Barefoot at Sunset

Barefoot at Sunset

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by Roxanne St. Claire

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Introducing Barefoot Bay Timeless...a new trilogy celebrating the sexy silver fox hero! Set on the sun-washed sands of Barefoot Bay, these contemporary novels tell stories of second chances and redemption.

When forty-eight year old widower Mark Solomon arrives in Barefoot Bay for his high school reunion, he's not quite prepared for the onslaught of memories or the


Introducing Barefoot Bay Timeless...a new trilogy celebrating the sexy silver fox hero! Set on the sun-washed sands of Barefoot Bay, these contemporary novels tell stories of second chances and redemption.

When forty-eight year old widower Mark Solomon arrives in Barefoot Bay for his high school reunion, he's not quite prepared for the onslaught of memories or the attention from interested single women who've gathered for the annual event on the beach. He's ready to ditch the whole thing and resume his life as an adventure-seeking world traveler until he discovers a woman sobbing on his doorstep...and has an idea.

By her own admission, advertising copywriter Emma DeWitt is jaded, jilted, and jobless, but she goes over the edge when she learns that the resort villa that was supposed to be the site of her romantic honeymoon is occupied by a single man. But when the sexy silver fox whose staying in the villa surprises her with an irresistible offer to pose as his fake fiancée, Emma sees a way to have her week in paradise and begin healing her broken heart.

Mark believes every person has only one soul mate...and he's met, married, and buried his. Emma believes that love is a marketing concept created to sell fairy tales and expensive weddings. What if they are both wrong...and completely right for each other?

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Published since 2003, Roxanne St. Claire is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of more than forty romance and suspense novels. She has written several popular series, including Barefoot Bay, the Guardian Angelinos, and the Bullet Catchers.

In addition to being an eight-time nominee and one-time winner of the prestigious RITA™ Award for the best in romance writing, Roxanne's novels have won the National Reader's Choice Award for best romantic suspense three times, as well as the Maggie, the Daphne du Maurier Award, the HOLT Medallion, Booksellers Best, Book Buyers Best, the Award of Excellence, and many others.

She lives in Florida with her husband, and still attempts to run the lives of her teenage daughter and 20-something son. She loves dogs, books, chocolate, and wine, but not always in that order.

