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Baking and Babies (Chocoholics #3)

Baking and Babies (Chocoholics #3)

4.3 9
by Tara Sivec

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"I’m pregnant." 

Molly Gilmore had a good life before she uttered those two stupid words. While preparing to graduate from culinary school and building up the courage to make a move on her hot, sugar-cookie-smelling pastry instructor Marco, she can't wait to finally have the GREAT life she’s always dreamed about, instead of just


"I’m pregnant." 

Molly Gilmore had a good life before she uttered those two stupid words. While preparing to graduate from culinary school and building up the courage to make a move on her hot, sugar-cookie-smelling pastry instructor Marco, she can't wait to finally have the GREAT life she’s always dreamed about, instead of just the good one she’s been living. 

Always known as the quiet ninja, she fully intends to stay hidden in the shadows with her nut-job family, so they have no chance to embarrass her around the man she's crushed on for two years. Unfortunately, her family has other plans. When they yank her straight out of her comfort zone, she finds herself starring in the craziest train wreck she's ever witnessed. 

Molly ultimately gets a more exciting life that doesn't revolve around school, but she's pretty sure the man of her dreams won't be sticking around long after her family gets ahold of him. There aren't too many guys who can handle smelling like pee, having the whole world know how he masturbates, and being forced to eat an entire bag of dicks. 

Join the Chocolate Lovers and Chocoholics gang for one final story about love, baked goods, making poor life choices, and remembering how important family is—even if they drive you insane. 

Mostly because it's illegal to kill them.

