The Basics of Weight Training / Edition 1

The Basics of Weight Training / Edition 1

by Jim Bennett

ISBN-10: 0205173640

ISBN-13: 9780205173648

Pub. Date: 02/15/1995

Publisher: Addison-Wesley

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Table of Contents


1. The Basics of Weight Training.
Weight Training Defined.
The Weight Training.
Maintaining Accurate Weight Training Records.
Gaining Weight and Building Muscle.
Fueling Your Weight Training Program.
Basic Nutritional Information.
Protein Intake.
Carbohydrate Intake.
Fat Intake.
Losing Body Fat.
The Eight Basic Principles of Weight.
Muscle Strength and Endurance.
A Weight Training Partner.
"No Pain No Gain."
Weight Training Safety.
A Beginning Weight Training Routine.
Reps, Sets, and Muscle Groups.
Varying Your Weight Training Program.
Weight Training Intensity.
Length of Rest Interval Between Sets.
Exercising With Proper Form.
Split Routines.
Recovering From a Workout.
Advanced Weight Training.
Saunas and Steambaths.

2. Abdominal Exercises.
Bent-Knee Hanging Leg Raise.
Flat Bench Leg Raise.
Incline Sit-Up.
Reverse Sit-Up.
Reverse Trunk Twist.
Rope Pull-Down.
Seated Knee-Up.
Support Vert. Leg Raise.
Twisting Crunches.

3. Chest Exercises.
Adjust-A-Bar Dip.
Bench Press.
Bent-Arm Pullover.
Bent-Over Cable Crossover.
Decline Bench Press.
Dumbbell Flye.
Dumbbell Pull-Over.
Incline Bench Press.
Incline Dumbbell Flye.

4. Tricep Exercises.
45-Degree Lying Tricep Ext..
Behind-The-Back Dips.
Dumbbell Kickbacks.
Lying Cross Face Tricep Ext..
Lying Tricep Extension.
One-Arm Tricep Extension.
Reverse-Grip Pushdown.
Seated Tricep Extension.
Tricep Pushdowns.

5. Bicep Exercises.
Alternate Dumbbell Curl.
Concentration Curl.
Hammer Curl.
Incline Biceps Curl.
Preacher Curl.
Pulley Curl.
Reverse Bicep Curl.

6. Forearm Exercises.
Barbell Wrist Curl.
One-Arm DB Wrist Curl.
Radial Flexion.
Reverse Wrist Curl.
Ulnar Flexion.

7. Back Exercises.
Back Raise.
Bent-Over Barbell Row.
Bent-Over Dumbbell Row.
Lat Pulldown.
Narrow Grip Lat Pulldown.
Seated Pulley Rowing.
Shoulder Shrug.
T-Bar Bent-Over Row.
Wide Grip Chin-Up.

8. Shoulder Exercises.
Behind The Neck Press.
Bent-Over Cable Lateral.
Dumbbell Press.
Front Arm Raise.
Incline Lateral Arm Raise.
Overhead Press.
Prone Lateral Raise.
Side Lateral Raise.
Upright Row.

9. Leg Exercises.
Front Squat.
Good Morning.
Hack Squat.
Leg (Hip) Abduction.
Leg Adduction.
Leg Curl.
Leg Extension.
Leg Press.

10. Calf Exercises.
Calf Raises.
Donkey Calf Raises.
Seated Calf Raises.
Standing Calf Raises.

11. Weight Training Records.
Short-Term Goals.
Long-Term Goals.
Measurement Record.
Daily Weight Training.

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