Basic and Clinical Perspectives in Vision Research: A Celebration of the Career of Hisako Ikeda / Edition 1

Basic and Clinical Perspectives in Vision Research: A Celebration of the Career of Hisako Ikeda / Edition 1

by Jon G. Robbins, M.B. Djamgoz, Anthony Taylor

ISBN-10: 0306452022

ISBN-13: 9780306452024

Pub. Date: 02/29/1996

Publisher: Springer US

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Table of Contents

Ocular Structure, Function and Disease: A Study of Pupil Response Components in Human Vision (J.L. Barbur). Factors Regulating the Blood Flow in the Optic Nerve Head (S.S. Hayreh). Retinal Structure, Function and Disease: The Architecture of Functional Neural Circuits in the Cat Retina (H. Kolb). Rhodopsin Gene Mutations Causing Retinitis Pigmentosa: Functional Phenotypes of Codon 23 and Codon 135 Genotypes (S.G. Jacobson et al.). The Regulatory Role of Dopaminergic Pathways in the Mammalian Outer Retina (M.W. Hankins, H. Ikeda). Spatiochromatic Signalling in Vertebrate Retina (M.B.A. Djamgoz, R. Petruv). On bipolar Cells, Visual Sensitivity and the bWave (G. Falk, R.A. Shiells). Effects of GABA Receptors Agonists on Cholinergic Amacrine Cells in the Rabbit Retina (M.J. Neal). Ramifications of GABA Receptor Subtypes on Retinal Information Processing (M. Slaughter et al.). Postnatal Development of Neurotransmitter Systems in the Mammalian Retina (J. Robbins, H. Ikeda). Impaired Dynamics of Retinal Processing in Dopaminergic Deficiency States in Man and Monkey (I. BodisWollner). Higher Visual Centers Structure, Function and Disease: The Role of the Pretectum in the Pupillary Light Reflex (R.J. Clarke, P.D.R. Gamlin). From Spatiotemporal Tuning to Velocity Analysis (M.J. Wright, K.N. Gurney). Binocular Integration in the Visual Cortex (P. Hammond). Visual Cortical Plasticity and Neurotrophic Factors (M. Fagiolini et al.). Residual Visual Function in the Absence of the Human Striate Cortex (K. Ruddock). Index.

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