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Barefoot at Sunset 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 25 reviews.
BonBonBonnie 8 months ago
I love all her books, but this one was the best. What a beautiful story. Can't wait for the others in this series
mslizalou 9 months ago
I absolutely love that Roxanne St. Claire has brought her readers back to Barefoot Bay with the Barefoot Bay Timeless series. As I'm not close to my own 25th high school reunion, I love reading about a little bit older hero. I absolutely loved Mark Solomon from the moment he appeared on the page. I loved that Mark not only fell in love with his high school girlfriend, he still loved her years after she passed away. I grew up in a small town so totally got the whole concern from Mark that everyone would still bring up him and Julia at their reunion. I also loved that Mark still talked to Julia and listened to her advice all those years later. I also absolutely loved that Mark wanted to help Emma out as soon as he met her. Emma is such a fun and strong character. I love that even though she had been jilted by her fiancée and lost her job, she still went to Barefoot Bay for her honeymoon. I loved that Mark and Emma connected so well from the very first moment they met. Yes Mark is one of those heroes who takes cares of everyone, but they also had an amazing attraction from the very beginning. I loved they didn't really rush into anything to quickly. Yes they were pretending to be engaged to one another, but they talked and connected on every single level. I loved watching Mark and Emma fall for one another. They had absolutely amazing chemistry together and I loved them as a couple. I didn't love that Mark didn't share when he learned more about Emma's ex, but understood he wanted to protect Emma. I have to admit that as Mark and Emma grew closer to each other, I loved them more and more as a couple. Roxanne St. Claire pulled every single emotion possible out of me while reading Barefoot at Sunset. I went from laughing out loud at times to crying like a baby at other times. I love a book that makes me feel so many different emotions. Ms. St. Claire gave me hope for second chance romance with Mark and Emma. I absolutely adored everything about Barefoot at Sunset and am anxiously awaiting the next 2 books in the Barefoot Bay Timeless series.
Maria-Rose 4 months ago
Mark is back in Barefoot Bay for his 30th high school reunion. At 48, he's already married his high school sweetheart Julia, lived a wonderful life with her and grieved her death from cancer sixteen years earlier. He hadn't intended to come back for the reunion but whenever important decisions had to be made in his life following Julia's death he'd come to accept certain signs from her spirit, and feeling a nudge again, he's come back home. He's reconnecting with some high school friends and has been asked to help with the steering committee for the reunion that will encompass several anniversary years. What he isn't looking forward to is the sympathy and questions about Julia's death and his current marital state. When he comes across a weeping woman on the doorstep of his resort cabin his gentlemanly manners come through and he invites her in. Emma reveals to Mark that her fiance dumped her shortly before their wedding and she's come to visit the place they were supposed to have their honeymoon – and discovered that her ex canceled the reservation for the cabin that Mark is now staying in. A quick thinking Mark proposes a plan – she can stay with him in the cabin (he'll take the couch) and get her bearings again (she's not only fiance-less, she's jobless too). In return, she can pretend to be his fiance at the reunion to stop any questions about Julia and matchmaking attempts from the single ladies present. It's a perfect plan – if they can follow it through without getting too involved. When their week together is up and the reunion is over, will their new found feelings for each other be so easy to dismiss? What a lovely story! There are definitely moments of poignancy as Mark comes to terms with being back in his home town where he met and buried his wife, but they are treated in such a way as to make the story emotional without being maudlin. Part of the story involves both Mark and Emma facing their fears. For Emma, it's her current situation of having quit her job as a copywriter when her relationship ended with the man who was also her boss. As a woman pushing forty, the idea of starting out again is daunting, but Mark makes her face that fear and consider a future branching out with her own business. For Mark, his fear is facing all those places where he and Julia used to spend time together – whether it's the church they got married in (and where her funeral was), a visit with Julia's aged father, or even walking the halls of the high school again. He always believed that Julia was his one and only soul mate, and the feelings he starts to develop for Emma, even in such a short time are worrisome. He'd never anticipated falling for another woman. But where Emma has some of the same qualities that Julia had, she's definitely her own woman. Emma is bright and smart and funny and empathetic. She makes Mark feel again, and he is challenged to let her in all the way. I really enjoyed how the story played out, how Mark and Emma dealt with the sexual attraction between them in a believable manner and how suited they were as a couple. Their love scenes are sensual and full of emotion as neither can pretend that what's happening between them is just sex. It's a lovely, heartwarming romance with a beautifully done happy ending.
