Bartlett Designs: Speculating with Architecture / Edition 1

Bartlett Designs: Speculating with Architecture / Edition 1

by Iain Borden

"The Bartlett School of Architecture at UCL is one of the world's leading places at which to study and teach architecture. Every year it attracts hundreds of students from around to world to come and participate in its highly experimental and rigorous range of architecture programmes. Its graduates have won an extraordinary range of prizes on the international

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"The Bartlett School of Architecture at UCL is one of the world's leading places at which to study and teach architecture. Every year it attracts hundreds of students from around to world to come and participate in its highly experimental and rigorous range of architecture programmes. Its graduates have won an extraordinary range of prizes on the international stage, and are highly sought after by architectural practices globally." "Bartlett Designs: Speculating With Architecture is a collection of the very best of this student work from the last decade. Through a detailed presentation of over 170 student projects, each succinctly explained by the individual tutors concerned, the book shows how architectural designs and ideas can creatively address some of the world's most pressing urban and social problems through buildings and other forms of architectural invention. The wide range of projects on show deal inventively with such important issues as cultural identity, housing, climate change, health and public space, as well as architectural concerns with the imagination of exciting forms and aesthetic languages." Complementing the student projects is a series of short and provocative essays written by tutors at the school. Ranging from landscape to buildings, from urbanism to interaction, from making to advanced technology, these essays postulate a series of manifestoes and agendasand so both create a conceptual framework around the incredible variety of student work on display, and suggest some of the most current and pertinent agendas for architecture today.

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Table of Contents

Bartlett Designs (Iain Borden).

A Colourworks Royal Victoria Docks, London (Johan Berglund).

All the Fun of the Circus (David Roy)

Allegorical House and Registry Office, Mexico City (CostaElia).

Auction House, London (Tom Holberton).

Aural Experience (Jacob Paskins).

Bankrupts’ Institute, Venice (Ben Clement).

Basilica of San Clemente, Rome (Kenny Tsui).

Berlin Infection (Peter Kidger).

Biotechnology of Breakfast (Sacha Leong).

Blossoming of Perspective (Penelope Haralambidou).

Camden Market Council, London (Dean Pike).

Capacitor, Lea Valley, London (Yumi Saito).

Carbon Casino (Richard Bevan).

Casino, Brownsea Island, Poole (Mark Ng).

Cathedral and Catacomb for a Cultural Treasure (Kevin Bai).

Cinema and Lecture Theatres, Venice (Christopher Wong).

Clothed House (Zoe Quick).

Collections of a Mud Lark (Sarah Bromley).

Continua (Neil Spiller, Simon Herron and Susanne Isa).

Cortical Plasticity (Dan Farmer).

Cosmic House, Trafalgar Square, London (Tim Norman).

Culture (Ben Campkin and cj Lim).

Death Academy (James Hampton).

Digital Poetics (Marjan Colletti).

Dog Racing Track, Baku (Rhys Cannon).

Doing Un-doing Over-doing Re-doing (Sophie Handler).

Domestic Sedimentary Space (Lisa Silver).

Drawing On Chance (Yeoryia Manolopoulou).

Dreaming of Flight (Tristan Wigfall).

Efflorescent Drawing Device (Ryan Martin).

Elements, Kai Tak City (Jan Kattein).

Emperor’s Castle, Tokyo (Thomas Hillier).

English Tropical Garden, Isles of Scilly (Thomas Dunn).

Environmental Parasite, London (Jacobus Strauss).

Fabrication (Bob Sheil, Mark Smout and Marjan Colletti).

Fish Farm, Camargue (Massimo Minale).

Floating City 2030 (Anthony Lau).

Flood House, Rhine Delta (Matthew Butcher).

Flotsam and Jetsam (Michael Garnett).

Funerary Landscape (Asif Khan).

Global Warming Causes Frozen Music to Melt (Bethany Wells).

Gout Clinic, Swindon (Michael Aling).

Greasy Spoon Café, Lincoln’s Inn Fields (DavidGouldstone).

Gulliver (Joerg Majer).

Hooke’s Invisible Monument (Matt Wilkinson).

Horseriders’ Hostel, Paracutin (Agnieszka Glowacka).

Hotel Room (Dora Sweijd).

Icelandic Parliament, Thingvellir (Ben Ridley).

Imagination (Jack Spencer Ashworth).

