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Bal Toroth

Bal Toroth

4.8 13
by Shannon Lee Martin

Some people want it all, and think they know everything. Oh how wrong they are!


Some people want it all, and think they know everything. Oh how wrong they are!

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Shannon Lee Martin
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Onlinebookclub.org said "The Silent Moment" is . . ."unique" and. . ."very creative". . . :D

Feel free to contact me at any time at tlurinothamon@gmail.com

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Bal Toroth 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 13 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name: Charlie (but Pokemon Guy is preferred) | Age: 14 | Gender: &#9794 | Appearance: Dark black hair, eyes that change color, light tan skin, orange headphones around neck, blue tightfitted t-shirt, dark blue jeans, and black combat boots. | Muscles: 8/10 | Personality: Normally encouraging, happy, and nice, but will defend himself and people he likes. Also noble, and very brave | Likes: His pokemon, his friend, Pokemon Girl, eating healthy, fairness, and reason | Dislikes: Flight (the pokemon trainer), violence, cheating, mistreating pokemon, and celery | Relationship: None (and not looking for one, either!) Achievements: Conquered two pokemon regions (silver rank trainer), never lost a pokemon battle (not even to an Elite Four) | Crush: I'd rather not say!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
You sound like a good strong woman. I hope your bf sees you how i do right now. ~ MIBNJB
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Age:12 Pokemon:pikachu,riolu,fennekin,and bunnelby Looks:green tee blue jeans and has a good heart.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Age is 11. Loves cute pokemon. My mom gave me a pichu so yah. Brown curly hair with sea blue eyes. Will never leave pichu's side. Hates people who treat their pokemon badly.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name: was Pokemon Girl, now Black Rose. Age: 16. Gender: girl. Looks: purple hair that goes down to just below the shoulder blades with neon orange at the tips. Hazel eyes. Round face. Small nose. Wearing: a navy blue hoodie and tight red-colored skinny jeans. On feet are those big shoes the guys like to wear. Hers are black and blue. Gray ski hat. Personality/attitude: tomboyish. Loves her pokemon, her boyfriend, people with good hearts, battling, and food. Has a good heart of gold. Usually nice and friendly but can be snotty to those who are mean to her. Dislikes people with evil hearts, brocolli, and celery. Trainer rank: GOLD RANK. Champion of three regions. Friends: Wolfgang and Mac1202. Lover/crush: yes/my boyfriend. Fav song: Sweater Weather by The Neighbourhood. Fav food: pasta shells with alfredo sauce. Always: keeps some of her pokemon out of her pokeballs. They take turns. But her mew is never in a pokeball because it was befriended, not caught. POKEMON: eevee lv1male, fennikan lv1male, pachirisu lv1female, cyndaquil lv1male, pikachu lv15male, lapras lv20female, tropius lv20male, gyrados lv20male, delcatty lv25male, ambipom lv30female, vaporeon lv30male, latios lv30, ampharos lv30male, grumpig lv31female, espeon lv34male, blastoise lv37female, torterra lv37female, pidgeot lv37female, venusaur lv38male,arcanine lv39male, bayleef lv39male, scolipede lv40male, leafeon lv40 male, pignite lv40male, steelix lv44male, jirachi lv44, gardevoir lv45female, zoroak lv45male, houndoom lv45male, lopunny lv47male, sylveon lv48female, zapdos lv50, articuno lv50, butterfree lv50male, milotic lv50female, samurott lv50male, empoleon lv50female, electrivire lv56male, feraligater lv56male, likilicky lv57male, jolteon lv58female, mew lv60, vespiquen lv61, dragonite lv65female, serperior lv67female, mighteyena lv67male, floatzel lv70male, dialga lv71, victini lv71, togekiss lv71male, umbreon lv73male, haxorus lv78male, aggron lv79male, rayquaza lv80, sceptile lv80male, ninetales lv85female, celebi lv92, yveltal lv93, toxicroak lv97female, glaceon lv99male, charizard lv100male, luxray lv100male, lucario lv100female, garchomp lv100male, salamence lv100 male, blaziken lv100female, altaria lv100female, lugia lv100, staraptor lv100male, gallade lv100male, swampert lv100female, mewtwo lv100, hydreigon lv100male, infernape lv100 male, purugly lv100male, blissey lv100female, and machamp lv100male. History: Umm..... lets just say its really long. Other: JUST ASK ON ANY OTHER RESULT!