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Basic Concepts Of Health Care Human Resource Management

Basic Concepts Of Health Care Human Resource Management

by Nancy J. Niles

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ISBN-10: 1449653294

ISBN-13: 9781449653293

Pub. Date: 03/29/2012

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning

Featuring practical, experience based exercises and case studies in each chapter, Basic Concepts of Human Resource Management will give your students a strong foundation in the basic concepts of HR Management in health care.

Beginning with a survey of HRM, from its beginnings to present-day trends, the text moves on to cover state and federal healthcare laws,


Featuring practical, experience based exercises and case studies in each chapter, Basic Concepts of Human Resource Management will give your students a strong foundation in the basic concepts of HR Management in health care.

Beginning with a survey of HRM, from its beginnings to present-day trends, the text moves on to cover state and federal healthcare laws, codes of ethics, staffing organizations, training and development, employee relations, and long-term planning. Each section focuses on a key area of HRM, with individual chapters providing support materials and resources for personnel. The text is designed to be equally accessible and useful for both established human resource departments in large-scale organizations and general managers of smaller organizations with no specialized HR department.

Key Features:

Clearly established learning objectives for each chapter
Concise summary of chapter materials in the concluding section
List of key vocabulary terms for each chapter
Student workbook activities to encourage concept retention and facilitate engagement
Reference section at the end of each chapter for further reading

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New Edition
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Table of Contents

Preface ix

Acknowledgments xvii

About the Author xix

Part I Introduction 1

Chapter 1 M What Is Human Resource Management? 3

Learning Objectives 3

Did You Know That? 3

Introduction 3

Major Milestones of Human Resource Management 4

The Role of Human Resources in Healthcare Organizations 7

Conclusion 16

Vocabulary 16

References 17

Student Workbook Activities 19

Chapter 2 Legal, Ethical, and Safety Issues in the Healthcare Workplace 33

Learning Objectives 33

Did You Know That? 33

Introduction 33

Basic Concepts of Law in the Healthcare Workplace 34

Tort Reform Discussion 35

Human Resource-Related Legislation 36

Basic Concepts of Ethics in the Healthcare Workplace 49

Decision Model for Healthcare Dilemmas 51

Codes of Ethics and the Doctor-Patient Relationship 53

Other Healthcare Codes of Ethics 54

How to Develop a Code of Ethics 55

Ethics and Research 55

Workplace Bullying-An International Issue 56

Conclusion 60

Vocabulary 60

References 61

Student Workbook Activities 65

Part II Staffing the Organization 79

Chapter 3 Designing Jobs 81

Learning Objectives 81

Did You Know That? 81

Introduction 81

Workflow Analysis of an Organization (Inputs, Activity, Outputs) 82

Job Analysis 82

Job Design 90

Job Redesign 91

Conclusion 93

Vocabulary 93

References 94

Student Workbook Activities 96

Chapter 4 Recruiting a Healthcare Workforce 107

Learning Objectives 107

Did You Know That? 107

Introduction 107

Recruitment Methods 108

Direct and Indirect External Recruitment Methods 110

Successful Recruiters 111

Recruitment Evaluations: Source Yield Ratios 112

Selection Process 113

Interviewing Candidates 116

Validity and Reliability of the Employment Process 117

Legal Ramifications of the Selection Process 118

Characteristics of Good Interviewers 118

Hiring Diverse Employees 122

Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures 123

Disparate Treatment and Disparate Impact 123

Bona Fide Occupational Qualification 123

Conclusion 124

Vocabulary 125

References 125

Student Workbook Activities 127

Part III Training and Developing the Organization 139

Chapter 5 Careers in Health Care 141

Learning Objectives 141

Did You Know That? 141

Introduction 141

Physician Education 142

Generalists and Specialists 143

Types of Healthcare Providers 143

Types of Nurses 145

Nursing Shortages 147

Other Independent Healthcare Professionals 148

Allied Health Professionals 152

Conclusion 161

Vocabulary 161

References 162

Student Workbook Activities 165

Chapter 6 Employee Benefits 177

Learning Objectives 177

Did You Know That? 177

Introduction 177

Social Security Act and Amendments 178

Unemployment Insurance 179

Workers' Compensation 181

Family and Medical Leave 182

Employee Optional Benefit Plans 182

Types of Health Insurance Plans 183

Life Insurance 187

Retirement Plans 188

Other Benefits 189

Selecting Employee Benefits 192

Cafeteria Plans 192

Conclusion 193

Vocabulary 193

References 194

Student Workbook Activities 197

Chapter 7 Training, Developing, and Motivating Healthcare Employees 209

Learning Objectives 209

Did You Know That? 209

Introduction 209

How to Motivate Employees 210

Training and Professional Development Programs 212

Training Versus Professional Development Programs 213

Planning the Training and Professional Development Programs 214

Training Methods 215

Types of Healthcare Training 217

Evaluation of Training Programs 220

Conclusion 220

Vocabulary 221

References 222

Student Workbook Activities 224

Part IV Employee Relations 235

Chapter 8 Labor Unions and Health Care 237

Learning Objectives 237

Did You Know That? 237

Introduction 237

History of U.S. Unions 238

How Unions Organize 239

Negotiating with Unions 240

Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service 241

Individual Grievance Process 241

History of Unions and the Healthcare Industry 242

Nurses and Unions 243

Physicians Unions 244

Allied Health Professionals Unions 245

Conclusion 246

Vocabulary 247

References 248

Student Workbook Activities 250

Chapter 9 Terminating Healthcare Employees 261

Learning Objectives 261

Did You Know That? 261

Introduction 261

Employment at Will 262

Employment-at-Will Exceptions 263

Due Process Methods 263

Employee Discipline 265

Involuntary Termination of an Employee 266

Importance of the Employee Handbook 266

A Checklist for Terminating Employees 267

Conclusion 268

Vocabulary 268

References 269

Student Workbook Activities 270

Part V Long-Term Planning in HR 281

Chapter 10 Current Trends in Healthcare Human Resource Management 283

Learning Objectives 283

Did You Know That? 283

Introduction 283

Increasing Diversity in the Healthcare Workforce 284

Healthcare Globalization 286

Technology 288

Teamwork in Health Care 294

Nursing Home Trends 297

Social Media Communication 298

Conclusion 299

Vocabulary 300

References 300

Student Workbook Activities 304

Chapter 11 Strategic Human Resource Management 315

Learning Objectives 315

Did You Know That? 315

Introduction: Quality and Strategy Concepts 315

Development of Mission and Vision Statements 317

Development of Performance Objectives 319

Macroenvironment Analysis 320

Industry Environment or Porter's Five Forces Analysis 322

SWOT Analysis 324

Strategy Execution 325

Strategy Evaluation 327

A Strategic Tool: Healthcare Workforce Planning 327

Conclusion 330

Vocabulary 330

References 331

Student Workbook Activities 333

Index 345

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