BetweenMyBookendz 5 months ago
I love reading contemporary romance that has all the ingredients for a great read - sweet romance, spicy love scenes and engrossing characters. This book adds an even better touch - some salt and pepper! Barefoot at Sunset featured a new kind of hero, the handsome, athletic 48 year-old Mark Solomon. Widowed for 16 years, Mark has never recovered from the death of his high school sweetheart Julie. Some unidentifiable “force” has him coming home to Mimosa Key for his high school reunion at the exclusive resort of Barefoot Bay. At the same time, Emma DeWitt has fled to the resort after being left almost-at-the altar by her fiance, who also happened to be her boss! Now the ad copywriter is jobless and sobbing the arms of the man who scored what was to be her honeymoon villa! Before you know it, mutual attraction starts to become something much, much more! “Silver foxes” get the “Roxanne St. Clair” touch in this visit to Barefoot Bay. At last, an author understands that, ahem, mature heros can be just as hot as a young alpha hotshot! Mark and Emma are working through all kinds of emotions, for each other and their respective situations. Throw in the fact that they are pretending to be an engaged couple…….you just know it’s going to be a roller coaster ride! Of course the book is well-written, the characters finely drawn and Barefoot Bay as beautiful as ever. But this book explores the deeper themes of betrayal by a loved one, loss of a soulmate and the refusal to leave your comfort zone. With an expert touch, Ms. St. Clair manages to interlace these intense feelings with wit and passion to show the reader that second chances do exist! Visiting Barefoot Bay never disappoints, and this new series promises to be another top-notch addition to the book world of Mimosa Key! I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.
PDX_reader_Jane 5 months ago
Silver, sexy and a smash story! Ever start a book late at night and think just one more chapter as the clock strikes midnight? Then go to bed, only to get up and read more? If so, read this book! The story flows so smoothly and you just fall in love with Mark and Emma! Set in Barefoot Bay, FL, like Roxanne St. Claire’s other series Barefoot Bay Undercover, Barefoot at Sunset is the first book in a new series called Barefoot Bay Timeless. What sets this series apart is the ages of the characters --- they have some silver in their hair! What a refreshing change! Oh, you will still find hot, handsome heroes and winsome women and sexy scenes. A high school reunion draws widower Mark back to Barefoot Bay. The memories of his wife and soul mate Julia in school and the town are more than he can handle. And then there are the single women interested in him! It’s only the first day and he is ready to bail. Advertising copywriter Emma is supposed to be enjoying her honeymoon at Casa Blanca Resort. (She wrote the brochure!) Instead she is here alone, having been jilted by fiancé -and boss- 2 weeks before the wedding! Jilted. Jobless. And someone else is occupying HER villa! Mark finds Emma sobbing on his front steps. She maybe just what he needs ---- a fake fiancée for the week! A week in paradise could be what she needs. Could they need each other? Mark believes that Julia was his one and only soul mate. Emma believes love is an advertising concept. Could they be wrong?
Anonymous 5 months ago
Another great Barefoot installment. I love reading stories about mature adults. Enough simmering twenty somethings out there.
ReadingOverTV 7 months ago
Barefoot at Sunset by Roxanne St Claire A beautiful contemporary romance that will leave you in awe and wishing that this Florida resort actually existed. I know I'd be on their waiting list. St Claire can bring me to tears in the best emotional way. I was a sobbing mess in one part. It's so good. A powerful love. Both past and present. Part of a series but stands on its own. Don't be put off by initial descriptions of "silver" in his hair. He's only in his 40's while the heroine is in her 30's. Does age really matter in a riveting romance? Not when there is laughter, friendship, and commonality. If you love a good romance, this is one you don't want to miss. Excerpt: “And right then, under the pale moon with man she’d known a little more than twenty-four hours, Emma felt her whole heart and soul slip, slide, and stumble toward something she’d never felt before. Mark believed in her, and because of that, she believed in herself.” Excerpt From: Roxanne St. Claire. “Barefoot At Sunset.”
gmfuhlman 8 months ago
The story starts with us meeting widower Mark Solomon who was talk into being a part of his high school reunion. It has been 30th since he graduated high school. He never realizes that being back in Barefoot Bay that he would have all these memories that all of a sudden came rushing in on him. At this point he wasn’t ready for the attention that he was getting from the single women. By accident he meets Emma DeWitt, who is an, advertising copywriter, who just got jilted, and jobless. She just found out that the resort villa that she was supposed to be her romantic honeymoon is now occupied by a single man. Now this man is very sexy and he is a silver fox whose staying in the villa. Barefoot at Sunset is the latest in Roxanne St. Claire’s fabulous Barefoot Bay series. We get to meet some silver foxes that you can’t resist. I can’t wait for the next book to see just what Roxanne has in store for us. It was great to see that you can fine love at any age. Because sometime we don’t give ourselves a chance at finding love again or even giving love a second chance. Love is such a wonderful gift to share with someone special, and Roxanne St. Claire knows how to write a story that has all the feeling of joy and happiness with a few tears and some laughter. This is a must read!
