Bamboozle: Everything Will Be Much Better Once I Get These Clowns Out of My Head

Bamboozle: Everything Will Be Much Better Once I Get These Clowns Out of My Head


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Riot Squad Records


Disc 1

  1. Age
  2. Liar (It Takes One to Know One)
  3. Accidents
  4. Red Flag
  5. Tell Them She's Not Scared
  6. Even the Sand Is Mad of Seashells
  7. Slow by Still
  8. Words
  9. Bruised
  10. Newport Living
  11. Until You Leave
  12. Tragedy
  13. We Are Eclectic
  14. A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
  15. We Write Our Own Anthem's
  16. Monster
  17. Three on Nine
  18. I Woke Up Today
  19. Juggling Knives

Disc 2

  1. House of Wolves
  2. Dry the River
  3. Murder Was the Case That They Gave Me
  4. The Arms of Sorrow
  5. Set Fire to the Face on Fire
  6. HTML Rulez Dood
  7. Break out! Break Out!
  8. Confined
  9. Guttershark
  10. Fall Back into My Life
  11. One Last Kiss
  12. Suffocating
  13. Cheer Up Emo Kid
  14. Your Taste Is My Attention
  15. Waitress
  16. Dude, Where's My Skin
  17. Yes, Even Stars Break

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Andrew De Torres   Guitar,Vocals

Technical Credits

Howard Benson   Producer,Audio Production
Guy Charbonneau   Engineer
John Goodmanson   Audio Production
Guy Picciotto   Producer,Audio Production
Ben Moore   Audio Production
Mark Trombino   Producer,Audio Production
Mike Kinsella   Composer
Adam Dutkiewicz   Composer,Producer,Audio Production
Daryn Barry   Engineer
As I Lay Dying   Composer
Taking Back Sunday   Composer
My Chemical Romance   Composer
Tim Lambesis   Producer,Audio Production
Justin Foley   Composer
Jeremy Talley   Composer
Ross Ott   Composer
Billy Talent   Composer
Schoolyard Heroes   Composer
Andrew Everding   Composer
James Muñoz   Composer
Dan Keyes   Composer
Amber Pacific   Composer
Jason Agel   Producer,Audio Production
This Providence   Composer
Phil Sgrosso   Producer,Audio Production
Rob Kinelski   Audio Production
Darren HeyGuy Simoes   Composer
Hit the Lights   Composer
Damiera   Composer
Sound the Alarm   Composer
Pistolita   Composer
Drive By   Composer
Spencer Mertel   Programming
All Time Low   Composer
Jeff Czum   Composer
Tom Falcone   Composer
Shaant Hacikyan   Composer
Permanent ME   Composer
Devil Wears Prada   Composer
Meg Frampton   Composer
Dia Frampton   Composer
Brian Kapler   Composer
Joe Ragosta   Composer
Envy on the Coast   Composer
Scene Aesthetic   Composer
Between the Trees   Composer
Phil Bensen   Composer
Conor Meads   Composer
Nathan Leone   Composer
Matthew Leone   Composer
Mateo Camargo   Composer
Daniel Torelli   Composer
Brandon Metcalf   Audio Production

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