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Bakery Technology and Engineering / Edition 3

Bakery Technology and Engineering / Edition 3

by Samuel A. Matz

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ISBN-10: 0942849205

ISBN-13: 9780942849202

Pub. Date: 12/28/1999

Publisher: Theresa D. Matz

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Theresa D. Matz
Publication date:
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6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.63(d)

Table of Contents

Section I.The Materials of Baking
1.Ingredients from wheat1
2.Ingredients from other grains23
3.Leaveners and yeast foods53
4.Shortenings, emulsifiers, and antioxidants77
5.Sweeteners and malt syrup99
6.Water and salt123
7.Ingredients from milk and eggs151
8.Fruits, vegetables, and nuts179
9.Spices, flavors, and colors203
10.Other ingredients229
Section II.Formulas and Processes
11.Unleavened bakery products251
12.Products leavened with water vapor283
13.Air-leavened products303
14.Chemically leavened bread and rolls321
15.Chemically leavened sweet goods341
16.Yeast-leavened plain bread and rolls361
17.Continuous, semi-continuous, and expedited doughs387
18.Variety breads403
19.Yeast-leavened sweet doughs423
20.Other yeast-leavened products443
21.Adjuncts: washes, glazes, icings, and marshmallow463
22.Adjuncts: streusels, pastes, fillings, etc.483
Section III.Equipment and Engineering
23.Bulk handling of ingredients501
24.Weighing and metering equipment525
25.Mixers and mixing547
26.Dividing, rounding, sheeting, and laminating569
27.Fermentation enclosures and brew equipment589
28.Forming and molding bread-like products609
29.Forming cookies and crackers633
30.Forming other products657
31.Ovens and baking679
32.Fryers and frying701
33.Pans, panhandling equipment, and slicers717

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