Balance 007

Balance 007

by Chris Fortier

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Disc 1

  1. The Deep  -  Global Communication
  2. Enetertainment  -  Floppy Sounds
  3. It Hits My Hair (Falling Deep)  -  Error Error
  4. 4 Rooms (Fahrenheit)  -  2 Dollar Egg
  5. Pingu  - Alex Smoke
  6. Sella Dor  - PJ Davy
  7. Klub  -  Agoria
  8. Break Free  -  Lindos & Moth
  9. America  -  Nitro
  10. Timebomb  -  Rabbit in the Moon
  11. This World  -  Slam
  12. Raetselrausch  -  Dirk Diggler
  13. Yeahdancetomyrecordbitch  -  1 Up
  14. Hello? Is This Thing On?  -  !!!

Disc 2

  1. Minimo  - HD Substance
  2. Futures in Plastic  -  Vector Lovers
  3. Love Letter to the Enemy  - Mathew Jonson
  4. Propaganda  - Jussi Pekka
  5. Cooling the Plasma  - René Breitbarth
  6. Usage  - Faye Sephirah
  7. Naxos  -  2 Dollar Egg
  8. Get Lost  - Nicholas Wood
  9. Open the Door  -  Floppy Sounds
  10. Con Fusion (Dark Forrest)  -  Patrick Zigon Vs David Phillips
  11. Sound of Ignition  - Borut Margon
  12. Sequential Reactions (Atmos)  - Lucas Rodenbush
  13. Sequential Reactions (Submerged)  - Lucas Rodenbush
  14. As You Fall  -  Bent

Disc 3

  1. Sinewave  -  Sinewave
  2. Aerobatics  - Leigh Dickson
  3. Synthetic  - Anthony Rother
  4. Ocean  -  Rare People
  5. Behind the Mirror  - Mathew Jonson
  6. Let It Ride  -  Direct
  7. Skillshot  -  Hardfloor
  8. Computer Controlled  - Pascal F.E.O.S.
  9. Work That  -  Fraud Star
  10. Dark 1.3  - Eddie Richards
  11. Illuminate the Planet Remixes (Diamond Bullet - Act 6: Virtual Power)  -  Effective Force
  12. My Truth  -  Funk Harmony Park
  13. Raio  - Ramiro Musotto
  14. Crackhousewarmingparty  - David Gilmour Girls

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Chris Fortier   Primary Artist
2 Dollar Egg   Track Performer
Moth   Track Performer
1 Up   Track Performer
Connors   Track Performer
David Gilmour Girls   Track Performer
Leigh Dickson   Track Performer
Direct   Track Performer
Error Error   Track Performer
Fraud Star   Track Performer
Funk Harmony Park   Track Performer
HD Substance   Track Performer
Klingler   Track Performer
Lindos   Track Performer
David Phillips   Track Performer
Rare People   Track Performer
Nicholas Wood   Track Performer
Patrick Zigon   Track Performer

Technical Credits

Nitro   Producer
D.A. Clarke   Composer
Ramon Zenker   Composer,Producer
Johnny Klimek   Composer
Joey Beltram   Producer
Oliver Bondzio   Composer,Producer
Mark Pritchard   Composer,Producer
Rabbit in the Moon   Producer
Rob Rives   Composer,Producer
Paul Browse   Composer
Pascal F.E.O.S.   Composer,Producer
Anthony Rother   Composer,Producer
Effective Force   Producer
Chris Fortier   Remixing
Eric Broyhill   Engineer
Tom Middleton   Composer
Inaya Davis   Composer
Martin Wheeler   Composer
Transparent Sound   Producer,Remixing
Kobbe   Producer
!!!   Composer
Nick Zart   Engineer
Sarah Jones   Composer
Nail Tolliday   Composer
Mathew Jonson   Composer,Producer
Lucas Rodenbush   Composer,Producer
Paul "Scooby" Smith   Arranger,Producer
René Breitbarth   Composer,Producer
Sebastien Devaud   Producer
PJ Davy   Composer,Producer,Engineer
Jussi Pekka Parikka   Producer
Joakim Ijas   Producer,Remixing
Ravi McArthur   Composer,Producer
T. Palmer   Composer
Alex Smoke   Composer,Producer
John Dalagelis   Engineer
Leigh Dickson   Composer,Producer
Funk Harmony Park   Producer
Borut Margon   Composer,Producer
Nicholas Wood   Arranger,Composer,Producer
Patrick Zigon   Composer,Producer
A. Muegge   Producer
Pelle Buys   Composer
Tom Pandzic   Concept
David Nguyen   Contributor,Liner Notes
Erik Besier   Composer,Producer

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