Barbecue Any Old Time: Blues From The Pit 1927-1942

Barbecue Any Old Time: Blues From The Pit 1927-1942


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Old Hat Ent.


  1. Down At Jasper's Bar-B-Que  - Frankie "Half-Pint" Jaxon
  2. Who Did You Give My Barbecue To? Pt. 1  - Big Boy Teddy Edwards
  3. Pig Meat On The Line  - Memphis Minnie
  4. Pork Chop Blues  -  Two Charlies
  5. Barbecue Bust  -  Mississippi Jook Band
  6. I Crave My Pig Meat  - Blind Boy Fuller
  7. Barbecue Blues  - Barbecue Bob
  8. Pepper Sauce Mama  -  Charlie Campbell and His Red Peppers
  9. Pigmeat Blues  - Georgia White
  10. Gimme A Pig's Foot And A Bottle Of Beer  - Frankie "Half-Pint" Jaxon
  11. Pigs' Feet And Slaw  -  Tiny Parham & His Musicians
  12. Ham Bone Am Sweet  -  Four Southern Singers
  13. Meat Cuttin' Blues  -  Hunter & Jenkins
  14. Barbecue Any Old Time  - Brownie McGhee
  15. Come On Down  -  Jolly Two
  16. Barbecue Bess  - Bessie Jackson
  17. I Heard The Voice Of A Pork Chop  - Ben Covington
  18. Pig Meat Is What I Crave  - Bo Carter
  19. Fat Meat Is Good Meat  -  Savannah Churchill and Her All Star Seven
  20. Smoked Meat Blues  -  Richard M. Jones' Jazz Wizards
  21. Meat Man Pete  -  Vance Dixon & His Pencils
  22. Barbecue Blues  -  Hank Jones and His Ginger
  23. Who Did You Give My Barbecue To?, Pt. 2  - Big Boy Teddy Edwards
  24. Alabama Barbecue  -  Tempo King and His Kings of Tempo

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Barbecue Bob   Guitar,Vocals
Big Bill Broonzy   Guitar
Bo Carter   Guitar,Vocals
Blind Boy Fuller   Guitar,Vocals
Papa Charlie Jackson   Banjo
Lonnie Johnson   Guitar,Violin
Memphis Minnie   Guitar,Vocals
Josh White   Guitar
Paul   Guitar
Henry "Red" Allen   Trumpet
Will Bradley   Trombone
Eddie Condon   Guitar
Frankie "Half-Pint" Jaxon   Vocals
Joe Marsala   Clarinet
Tiny Parham   Piano
Richard M. Jones   Piano,Vocals
Sonny Scott   Guitar,Vocals
Blind Roosevelt Graves   Guitar
Wellman Braud   String Bass
Bull City Red   Washboard
Robert Ward   Guitar,Vocals
Lil Armstrong   Piano
Dalbert Bright   Clarinet,Saxophone
Brownie McGhee   Guitar,Vocals
Russ Case   Trumpet
Rupert Cole   Clarinet
Uaroy Graves   Tambourine
Bessie Jackson   Vocals
Little Son Joe   Guitar
Stan King   Drums
Charles Lawson   Trombone
John Lindsay   String Bass
Jimmy Lytell   Clarinet
Walter Martin   Washboard
Carmen Mastren   Guitar
"Big" Mike McKendrick   Banjo
Punch Miller   Cornet
Chauncey Morehouse   Drums
Papa Too Sweet   Vocals
Ikey Robinson   Banjo
Walter Roland   Guitar,Piano,Vocals
Frank Signorelli   Piano
Elliott Washington   Violin
Leola B. Wilson   Vocals
Quinn Wilson   Bass,Brass
Georgia White   Vocals
Charlie Jordan   Guitar,Vocals
Tempo King   Vocals
Morty Stuhlmaker   String Bass
Marty Marsala   Trumpet
Savannah Churchill   Vocals
Ben Covington   Banjo,Harmonica,Vocals
James Johnson   Piano,Celeste
Robert McCoy   Piano
Queenie Ada Rubin   Piano
Wesley Wilson   Piano,Vocals
Haig Stephens   String Bass
Artie Starks   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Henry Clark   Trombone
Cooney Vaughn   Piano
Charlie Campbell   Vocals
Charlie Manson   Guitar,Vocals
Robert Young   Washboard
Vance Dixon   Clarinet
Warner Seals   Tenor Saxophone
James Ward   Jug,Baritone (Vocal)
Big Boy Teddy Edwards   Vocals,tiple
Owen Ward   Bass (Vocal),Plucked Violin
Ernie Marrero   Drums,Washboard
Annie Laurie Ward   Washboard,Tenor (Vocal)

Technical Credits

Tiny Parham   Direction
Marshall Wyatt   Producer,Art Direction,Song Notes
Tom Hanchett   Essay
Christopher [1] C. King   Engineer
Jeff Carroll   Engineer
David Lynch   Graphic Design,Art Direction

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