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name: trainer age: 10 gender: &male <p> Pokemon: charlizard lv 100 chesnaught lv99 fetchling lv 65 <p> Pc pokemon: sylveon lv 89 richu lv120 <p> Personal: trains his pokemon rellay hard <p> Apearance: a kid with a blue logo teesert and skiny jeans a twotone red bag a black logo hat with black glasses over
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name: Katharine, but call her Kate or Kallie <p> Record Stuffs: Ten years old, 4'10", and slightly underweight <p> Gender: &female <p> Hair: Short, dirty blonde. It sticks out a bit and is shorter in the back than in the front. <p> Eyes: Light blue, with green mixed in and hints of brown, grey if not directly looked at <p> Clothes: Blue shirt, leggings ((jeans hurt! Ouch)), and colbalt Chucks. <p> Personality: ADHD, so I'm crazy super hyperactive and can't pay attention, Asperger's, so I hate change and am not social, anxiety, so just AAAAAGH I CRY ABOUT EVERY LITTLE THING I FREAKING HATE IT, bipolar, so I change moods a lot, and Tourette's, which is not fun for me or the people I slap in the face when I have a tic. But I'm nice, shy, tomboy, and a gamer. <p> Pokemon: Spitfire ((Fennekin &female lv. 8)), and Emma ((Ralts &female lv. 6)) <p> Theme Song: Starts with One ~ Shiny Toy Guns <p> Other: Buh-bye!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Leader of the legend gym. Pokemon: a sneasel named shadow a snivy called vine a pichu named spark a riolu called aura and a baby female lugia that goes by the name skye
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name- Zoelene Martin { Call her Zoe. } <p> Age- 14 <p> Gender- Female <p> Appearance- <br> Hair: A short cinnamon brown bob with a thin braid near the front. <br> Eyes- Emerald green with a hazel hint <br> Skin- Semi-pale <br> Clothing- A pale blue sleeveless hoodie with biege cargo pants and black and navy blue fingerless gloves. She also wears a pale grey-blue cap with a Mudkip face on it. Also wears black running shoes. <p> Pokemon- Lv. 13 Mudkip named Teardrop; Lv. 31 Persian named Zen; Lv. 9 Taillow named Swift; Lv. 37 Grumpig named Pearl; Lv. 15 Wingull named Bando; Lv. 20 Vaporeon named Bubble; Lv. 12 Finneon named Shine; and a Lv. 5 Poochyena named Nightfall. <p> Main Pokemon Team- Mudkip; Persian; Grumpig; Finneon; Poochyena; & Vaporeon <p> Other- Ask!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name: Quinn Jeon <br> Gender: &female female <br> Age: 13 <p> Appearance: An average height brunette with a gray feather. Her hair goes down to her waist in a braid. She has brown eyes that change colors depending on the lighting. <br> Clothes: A white tank top with tiny holes in to for design and a black spaghetti strap under it. She wears tight shiny black leather pants with her shin high combat boots. Occasionally wears a sleek gold hoodie. <p> Personality: Hates bad grammar and godmodders. But nice, quiet and independent. <p> Pokemon: <br> Caden: A female Glaceon. See her bio at 'luig' res 3. Her level is way higher than what it says there though. Around 35. <br> Meowth: Level 31 Male <br> Slice: A male Minccino. See his bio with Cadens. Same situation with the Levels. More at her house. <p> Status: Single!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name-Jeff Jackson<p>Age-15<p>Pokemon-Tepig,Squirtle,and Snivy<p>Hair-Brown with red streaks<p>Shirt-Black with a skull on fire in the front<p>Pants-Red with a blue belt.