educational benefits ran out.

Forced to seek employment, and lacking demonstrable talents, he found a career with good pay and low demands: an executive position with a large U. S. financial corporation. When it eventually became evident that he was an imposter in the areas of leadership, organizational theory and design, and decision-making, he was downsized. He then wandered into insurance and investment sales with another financial company and became successful. This was a total surprise to his colleagues since he rarely showed up at the office and scheduled few appointments with clients in order to avoid overtaxinghimself and interfering with his afternoon naps.

Having honed his writing skills completing employment applications and wildly fictitious r�sum�s, it was only natural that he would eventually become an author of fiction. Bad Vibrations, a humorous mystery, is his first installment in a projected series featuring his outr� protagonist, Chauncey McFadden.

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Bad Vibrations 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A diverse crowd of well developed characters provide a historically under-employed detective continuous challenges and intrigues. Fast paced, fun reading!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I don't usually read mysteries but a friend raved about this book so much I had to give it a try. Am I glad I did! Bad Vibrations is one super funny, well-written piece of work. The crazy characters, beautiful scenery descriptions, and humor are woven into a fascinating plot. That bar scene in Long Beach is a classic. This is one of the most entertaining books I have read in some time, and I hope that more are to come. Get this author on Oprah.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Four young and attractive women are found murdered in a most bizarre manner (No, I won¿t tell how), and the bored and stumbling cops don¿t seem to have a clue. So, it is up to our hero and protagonist, Chauncey McFadden private eye, to unravel this complex case. Unfortunately, Chauncey is not too swift himself, but as expected, he lurches forward and finally solves the murders after many detours into strip clubs and all night diners. This is a very funny (yet serious) novel by a new author. Chauncey is about 75% Guy Noir and 25% Mickey Spillane, so the reader has some idea of what a character this PI really is. The story is told in the first person through the eyes of Chauncey, which gives the novel a lot of added punch.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I picked up the book and was captivated from the first chapter. The turns and twists of the plot were countless. The book was funny. The work is a cross of David Lettman, Get Smart and Sherlock Holmes wrapped up in a fun package. Recommmended reading for anyone with a funny bone!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Wonderful use of descriptive phrases. Funny with pathos serious with hilarity. I want to read more of Clauncey.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Bad Vibrations is one of the funniest, most well-written mysteries I have enjoyed in some time. The dialog is snappy, the characters are hilarious, and the descriptions of the scenery are memorable. This book is very creative in plot and style and is one of the most original mysteries I can recall. This book would make an excellent screen play and someone should make a film of it. I hope we see many more from the author please don't stop.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book is a great mix of humor and mystery. Chauncey McFadden is an unlikely type to be involved in a serious murder investigation. The other characters involved are equally entertaining as we follow Chauncey through the investigation into the murder of 'Boom Boom' Saperstein. Hope to see more of McFadden in the future.