Inhabitable Flesh of Architecture (Marcos Cruz).

Inhabiting Infrastructures, Levittown (John Ashton).

Installation Projects (Year 1).

Instrumental Architectures (Kyle Buchanan).

Intensive Care Installation (Ian David).

Interaction (Marcos Cruz and Stephen Gage).

Interactive Devices (Phillip Waind).

Intimate Encounter (Lilian Chee).

Island Works (Harriet Lee).

James Bond Tableau (Doug Hodgson, Imran Jahn, Emma James, AratiKhanna and Poppy Kirkwood).

Land of Scattered Seeds (John Puttick).

Landscape (Laura Allen and Yeoryia Manolopoulou).

London After the Rain (Ben Olszyna-Marzys).

Living Tower, New York (Rory Harmer).

Luxor by Horse (Dimitrios Argyros).

Made in China (Jimmy Hung).

Magicians’ Theatre, Rome (Sara Shafiei).

Ministry of Pestilence (Kate Davies).

Mobile Appliances for the Hells Angels (Caspar Rodgers).

Nano-Prosthetics (Glen Tomlin).

Narration (Jonathan Hill and Jane Rendell).

National Park of the Interior (John Norman).

Observatory and Ticket Office, Foro Romano, Rome (Ben Cowd).

One Million Square Feet of Love (Nicholas Henderson).

Opera House, Gibraltar (Harriet Lee).

Opium Refinery, London (Owen Jones).

Palais Idéal (Bastian Glassner).

Parliament Building, Hong Kong (Andrew Stanforth).

Patent Office and Archive, London (Luke Chandresinghe).

Perceptual Observatory, Greenwich (Steve Westcott).

Performative Ecologies (Ruairi Glynn).

Performed City (Abigail Yeates).

Perfumery and Exercise Facility (Tom Holberton).

Pie Shop, Bloomsbury, London (Ian Laurence, Karl Normanton andFrances Taylor).

Pilgrimage Chapel, Rome (Jay Williams).

Postcards from Dorothy (Cynthia Leung).

Process (Colin Fournier and Christine Hawley).

Prosthetic Mythologies (Kate Davies and EmmanuelVercruysse).

Reflexive Lagoon (Irini Androutsopoulou).

Remote Prosthetics (Michael Wihart).

Resonant Observatory, UCL (Tim Barwell).

Retirement Home, Newcastle-upon-Tyne (Luke Pearson).

Robert Street Cabinet (Umut Yamac).

Salammbô (Martha Markopoulou).

Salt Youth Hostel, Utah (James Daykin).

Scape (Eva Christina Sommeregger).

Scriptwriters’ Retreat, Barcelona (Sarah Custance).

Seismological Research Centre, Porto (John Craske).

Ship Cultivation, Epping Forest, London (ChristianKerrigan).

Social Club and Distillery (John Oliver).

Sonic Feedback Machine (Richard Roberts).

Spectral Turn Around Venice (Luke Jones).

Stations of the Cross, St Ignatius of Loyola, Rome (MelissaClinch).

Stolen Kiss (Fiona Sheppard).

Strange Ducks (Simon Kennedy).

Symphonic Canon, Valletta (Pascal Bronner).

Synthetic Syncretism (Tobias Klein).

Textile Reading Room (Lucy Leonard).

The Graduation, UCL (Ian Laurence and Karl Normanton).

The Trial (Dan Brady).

Therapeutic Park, Shanghai (Masaki Kakizoe and Kenny Tsui).

Times Square Tower, New York (Jonathan Mizzi).

Toward a Material Poetics (Kristen Kreider).

Toy City, Shanghai (Nat Keast).

Tube Driver’s House, Brighton (Dale Elliott).

Tuneable City (Melissa Appleton).

Twenty-Three Box Brownie Cameras (Daniel Swift Gibbs).

Uncle Toby’s Garden (Catherine Irvine).

Unfolding Mobile Architecture (Daniel Hall).

(Un)Natural History Society, London (Anton Ambrose).

Urbanisms (Nic Clear and Iain Borden).

Watching, Waiting (Alex McAsian).

Weights and Measures Institute: le Concombre (GregoryJones).

Whale House, Madeira (Aaron Lim).

Whirl of Wonders! (Josie Kane).

Whisky Distillery, Arizona (Richard Hardy).

Wordrobe (Olivia Gordon).

Summer Show.


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