luvluke6t6 8 months ago
I loved this book! It is one of my favorites set in Barefoot Bay. Barefoot at Sunset is a great story, filled with amazing characters and a bittersweet romance. The story is about Mark Solomon, a widower in town for the Mimosa High School all class reunion and Emma DeWitt, a jilted and unemployed ad copywriter. Emma was supposed to to stay in the villa that Mark is renting for her honeymoon. She arrives to find out that the reservation for the villa was cancelled. She just wanted to escape and there are no rooms left as Casa Blanca because of the class reunion. Mark develops a plan, Emma will pretend to be his fake fiancée and he'll let her stay in the villa for the week. Mark feels that he already met and marries his once in a lifetime soul mate. His wife, Julia, was his high school sweetheart, and she died sixteen years ago and this is his first trip back since her funeral. He is not interested in finding a new wife. He wants Emma to be his fake fiancée to avoid any talk about Julia or any sympathy over her death. The love story has its ups and downs. One of my favorite moments is when their driver talks about moving to Florida from Pittsburgh to avoid the winter weather, a nod to Rocki's own past. Truly enjoyed falling in love with Mark and Emma.
blonde_betty 8 months ago
Barefoot at Sunset is the latest in Roxanne St. Claire’s fabulous Barefoot Bay Universe and heralds the coming of the silver foxes. Yes, the silver foxes that we all know and love are now the heroes of their own series. I, for one, am definitely cheering their arrival. Love is not reserved for the young and sometimes it is far sweeter when it occurs later in life, or even the second time around. This book made me laugh and it made me cry. It also made me hope that I have friends as good as the fictional ones St. Claire brings to the page. Emma and Mark are the beginning to what I hope are many more books about my generation finding love. I know there are at least two more this summer and I can’t wait. Copy received from the author in exchange for an honest review.
TKD_TKD 8 months ago
Roxanne St Claire brings love to her 40-something readers in the first of her Barefoot Bay Timeless trilogy. This was an excellent story that all readers will love but strikes a chord for her more seasoned fans. This story focuses on finding love, losing that love and whether you can have love again. You will feel a range of emotions from joy to heartache. I laughed many times at the alliteration banter between the characters and my heart ached for the H/h for their outlooks on lasting love. Mark Solomon has never dealt with the death of his beloved wife Julia; he’s been running for 16 years. Emma DeWitt is jaded from her broken engagement and her job as a copywriter for an advertising agency. What starts as a platonic ruse quickly turns into a deeper connection than either of them is ready for.
Pack52LG 9 months ago
I received an advanced copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. A second chance at love? No way. Together since high school, Mark and Julia were destined for a lifetime of love. She was his soul mate, his one and only forever. Until tragically, after sixteen years of marriage, Julia died. On his own, Mark Solomon sold the online dating service he and Julia built and headed out for a life of adventure with nothing to tie him down. Headed to Barefoot Bay for his class reunion, he's dreading being hit on by the single ladies and fielding the intrusive questions about Julia. Unless... Emma DeWitt is a copywriter for a New York ad agency engaged to be married to her boss when two weeks before the wedding, he called it off. So what else could a jilted bride do? Might as well make use of the honeymoon villa, right? Quitting her job after her break-up, Emma heads to Barefoot Bay to get away and enjoy the Florida sun at the resort where her honeymoon was booked. After all she did write the copy for the brochures for Casa Blanca. So she thought she'd live the dream anyway, only to find out on arrival her ex had his secretary cancel the reservation and was now rented to a gorgeous George Clooney look-alike. With nowhere to stay, what else could Mark do but invite her in? So what happens when two people who vowed never to fall in love again find a mutual, unavoidable attraction? Can Mark fully get over his one and only love, his soul mate? Will he be able to keep her in his heart and let her go from his life? Can Emma, still hurting from a broken engagement, find love again so soon? I loved the more mature characters and the experiences that make them who they are. The time span is rather short, but that didn't bother me as the attraction between the characters was almost immediate and since most of their time was spent together, things moved right along. Barefoot at Sunset is the first of three books by Ms. St. Claire in her latest Barefoot Bay series. A wonderful trilogy of second chances and silver foxes. What more could you want? So grab that beach bag and a bottle of wine and kick off your shoes and fall in love!
alexiajanie 9 months ago
