Bam Margera Presents: Viva La Bands, Vol. 2

Bam Margera Presents: Viva La Bands, Vol. 2


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Ferret Records


Disc 1

  1. King of Arizona  -  Clutch
  2. Abnegation
  3. Tie My Rope
  4. Rio Bravo
  5. Ego  -  Sounds
  6. Rocketship
  7. Screwing You on the Beach at Night
  8. War Is All We Know  -  GWAR
  9. Shadow of Your Love  -  69 Eyes
  10. Lay Down
  11. The Serpentine Offering  -  Dimmu Borgir
  12. Believer
  13. Blackened Sunrise
  14. Enemy in Me
  15. Firewater Joyride  -  Life Once Lost
  16. Come On
  17. Take Me Away
  18. Vacant Thoughts  -  Thieves
  19. Buried in a Nameless Grave
  20. Dico at the Piano Bar

Disc 2

  1. Idiot Olympics
  2. Hennessy and Sugar Water
  3. Mustard
  4. Let's Shred
  5. Late Night Snack
  6. Wipe
  7. Vito
  8. Rake's Cake
  9. Hob Knob
  10. Calling Work Coach
  11. Pond Scum
  12. Geoff Rowley Nature Boy
  13. Calling
  14. Montage #2
  15. Senor Dico's Spanish Lesson
  16. Making of "Blackened Sunrise"
  17. Viking Skull
  18. Minghags

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Album Credits

Technical Credits

Brad Roberts   Composer
In Flames   Composer
Dimmu Borgir   Composer
Jason Blachowicz   Composer
Neil Fallon   Composer
Jean-Paul Gaster   Composer
Tim Sult   Composer
Jeremy Dawson   Composer
Alexi Laiho   Composer
Dan Maines   Composer
Dave Brockie   Composer
Julian Cooper   Composer
Brent Woods   Producer
Deron Miller   Composer
Jess Margera   Composer
Chad I. Ginsburg   Composer
Todd Evans   Composer
Jason Hampton   Composer
Mike Vallely   Composer
Brandon Dicamillo   Composer
Hal Stokes   Composer
Bam Margera   Executive Producer
Ken Eisennagel   Engineer
Priestess   Composer
Cory Smoot   Composer
Stephen Petree   Composer
Chad Petree   Composer
Mat Devine   Composer

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