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Tara Sivec
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Chocoholics , #3
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Baking and Babies (Chocoholics #3) 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
So I only got about 20 pages into Baking and Babies and I FELL IN LOVE with it. I literally laughed out loud, would like a copy of Satisfaction and Sugar for my husband for Christmas and it is all Tom Brandy's fault for me crying at the end. Thank you Tara Sivec for your fantastic writing. Perfect ending to a hilarious series.
Under_The_Covers_BookBlog More than 1 year ago
2.5 Stars Reviewed by Suzanne and posted at Under The Covers Book Blog Molly Gilmore knew helping her sister out by pretending to be pregnant, to cover Charlotte’s pregnancy would be a huge mistake. Especially when she ends up roping in the guy she has been crushing on for two years and the only progress she has made is sneakily taking a whiff of him. She knows Marcus is bound to right screaming once he encounters her certifiably insane family, especially when they think he has knocked her up and yet…he seems to fit right in, Molly can’t help thinking, should she be scared or relieved? So, we come to the end of the Chocoholic series with Baking and Babies, I’ve been reading Sivec, especially this series and Chocolate Lovers since 2012 when Seduction and Snacks was first published. And, what I have noticed since then, is that my ratings on her books are slowly decreasing, I adored Seduction and Snacks and it got five very well deserved stars, it was fresh and funny with some outrageous characters ready for you to love. Now I am reviewing Baking and Babies and giving it two point five stars as, after three years I feel like this Sivec has squeezed all the goodness out of this formula and now all we are left with are a few dregs. These books have gone from funny and outrageous to ridiculous and trying-too-hard. But Baking and Babies did make me laugh, no matter what Sivec always seem to be able to coax a giggle out of me with the antics of Molly, Marcus and crew. This book did feature all the characters you know and love from the previous books in this series and the Chocolate Lovers as we say a final goodbye to them. It seemed though the book was crowded with so many familiar faces that it obscured the romance. Molly and Marcus were nice together, but I don’t really feel like I saw enough of them. This book was okay, it entertained me, but I felt more relief than sadness once I had finished it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Uproarious sexy, funny, and warm. Read this after a hangover. This entire series (each a standalone) is the perfect comedic lift we all need
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
However, it was totally missing something... I wasn't in the need to hurry and see what happens next...and I think the ending ruined the book.... I like having humor in a book but it needed substance.
miztrebor More than 1 year ago
To put it simply, reading Baking & Babies was like coming home to some old friends. I’ve been reading Tara Sivec’s Chocoholics series, shortly after finishing the original Chocolate Lovers series, since the Love & Lists was released. I loved every minute of the series, but it’s been awhile since I read those books and forgot how much I missed the characters, situations, and absurdity that Sivec writes so well. From the start, this book reminded me why I can never get enough of these books. In this book readers get a glimpse at another member of this large and strange family we’ve grown to love over the years. Not much is known of Molly before this book starts, and it was great to see her character develop and change. It was also great to have a new character pop up, adding a fresh set of eyes to what readers have come to accept from the characters at this point. I really liked how Marco fit in, while also reminding us what “normal” can be. The only “downfall” is that this is the final book in the Chocoholics series. Was I sad to end it? Of course. Was it done well? No denying that. Does this mean I’ll have to reread the books and enjoy them all over and over? Yes, this will be a series that I make an exception to my “no re-reading” rule. I can’t wait to revisit all the hilarious and horrific (sex/)escapades Sivec can cook up for her books. These books will never get old for me.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Although this was my least favorite book in the series, the ending was bitter sweet. I loved reading about Molly and Marco. I just wish there was more of them in this book. A lot of what was being done or said were repeated things from previous books. But as usual, I did laugh out loud! To this date, the Chocolate series is still the funniest stories that I have ever read but I did cry at the end when Tara gave us a look down memory lane and the fitting conclusion to the series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Frantabulous1 More than 1 year ago
I don't even know where to begin with how OUTRAGEOUSLY HILARIOUS this book is. Tara has done it again!!! I'm a 1-clicker for ANY Tara Sivec book but admittedly I've been looking forward to this book for a long time as I've a HUGE fan of the Chocolate Lovers and Chocoholics Series. It was no surprise to me that the book starts off with a BANG! It's no shocker that a baby is involved but how this baby plays into the story just ups the hilarity factor 100 points. All our favorites are back including the ever inappropriate Drew! Molly using her stealth Ninja skills gets drawn into a lie perpetuated by her older sister Charlotte who I feel is being somewhat selfish. However Molly finds a way to lighten the tension felt in this somewhat tense situation... "I raise my arms in the air and shake them around, wondering what the hell is wrong with me. who the hell says woohoo?" Along with this, we get to meet the very sexy Marco (also known as Alfonso D which we find out is NOT a favorite of Molly) who has been Molly's instructor for the last 2 years while she's becoming a classically trained French Pastry Chef. Now that school is over, they each have plans to go after what they've wanted to have for the last 2 years, but as you might expect plans go somewhat awry which just adds to the comedy show of this book! We come to learn that not only is Marco sexy and hot, but his family is almost as crazy as Molly's family and friends! How that's possible I don't know but trust me, the scenes with his family had me laughing and almost snorting especially when his mother is talking about the crusty socks... "I distinctly remember your father showing you how a prophylactic works when you were thirteen and I started finding crusty socks under your bed." As the book progresses, the interactions between Molly and Marco just keep getting better and better. Especially when Marco is introduced to Jim, Carter and Drew. They draw Marco right in and while no blood is shed, the fact that he's still standing at the end of the night is amazing in and of itself! I especially loved when Molly decided to "make her move" on Marco with some less than favorable results. The fact that Marco sticks around after this, makes him a winner in my book.... not that he already wasn't a winner!!! "I drift off to sleep with a smile on my face that my night ended better than I thought it would after Molly's dad introduced me to his fists." As the weeks pass getting closer to Charlotte and Gavin's wedding, the book just keeps getting better and better. As I've come to appreciate in Tara's writing, especially in this series, the shenanigans of all our favorite characters are in play and I just kept laughing and laughing as everyone's worlds begin to collide into each other. As lies are revealed and everyone finds out what's really going on, we find out that the "kids" are grown up.....almost!!! If you take nothing else from this review, take this....this is a MUST READ book!!! You'll laugh till you cry!!!