Bah! Humbug?

Bah! Humbug?

by Lorna Balian, Lecia Balian

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Children's Literature - Jean Boreen
Margie is sure that Santa exists—she sends him a letter that says so—but her brother, Arthur, is intent on doing his best to turn her into a non-believer. Forcibly enlisting his little sister to help him—he threatens her with worms in her bed, ice cubes in her pajamas, and her favorite stuffed animal, Herold, flushed down the toilet—Arthur conceives of a plan that will trap the "humbug" Santa Claus. Arthur ties wind chimes to the Christmas tree, spreads balloons all over the floor, and strategically stretches string all over the room, then tells Margie to keep her eyes open. A short time later, Arthur is asleep and Santa—not the humbug—is headed down the chimney. Margie and Santa put presents in the family's stockings and eat cookies together. After Santa leaves and Arthur wakes up to find the living room full of presents, he grudgingly accepts Santa's existence, allowing Margie to bookend the final pages of the book with another letter to Santa, thanking him for her gifts. The illustrations are vibrant and detailed and provide a warm touch to the story. This will be a winner with younger readers, especially those who have older siblings who try their hardest to ruin Christmas with an unwanted dose of reality.

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8.20(w) x 10.10(h) x 0.40(d)
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3 - 8 Years

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