"Barefoot at Sunset" by Roxanne St. Claire is part of her 'Barefoot' series of books but it is the first book in her 'Barefoot Bay Timeless' series. In this story Mark Solomon goes back to Barefoot Bay for his high school reunion. He's torn because his soulmate, high school sweetheart, and wife passed away from Cancer and he's forced to remember their good times together. He meets Emma Dewitt, who is crying on his doorstep, since she showed up in Barefoot Bay because she was supposed to be married, and this was to be her honeymoon. The only problem is that she was dumped by her fiance before the wedding. The two find their way together as cohorts, he needs someone to fend off the unwanted advances of the ladies at the reunion, and she needs a place to stay. They pretend to be engaged, become friends, and through a series of events find their way together. I love the "Barefoot Series" but I absolutely LOVED this story.
LindsayB93 9 months ago
Let me start off by saying that most of the time I don’t even notice or remember the age of characters in a book. That being said I was still a little iffy on this book. I love Roxanne St Claire’s books but this was highly promoted as an older hero. I was not sure I would be able to connect with the characters like I do in her other books. I was wrong about that. Mark is attending his high school reunion which is an all class reunion since the school was so small. He is only there because of a sign he got from his late wife. The problem is everyone knew Mark as part of Mark and Julia, now Julia is gone. It seems like everywhere he turns someone is asking him why he hasn’t remarried or telling them how sorry they are. After finding Emma crying on his doorstep he comes up with a plan to help him get through the week without having to answer all the questions he would rather avoid. Emma got dumped right before her wedding. She is the one that wrote the brochure for Casa Blanca and thinks it is the perfect place for a honeymoon. Even though the wedding was called off she still wants her vacation in paradise. The man staying in the villa that she should have been in is nice enough to let her in to look around. Then Mark tells her his crazy idea of her pretending to be his wife for the week so he avoids the questions and she gets to have her vacation. This was another great addition to the Barefoot Bay world. As always this is a standalone but if you have read the other books set in Barefoot Bay you will get to see a few of your favorite characters.
Bette313 9 months ago
This book was simply awesome!! With characters a bit older and wiser it was refreshing to watch their relationship build into something strong and lasting. Mark Solomon arrives in Mimosa Bay for a high school reunion and is immediately overwhelmed with the women blatantly showing their interest in him. He may be a single widower but enough is enough. Emma DeWitt shows up at Casa Blanca at what was suppose to be her honeymoon retreat to find Mark staying in the villa that was suppose to be hers. When he makes an out of the blue proposition for her to act as his fake fiance in exchange for her staying in the villa with him she simply can't refuse! These two are great together and slowly what starts out as a simple friendship turns into something much more. You definitely want to grab this wonderfully written story. I highly recommend it.
Sweetpea53 9 months ago
I started reading books by Roxanne when she released the Barefoot Bay series and I look forward to each new one in the series. This new addition centers on what she calls a "silver fox." Mark is in his 40's and has come back to his home town to attend his high school reunion. He does so with a bit of trepidation as his wife Julia has died unexpectedly and he is forced to face all his friends and schoolmates without her. Their identities were so closely tied together in school that they were known as "MarkandJulia" and he knows that he will have to face the questions and the expressions of sympathy that he is not sure he wants to deal with. Mark encounters Emma at the resort and discovers that she and her former fiance were supposed to have stayed in his suite on their honeymoon... but her fiance called off the wedding just a few days earlier. She was hoping to be able to at least enjoy the ambiance of the resort but the reservation was cancelled when the wedding was called off. Despite just meeting each other, there is a definite chemistry. Mark is not sure how to handle it as he feels he is betraying the memory of Julia. To make matters even more interesting, Emma and Mark decide to masquerade as an engaged couple in order to fend off the questions of Mark's well-meaning friends as well as the advances of the single women at the reunion. In dealing with his feelings toward Emma, Mark begins to heal and see that he can move on. Certain things happen that make him believe Julia is giving him her blessing to get on with his life. I don't want to share any spoilers but there is one scene in particular which brought tears to me eyes. This is a great story of new beginnings and second chances at happiness. Grab a beach chair, a cold drink and spend some time in Barefoot Bay. Disclaimer: I was gifted an advance copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.
brandihowell1 9 months ago
