Bare Necessity

Bare Necessity

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by Carole Matthews

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Once Emily Miller thought that losing her boyfriend Declan would be the worst thing that could happen. Of course, that was before she learned that the lowlife cad had secretly mortgaged their dream house, run up their shared debts . . . and posted a picture of her on the internet that would make a rugby team blush. Still, she is coping masterfully, despite losing


Once Emily Miller thought that losing her boyfriend Declan would be the worst thing that could happen. Of course, that was before she learned that the lowlife cad had secretly mortgaged their dream house, run up their shared debts . . . and posted a picture of her on the internet that would make a rugby team blush. Still, she is coping masterfully, despite losing her home and her dignity — until the local newspapers get wind of the story . . .

So here she is — homeless, jobless, loverless . . . and scandalous at thirty-two. Her best friend Cara thinks yoga, aromatherapy, and the perfect potion will turn Emily's karma around. Why not, Emily figures. It might help to attract that handsome stranger she's just barely met. Either that, or she'll hunt down the elusive Mr. Right herself. After all, there isn't much else that could possibly go wrong . . .

And sometimes, when you've got absolutely nothing left to lose . . . that's when you get everything you ever wanted!

Editorial Reviews

Library Journal
Emily Miller is a London schoolteacher whose boyfriend has a lot of ideas for making a killing in the dot-com revolution. The problem with his latest scheme for a hot web site is that he posts an X-rated picture of Emily. She loses her job, tabloid journalists camp out on her front lawn to catch more pictures, and she dumps the boyfriend. Then, at a party, a hunk catches her eye across a crowded room. But when he approaches her to chat, it's to tell her that she has pesto sauce on her nose. Emily flees the party in humiliation but can't get the guy out of her head. Emily and the hunk almost but not quite meet each other for the rest of the story, and if there is still a following for the Bridget Jones type of fiction, this book may find an audience. But the near-encounters are contrived, and the characters go beyond quirky to just dumb. Matthews's For Better, for Worse was a light, funny romp, but this one falls as flat as the dot-com craze it lampoons. Not recommended.-Kim Uden Rutter, Lake Villa Dist. Lib., IL Copyright 2003 Reed Business Information.
Kirkus Reviews
Bad boy bares bum. His girlfriend's, that is-and it's a fine sight to see. Emily Miller (34) was decked out in a teeny-tiny red chiffon Santa suit that left nothing, including her bountiful breasts, to the imagination. No harm in letting her darling Declan O'Donnell, boyfriend of five years, take a snap or two with his new digital camera, was there? And how amusing of him to take a black marker and scribble HO HO HO across her flawless buttocks. She never dreamed that he would post the provocative result online for every lusty lad and wheezing pensioner alive to see. Emily is famous. Too bad the headmaster at the posh school where she teaches has also seen it: the photo has been splashed all over the tabloids, along with a candid shot of her in a tattered blue bathrobe, looking like a council-housing harlot. So she's fired, and she's furious. But Declan secretly hopes to make money from the "Saucy Santa" and make it up to Emily somehow, since his dot-com enterprises have all turned out to be dot-bombs. Porn is about the only thing that makes money on the Web these days, so porn it will be. Classy porn. Emily, holed up with flaky girlfriend Cara, has to listen to Cara twitter on about auras and feng shui and other New Age concepts that might help heal her friend's wounded heart. She even enlists the help of her scruffily handsome colleague, Adam, a photographer for the local Hampstead newspaper that broke the story in the first place. Cara obviously has a crush on Adam-but later, when she happens to get close to the ever-seductive Declan amidst the steam and froth of a hot tub-why, she's positively blowing bubbles. Then Adam spies Emily across a crowded room and he's smitten. And it looksas if Emily is smitten right back. Lightweight romantic farce, often quite funny, from the British author of For Better, For Worse (2001). Agent: Helen Breitwieser/Cornerstone Literary

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Meet the Author

Carole Matthews worked as a secretary for six years before retraining as a Beauty Therapist. She approached Britain's Central Television with suggestions for a beauty programme and went on to write and develop a health-based magazine series called Look Good, Feel Great. After leaving Central Television, Carole worked in a holistic clinic in Milton Keyes, England and wrote freelance articles. She wrote her first fiction in 1995 — a short story that won the Writers News competition. She used the money to fund a writing course where she met her first literary agent. The rest, as they say, it history.

Already a best-selling author in England, Carole Matthews makes her American debut with For Better, For Worse, a book Kirkus Reviews calls "a cheeky romp from a best-selling Brit with a great sense of fun." The book, which has been optioned by Pandemonium Films, tells the story of recently divorced 30-something Londoner Josie Flynn. As her marriage ends in disaster, Josie flies across the ocean to her American cousin's "big mistake" wedding. Soured on love and in no rush to meet anyone, she ends up sitting next to Matt Jarvis — a recently divorced rock journalist who she becomes smitten with before the plane touches down. But alas, they go their separate ways. After all, Josie's got prenuptial confabs to worry about and that dreaded lilac chiffon bridesmaid's dress to wear. But Dante himself couldn't have dreamed up the hell this wedding is proving to be. Josie finds herself wondering how she — or any unattached modern woman, in fact — can hope to survive the new romantic rules of the twenty-first century.

For Better, For Worse was recently chosen as the fourth book club selection of the phenomenally successful Reading with Ripa book club on the nationally syndicated morning show, "Live with Regis & Kelly". "It's a big five points for humour," said co-host Kelly Ripa. "Live with Regis and Kelly" started the Reading with Ripa book club in April 2002. Ripa's previous three picks have all landed on the New York Times bestseller list.

Carole Matthews is a self-proclaimed evening class-aholic. So far she has studied garden design, golf, calligraphy, feng shui, stencilling, style analysis, watercolour painting, flower arranging, kiln glass, mosaics, stained glass and wire sculpture (to name a few!) She also runs day courses on 'Getting Your Novel Published' for Bedfordshire Adult Ed. Carole is also mad about films and of course, reading! She reads 1-2 books every week and is currently trying her hand at film scripts. Carole says she is eager to write more books(bestsellers, of course), more sitcom and maybe a comedy drama. She would also like to see the world, laugh a lot, stay healthy and eventually become wealthy and wise.

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Bare Necessity 3.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
This was my first book on tape, and I was pleased. Although, from what I gather, the book was supposed to be moderately funny, and Imogen Stubbs's narration was a little too dramatic...but she got the job done. I agree with one of the previous reviews the ending was similar to Sleepless in Seattle (I loved that movie!). It left you wanting more but in a good way.
Guest More than 1 year ago
i enjoyed this book all the way through. the ending does end rather quickly but it leaves you to imagine what happens next. a really fun light hearted book.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I loved this book from beginning to end. While there seems to be some disagreement from the reviewers as to the ending, read it and decide for yourself.
Guest More than 1 year ago
One of the best books I have read as of late! I especially loved the ending because it makes you think about the characters future. A great resolution. Everyone must read this hilarious, heart-felt book!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Bare necessity was one of the funniest books I have ever read, very easy to read and I could not put it down. I do agree with the other review the ending was very quick. I wanted to know what was going to happen to the couple (very Sleepless in Seattle). Great book though, I am on line to see if she has written any other books I can read. A must read!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book was great. Hilarious. I laughed my way through it. My only disappointment was the ending. It's almost like she just didn't want to write anymore about the novel. Read the book, but be aware that the ending is horrible.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I read For Better, For Worse by Carole Matthews and I thought it was great and this book is right up there with it! I'd recommend reading this book to anyone. I can't wait until her new one comes out this summer!