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Basic Deliverance Training ji benqu xie shuxun lian

Basic Deliverance Training ji benqu xie shuxun lian

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by Mike Connell

Teaching on the Christian ministry of Deliverance (Exorcism) - part of the Great Commission, given to all Believers. Transcripts, with links to Audio and Video (Chinese/English).
Ministering Deliverance for Leaders (1 of 8)
To advance the Kingdom, we must overcome an inferior one, that currently has dominion over people’s lives. This doesn't happen


Teaching on the Christian ministry of Deliverance (Exorcism) - part of the Great Commission, given to all Believers. Transcripts, with links to Audio and Video (Chinese/English).
Ministering Deliverance for Leaders (1 of 8)
To advance the Kingdom, we must overcome an inferior one, that currently has dominion over people’s lives. This doesn't happen by our will power or hope, but by the power of the Holy Spirit, as we depend on Him and grow in God.

Foundations for Freedom (2 of 8)
Explore the different doors of entry into a person’s life, from generational curses to inner vows. As you open your heart, and take ownership for your sin, rather than blame others, and then repent and release forgiveness, healing and freedom will flow into our lives.
Bondages of the Heart (3 of 8)
Explore the issues in the heart that can hold us in bondage. Discover that ungodly soul ties, inner vows and word curses are three entry points into our lives, where we can open ourselves to bitterness, jealousy, anger, complaining, addictions, etc, which then become strongholds in our lives. As we recognise these traits in our lives, we can take ownership of them, renouncing and releasing them from our lives in Jesus Name.
Legal Right of Entry (4 of 8)
Explains three main legal grounds, upon which demons can gain access to your life: generational curses; the occult; and sexual sin. We need to acknowledge and identify these areas of sin; then renounce and release forgiveness as necessary; then call upon the name of Jesus, who will set your free!
The Two Kingdoms (5 of 8) Humans are very unique - not only living in the natural world, but can also connect to the spiritual world. Jesus came to tell us about the Kingdom of God, which is full of light, peace and joy; but there is another Kingdom which we are all born into - the Kingdom of Darkness - which rules by tormenting people, and using sin to control them.
Traumatic Experiences (6 of 8)
Many problems we have in life come from traumatic experiences, which have often happened in early childhood: in the womb; early childhood; or during school years. These experiences tend to shut us down, and control the memory of the trauma. We do not realise that these experiences are actually controlling you: relationships; reactions; and approach to life. The effect of these traumatic experiences can only be overcome and healed through prayer; by exchanging old memory pictures with scripture memorisation; and by inviting the Holy Spirit and the truth into the situation - for total restoration in Jesus name!

Called to be a Minister of the Holy Spirit (7 of 8)
We are called to pray for people, and to be a minister of the Spirit of God. Come spiritually prepared, and believe that God is with you - guide people’s attention to the Lord, not the prayer! There will be conflict before, during, and after ministry, and the battles will be within you. Believe God is with you, take risks, and reach out in prayer. Keeping your eyes on Jesus, and listening to the Holy Spirit, you will be able to minister healing and freedom, in Jesus name, to people.

Ministry of Jesus (8 of 8)
We learn that Jesus came to touch people's hearts, by bringing revelation of the Power of God, for: salvation; healing; deliverance. Jesus made it clear we would have difficulties and problems, but He has overcome all evil with good - on the Cross, and through His ministry to us. As we face the reality that we are hurting and suffering, and allow the Lord to help us repent and forgive, He will always respond.

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Mike Connell
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Chinese/English Sermons , #2
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Meet the Author

Mike and Joy Connell are the Senior Pastors at Bay City Outreach Centre, Hastings, New Zealand.They moved to Hastings from Dannevirke in 1985 to pioneer their first church and have been in ministry now for over 34 years and pioneered 5 other churches.An internationally recognized teacher of the Word, Pastor Mike moves powerfully in prophetic, deliverance and inner healing gifts. His strong love and sensitivity for God and His people have enabled him to minister and bring great healing to the hurt and broken. A man full of the Spirit and faith, Pastor Mike will open and take you to another level of spiritual encounters with God.He is sought after all over the world to bring teaching and great moves of God. He has standing yearly appointments teaching in international Bible Schools and impacting many of the worlds leaders in conventions and business conferences.Mike has a heart for people and is able to bring a wonderful balance of humour, compassion and truth to his teaching messages. Mike's annointed messages are ones that have affected the hearts of people worldwide.Mike & Joy have seven children and are also very proud grandparents. They both believe in strong family values and this is obvious when you meet them.Mike & Joy have a unique commitment to pursuing what God would have for their lives and continue to travel the globe ministering to broken hearted people and showing them God's love. Their love of laughter and positive attitudes to life make them dynamic people.

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Basic Deliverance Training ji benqu xie shuxun lian 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I can only imagine how sexy he is in real life!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Good start- I would suggest adding a bit more, maybe a little more details and making it a bit longer. Other than that, keep up the good work!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Heya! This is Emris, previous Author of Chosen. Now I'm on break. Anyway, it's good to me, little grammar and spelling errors, but WAY short. You said it would be confusing. So input more detail so people will have an easier time understanding it. That way more people will read it. Thanks for reading. ~ Emris
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A woman stood in the shadows of the Between. She looked up and saw another cloaked figure several yards away, then threw back her hood. "Seer of the Night," she said, bowing her head. <br> Seer of the Night bowed her head back and said, "Keeper of the Worlds." <br> Keeper spoke first. "The First World is stirring." <br> "The First World's balance and solitude have been corrupted. I sense that a human has discovered, or is about to discover, something very important. Important, yet highly dangerous." Seer threw back her hood. <br> "It is her," Keeper said. "I see it now. The girl will open the bridge soon." <br> Seer's eyes were filled with a blinding white light. "The link has been made," she said in a distant voice. <br> Keeper smiled. "She has come."