Another great start to yet another Barefoot Trilogy. Roxanne starts a series bringing us into the 40+ generation. Bring on the silver foxes!!!! Mark was part of a high school sweetheart couple known as markandjulia. After being roped into helping with the all school reunion, Mark has to face some challenging memories. Emma came to the island on a honeymoon without a groom. After being jilted, she decides to go on the honeymoon alone. She finds that villa was cancelled by the groom and re-rented. As she sits on the steps crying, up walks a gorgeous man that seems like he wants to help. With Mark's need for the adrenaline rush and Emma's need to not take risks, they seem like complete opposites until an unlikely need to help one another brings them together. This shows them that there is still a lot of life left to live. Can't wait for the next two installments.
sbart84 9 months ago
Finding romance at any age is a special treat and not just for the young ones but also the middle age silver foxes!! I was so excited when Rocki said she was going to write about silver foxes, and this book was a pure delight to read. I love returning to Barefoot Bay and reacquaint with past characters. This book will bring smiles, tears and more smiles. Loved Mark and Emma. Mark has returned to Barefoot Bay for a class reunion, he lost his wife, soul mate sixteen years ago never expecting to find true love again. Emma has arrived for her honeymoon, that never happened since she was jilted at the alter. Mark is staying in Emma's room since her fiancee has cancelled the reservations. With no where else to stay, Mark offers up a deal with Emma. Will she be his fake fiancee for the week for a place to stay. There friendship develops into so much more, as they face their fears. I can't wait to read the next two books in this series!!
My_Peace 9 months ago
In Barefoot at Sunset, Mark has made his life travelling the world seeking adventure after the loss of his true love years ago. He finds himself back in Barefoot Bay for his high school's 30th reunion, but is caught off guard by the memories, the questions, and the women after him. He thinks he's moved on from his loss, but has he really? Emma has come to Barefoot Bay when her life doesn't go as planned, but even that doesn't go as planned. Together by circumstance and coincidence, Mark and Emma are on their own adventure in Barefoot Bay. Both of them have walls around their hearts, but sometime those walls are meant to be breached... Barefoot at Sunset is a second chance romance in the dreamy setting of Barefoot Bay. I love going to Barefoot Bay, and this time was no exception. Mark and Emma are mature characters, with a lot of life experience, but they are by no means perfect. They are very different, but the quick connection between them as they move from friends to something more was believable. I enjoyed watching them get to know each other, have fun together, and share their heart aches. To me they felt good for each other, and I liked how open both of them were...even if what was being said wasn't what the other wanted to hear. The unexpected journey they are on and the character growth was heart warming and hopeful. I'd recommend Barefoot at Sunset to any romance reader. I received a free copy for an honest review.
JuliaAD 9 months ago
Mark married his high school sweetheart and knew that he would never love anyone else. What they didn't know was that his true love would die young and he would be left alone. He spends all his time running around the world doing dangerous things. When Mark goes to his high school reunion, he finds a weeping woman his doorstep. Emma has been jilted. She goes to Barefoot Bay because that is where she was going to go on her honeymoon, but her ex has already cancelled the reservation. So, she sits on the doorstep to have a good cry. This is where Mark finds her. He is so kind and considerate how could she not fall in love with him. How can she compete with a ghost? Everyone knows that Mark lost his soul mate and will never have another. Or could they all be wrong?
PennieM 9 months ago
Slip your toes in the sand of Barefoot Bay and fall in love with this absolutely wonderful story. Mark Solomon has come home to Mimosa Key for his high school reunion and he is wrangled onto the planning committee. The first steps into the first meeting and he is bombarded with questions about his late wife. This sends him into survivor mode and he escapes back to his villa, excepts he finds a crying woman on his doorstep. Emma DeWitt is not having a good day, her fiance has canceled the wedding and after canceling everything she found the honeymoon was still booked so she thought she would take advantage of it but when she tried to check in, the reservation had been booked. She knew what villa she was to be in so she thought she would try to get a glimpse at it and this is where she meets Mark. Oh what a tangled web we weave. These two were so perfect for each other and are proof that there is someone for everyone even the second time around. **Received this book in exchange for an honest review**
Lashea677 9 months ago
Finding love at any age is a gift. Discovering it twice in one life time is a rarity. The timeless series of Barefoot Bay was a wonderful idea. When I originally heard about this series I didn't know what to expect but Ms. St. Claire did what she does best. Wrote a great story. Mark has floundered for years after a devastating loss. His days are spent testing his body in extreme ways and traveling the world trying to forget. A high school reunion proves to be cathartic in more ways then one. It reminds him that he is more than the other half of a power couple and that it is time to move on. Set in a place that is postcard worthy, Barefoot at Sunset exudes a wisdom and maturity that only time can yield. There is no other way to describe this story than that is a welcome asset to this series.
Anonymous 9 months ago
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